Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Very Best Cure

Originally published January 2006

Last night my wife was out running some errands around 10 p.m. when my 15 year-old came down from his bedroom. "Dad," he mumbled, "I don't feel so hot."

It was true. I had heard him hacking upstairs for about 20 minutes beforehand and knew he wasn't feeling well. So when he came down looking for help I knew just how to handle it. I quickly opened up the bathroom closet, rifled through the plastic tub of forgotten remedies, and came out with the sure fire cure-all, NyQuil!

I turned around and handed him the bottle. "Here, take this," I said, feeling pretty good about my ability to come to his rescue in such a quick and effective manner. I just knew this was going to make him feel better.

This is when my big, 6-foot, grownup son just stood there and looked at me for about 5 seconds. This is when I realized that medication wasn't what he was looking for.

As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."Where IS mom anyway?" he moaned.

Apparently there will never be a substitute for good old fashioned "mom lovin"” when you'’re sick, no matter how old you are.

Sometimes you just need your mom.


Mom Thumb said...

I think this was the first post of yours that I read after Bill called it to my attention. So true. And when they leave home and get sick, it's hard on mom not being there with the chicken noodle soup.

Anonymous said...

Fathers are not so bad in other ways. Lois asked me if I noticed you asking Brandon a computer question, when you are an expert. I smiled and said how do you think Brandon got so smart! This questioning could be a hand me down, that clever fathers do.

Bugwit said...

I want my mommy. Not the one I have now. Maybe not the one I had as kid. I wonder what Barbara Billingsly is doing now?

Anonymous said...

it warmed my heart to hear those words...although daddies really are just as important.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mom thumb - I know, you were one of my very first commenters. Now look at you - all grown up with your own blog and everything!

dad - I like your reasoning. Brandon got so smart because I gave my smarts to him. Unfortunately, because I gave them all away, now I don't have them anymore.

bugwit - Well, according to Wikipedia, Barbara is 91, resides in Santa Monica, California and is a proud grandmother of four.

sandy - That's right, mommies and daddies both have different roles at different times. But for every kid I've ever known, there is no substitute for mom when you're sick.

Heather said...

You know, I'm not sure I'm happy with my lot in life as being to "go to" person when the kids are barfing etc.

Don't get me wrong, I like to feel needed and wanted, but sometimes I'd like my husband to be the one to get barfed on.

Mooselet said...

Sadly with my nursing background, you basically have to be coughing up a lung to get any sympathy from me. At least the older ones. Otherwise I'm just as likely to hand over a dose of whatever medicine I think will work and tell them they're not dying.

Waya said...

A little TLC from Mom goes a looong way. Probably better than chicken soup. And that goes for you sick hubbies too.

Bugwit said...

Thanks for looking that up. I wonder how many 44-year-old stalkers in keds and baseball caps she gets? Well whatever the number, add one to it.

B. M. Lee said...

Hey like you would like it if you felt sick and someone just handed you a bottle of green liquid. When you feel sick you need your mom.

Jenn said...

It's funny, how much more my boys need "momma" than my girls do, when someone gets sick. I think they know that God made women nurturers, don't you think?