Monday, December 04, 2006

Hello! Maybe you should lock your car!

The other night I was leaving the store and was in a bit of a hurry. I quickly found my car in the parking lot and put the key in the door, but the lock was frozen and the key wouldn't turn. Instinctually, I pulled the door handle - and it opened!

I said to myself, "I hate it when I leave the car open!"

So, I climbed into the seat, stuck my key in the ignition and... and... what the? ... the ignition was jammed too? How unlucky can one guy get?!" Naturally I pulled out the key and turned it over, put it back in and tried again. Same thing. That's when I noticed there wasn't crap all over the passenger side floor.

I thought, "isn't that odd? Somebody must have cleaned out my car while I was in the store."

And then... you guessed it. That sickening AND embarrassing feeling that...

Yep, this car was an exact duplicate of mine. Same color (inside and out), same roof racks, same need of a carwash. Even the seats and mirror were adjusted to my mutant height.

That's when I quietly slid out of the door like an eel, looked around to see if anybody was watching, and quickly walked away from the crime scene feeling both stupid and guilty at the same time. My car of course was just 4 more cars down the aisle.

I suppose in retrospect, I should have taken the garbage out of my car and threw it in theirs - you know, in a kind of reverse "who's in the wrong car now?" scenario.

It would have served them right for leaving their car unlocked.


Lara said...

Ah! That's nuts! Good thing you're an honest guy! =)

Anonymous said...


You just need to get yourself a good bumpersticker so that your vehicle is more easily recognizable. Perhaps:

Your Christmas Tree Could Beat Up My Christmas Tree

or something like that.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I've nearly done that once or twice, but never have actually gotten into the car. I've taken someone else's shopping cart once, does that count?

I like the bumper stick idea.

Waya said...

So, that was you on the news last night? That's way too funny and something that I would do, but not you Jeff!

Anonymous said...

That's waaaaay funny. I love Jennine's bumper sticker. (You should totally get those printed!)

I love that your car is as full of crap as mine. I always lock my car, but if I didn't some poor soul would get into my PT and think "Who threw crackers and tissues all over my car?"

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

cwazylawa - That's true. I don't have the nerve to do anything dishonest. BTW, thanks for stopping by!

jennine - Good one! However, my Christmas tree could easily poke your Christmas tree in the eye.

mooselet - As long as the cart is still in the store. Once you're outside - eh, then I think it's called robbery.

waya - Yeah, just my luck their car would have had some stupid alarm or OnStar system and a SWAT team would show up and make me lay on the parking lot with my hands behind my neck and... nevermind.

heather - That WOULD be funny - if someone got into my car by mistake too. They'd go "who broke into my car and had a frat party?!!

Jess Riley said...

That's hilarious.

Once I backed up to a strange guy also examining the wall of possible movie rentals at Hollywood Video; I actually slipped my arm around his waist and said, "Honey, what do you think about this one?" Then I realized he wasn't my husband, who was laughing hysterically in the next aisle.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jess - Funny. That guy probably thought it was his lucky night - especially if you were holding up a steamy video!

but Momma said...

Oh that was TOO good! I can just imagine watching some strange man get in my car and try to start it, I would be having a stroke!

Anonymous said...

I hope you left the seat and mirror adjusted to your heighth. Oh, and a paper coffe cup in the cup holder, with lipstick marks, and the lights on, and the dome light on. How dare they have the same car, that would teach em.

Bugwit said...

Too funny! Good thing he didn;t have a dog.

Anonymous said...

Too FUNNY!! I'm too twisted to leave it at that; just slipping out of the car. Nope, not me, I would have had to turned the volume up ALL the way, pushed the seat back, mirrors readjusted, made sure the lights were on and the wipers at full speed. Hey, I'm sick that way! By the way, I just shifted all of my husbands stations to country music when he wsn't looking. He just figured it out. After 2 weeks of torture. It's fun to be nuts

Anonymous said...

That is to funny. I would have died if that happened to me.

I like the idea of giving the trash away.

Mom Thumb said...

A few years ago, I went into the store, Jess stayed in the car to do some homework. I came back out and realized Jess wasn't in the car, figured she needed something from the store, went back in to find her, didn't, went back out to the van totally confused, figured she would show up sometime, was frantically trying to unlock the door. Behind me, I heard Jess, who was still in MY van, say, "Mom, what on earth are you doing?" Oh great, a witness to my stupidity!