Wednesday, December 20, 2006


What is it with me and hotels lately?

These last two times I stayed in hotels on business didn't turn out so well, and last night wasn't much better either.

Immediately upon entering my room I noticed that the bed was unmade and there were clothes on the floor. I'm observant that way. Fortunately no one was home so I didn't have to be embarrassed by bare-assed people.

Then, when I stuck my key card into the door of the next room they gave me, the little LED on the door would only blink yellow, instead of turning green like it was supposed to. Even the manager's key couldn't open the room. Turns out the battery in the door was dead and they were going to have to wait until the maintenance crew arrived in the morning.

Really? You mean to tell me that if your door battery goes dead while you're out for the evening your only option is to wait until Schneider shows up in the morning to let you in? That just seems a little hard to believe.

Then, to make matters worse - THE HOTEL DID NOT HAVE ANY MORE ROOMS AVAILABLE! Fortunately I'm a nice guy. Because at midnight, after driving four hours, I should have been raising hell.

But usually being reasonable and professional pays off - and in this case it paid off in spades. Because not only did the place get me a room in the hotel across the street, but that hotel put me up in the king-sized jacuzzi suite. I mean Sweet!

Too bad I had to be up in 5 hours and only had the energy to fall into a coma within 5 minutes of hitting my pillow. Because I so could have used a good hour simmering in that hot tub.

Who knows, maybe I'll have the same good luck next time having bad luck again. Naw, I'm not that lucky.



Anonymous said...

What? No all-night jacuzzi party?? What kind of rock star are you??


Anonymous said...

A hotel is a place that keeps the manufacturers of 25-watt bulbs in business.

I'm sorry you had another bad hotel experience. There's just no place like home.

Anonymous said...

I do believe in "even stevens" so your time is up next!! You'll get some good deeds done on you soon, like stumbling onto a pile of cash somewhere, but they won't be counterfeit or anything. How's that?!

Anonymous said...

I would have slept in the hot tub, but that's just me.

Actually, I'm surprised the hotel didn't suggest you bunk with the person next door. You did have a kay, after all.

Mom Thumb said...

Where in the world is a hotel totally booked is what I'm wondering. In our town, you can even get a room during the tri-state music festival, which is a MAJOR deal. Hot tubs are no fun by yourself.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you are paying way to little or way too much for your rooms.

Ashley Lasbury said...

You, Dear Sir, have the patience of a Saint. Is it a Norse thing? The Norwegian I know, my step-dad, would have screamed bloody murder. You will live longer...lower blood pressure.

Merry Christmas, as in candlelit church services and family traditions that don't involve a great deal of gratuitous gift giving, to you and yours. Thank you for all of the belly laughs you have given me this year.

Anonymous said...

Here's something else for you to do. Make sure you look behind the headboard, and between the box spring and mattress for bed bugs! They sleep during the day, in those places, and come alive at bite you!! And I have a feeling, if they're going to bite anybody, it would be you! I cant believe your luck! See you soon, little brother! Cant wait!

yellojkt said...

That is a good deal. The best I have ever gotten is a room upgrade or a free night. You are living like a king.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's luck. Or something.

Anonymous said...


Hee! Love it!

Karl said...

A suite? You lucky lucky man.

And thanks for mentioning Schneider. God, I used to love that show.