Friday, November 30, 2007

My Favorite Christmas Toons

Here's something I wanted to do last year but was too late by the time I thought of it.

For those of you who have little kids, or even those of you who ARE little kids (at heart that is), here is a listing of some of my favorite classic Christmas Cartoons* scheduled to air over the next week or so. Make sure to check your area's exact time since these are all listed as Central Standard Time only.

If you're like me, the thought of snuggling down with some hot chocolate to watch a Christmas cartoon classic is the perfect way to relive those warm holiday memories as a child.

*Updated to include additional reader suggestions

Polar Express
Friday 11/30 on ABC at 7:00pm CST

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Monday 12/3 on ABC at 7:00pm CST

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Tuesday 12/4 on CBS at 7:00pm CST

Olive The Other Reindeer
Thursday 12/6 on Cartoon Network at 7:00pm CST

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Thursday 12/6 on TBS at 8:00pm CST

Frosty The Snowman
Friday 12/7 on ABC at 7:00pm CST

How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Sunday 12/9 on CBS at 3:00pm CST or
on Cartoon Network at 7:00pm CST

Shrek The Halls
Tuesday 12/11 on ABC at 7:00pm CST

Finally, here's a calendar put out by the ABC Family network that lists their 25 Days of Christmas specials. Click here to view or download the PDF.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

What was your favorite holiday show?


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I was actually a little too late this year too since some of these aired the first time last night already, but I’ve listed the next time they will air again this season.

Make sure to check your local network affiliate to verify they are actually playing in your neck of the woods during the times I’ve listed - I will not be held responsible for ruining your child’s Christmas!

Ed said...

Ok, do you have a Delorean that you can zip into the futre with so that you can do a Friday post on Thursday?

I always watch Christmas Vacation right after Christmas Day to remind me that no matter how bad or unsatisfying the Christmas experience was, it could have been worse...

Anonymous said...

Jeff: great list! Have you ever seen "The Snowman"? It's a wonderful British animated story based on the books and art of Raymond Briggs. It's hardly ever on TV, tho it's available on DVD, I think. WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

What about "Robbie the Reindeer, Hooves of Fire", with music by Mark Knopfler. Voices by Ben & Jerry Stiller, Britney Spears,and Brad Garret. Weird but entertaining. They made a second one about a tribe of lost Vikings.

Impetua said...

You know, I love Christmas shows, (and the Rankin-Bass specials in particular), but "Polar Express" -- it just creeped me out a bit.

Maybe in story form it wasn't so freaky, but the movie was just kinda weird.

Gale said...

Thanks Jeff, now my holiday is set.

Heather said...

I have to say that my kids are too young for the Polar Express. I think they'd be terrified by it.

Christmas Vacation has to be one of the funniest movies of all time.

You forgot A Christmas Story though. You can't have Christmas without a healthy dose of Ralphie.

yoo hoo said...

Much to my husband's chagrin I always have to watch "White Christmas" every year, he likes it except for all the singing and dancing.

Julie Pippert said...

That's a good list. My kids are really into this year. We've read the Polar Express book, and they love it. My older has seen the movie and liked it.

Tonight we watched Shrek the Halls.

They were thrilled.

Using My Words

Julie Pippert said...

Oh...didn't they make Olive, the Other Reindeer into a show???

Using My Words

Idaho Dad said...

I thought the new Shrek The Halls was extremely well done, and hilarious too. I could see it joining the list of Christmas classics.

Dan said...

Well I was going to wish you a Happy Holidays but last time I was here I wished you a Happy Thanksgiving and you didn't even return it!!

You're mean, mean guy! :P (that's me sticking my tongue out; I always stick my tongue out at mean, mean guys)

*lynne* said...

my fave holiday movie is The Nightmare before Christmas!! :-) Growing up in Malaysia where it doesn't snow, and occasionally celebrating Christmas with my mega-pious grandparents who didn't own a tv, the whole "holiday movie experience" wasn't something I could relate to... then one fateful day as an undergrad I went to see Nightmare and fell in love with the movie, the music,,, immediately bought the soundtrack the next day :-)

btw, I don't usually tag folks when I do memes, but somehow this time I did, and you're it! :-)

wayabetty said...

I just never got into Charlie Brown for some reason. But my fav is "It's a wonderful life". Happy happy holidays to you and yours Jeff!! Is is that time to put on the lights outside yet? The hubbie's been avoiding that subject like a plague, he said "I'm waiting for nicer weather!" Uh, it's winter!

deborah said...

Chevy Chase Christmas is an all time fav here, too! I love LOVE Polar Express and we can't wait to watch tonight.

Does anyone remember Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas?? It's a classic!! well, maybe not classic but it's cute.

Mom Thumb said...

The Grinch, Rudolph, and I love the scene in Charlie Brown when Linus tells the true meaning of Christmas. I also have to watch "Home for the Holidays" with Holly Hunter, every year. Too funny.

Gary said...

A Charlie Brown Christmas, 4pm, sun setting on a cold afternoon, 7 days before christmas, strong black coffee, chocolate biscuits, sit in front of flaming log fire with big smelly dog laying across your feet challenging you for the fireplace.


Sandy said...

Can I just say, you totally ROCK? My kids thank you.

Oh, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Only the greatest Holiday film EVER.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ve - Hmm, how inspirational of you. ;-)

jd - No, this is the first I've heard of it. But thanks for the recommendation.

rick - I haven't heard of this but it sounds very cool. It's not showing up in the schedule either.

impetua - I agree, the movie was kind of dark for a holiday movie. Although not as dark as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas!

gale - That's it? Must be nice ;-)

heather - Sorry, I couldn't find A Christmas Story listed this season. :-(

carla - Yeah, all that pesky singing and dancing. Ba humbug!

julie - Thanks for the head's up. I've included both of their next showings as an update!

phil - I'm looking forward to seeing it! See comment above...

dan - Naw, I'm not a mean guy - just a little over extended this time of year. Your last post had over 200 comments (sheesh!) so didn't think you'd miss me. Obviously I was wrong ;-)

*lynne* - That is a great movie. A little "out there" for the younger ones but great for older ones.

waya - My lights are 1/2 up. That means they're on the house but not plugged in or tested. And that's because it got too cold here as well. Yuk!

deborah - I don't remember that one, but I read about it on Wikipedia. I'll have to watch for it.

mom thumb - Cool. That's on Lifetime on Dec 1 at Noon and Dec 7 at 1 p.m.

gary - You know what I'm talkin about!

sandy - Yay! I was hoping someone would be able to use this for thier kiddos. :-)

yellojkt said...

With DVDs it has hard to get excited about once a year showing of shows when you can watch them over and over again any time you want.

Windyridge said...

Olive the Other Reindeer? Yikes I never heard of that one.

Windyridge said...

Btw did you know that Blogger has stopped allowing links from non blogger blogs in the comments? See this post on Momgadget

Unknown said...

Yay! Christmas movies! I love the Grinch (the original), Miracle on 34th Street (the remake), National Lampoons, and It's a Wonderful Life (my favorite).


Gary said...

Me again,

I've just discovered that our local IMAX cinema (the huge wrap-around screen IMAX) is showing Polar Express from now to xmas, not only is it in IMAX format but its 3-D too.

How can I resist ?

Kathy said...

Jeff -- I'm all about Rudolph. I'm an "underdog" person.

The Junk Drawer

deborah said...

Jeff, you won't get Emmet on tv, you have to find the actual video; it's worth it!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You totally just saved me here.