Wednesday, January 10, 2007

That Voodoo that You Do

Somehow, I've just survived a horrible round of various viruses polluting my office these last couple of weeks. For a few days there it sounded like a friggen infirmary with people all around me coughing and hacking and sneezing all over the place. Yuk!

Call it good luck, a strong immune system or careful avoidance - but whatever I'm doing I must be doing it right - because by some miracle, I escaped unscathed.

My wife, on the other hand, insists that I partake in what I call "voodoo medicine." These are the various over-the-counter remedies that claim to either prevent or reduce the effects of an on-coming cold. And because my kids are not old enough (or strong enough) to object, they are also forced to insert, drink or chew these various concoctions against their will by a mother who would rather not have to face the alternative later on.

As you can imagine, I tease my wife about this, because - well, that's what I do. But in all fairness to her, I thought I'd submit an informal poll myself to see if any of you have had any success with these products. That way, I can stand corrected if you, the masses, claim that these things do indeed work wonders and I should let my wife give me the "I told you so" I so deserve.

So, simple rules. Just comment if you've believe any of these things (or other things you've used) actually help prevent colds.

Here is what you'll find in our cupboard:

Ok, maybe we don't actually have this last one, but if you could buy Eye of Newt in the store?

We probably would.


Jennine said...

Oh. The more I know Char...the more I love her!

Each fall I create something called Master Tonic:

Equal amounts of:
white onion
habenero pepper
unprocessed unpasteurized apple cider vinegar

Preparation Instructions:
Finely chop (using gloves) first 5 ingredients and fill a container 3/4 full. Fill container completely full with apple cider vinegar. Seal and store either room temperature or in the refrigerator. Shake container at least once a day for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks is over filter out liquid. Throw out first 5 ingredients. Liquid is a natural antibiotic.

Darren and the kids hate it so much that they actually will their bodies to remain healthy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennine we are women with a common bond aren't we?!? I can't wait to whip up your concoction the next round of colds. All this stuff does work, no one ever gets a real cold just the first day stuff and then GONE!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Jennine - I just received an envelope full of money from my kids as a bribe to delete your comment before Charli can print it.

BTW, I was only kidding when I referred to it as voodoo medicine. I didn't expect anyone to submit an actual recipe of some!

wayabetty said...

I bought the Airborne stuff for the hubbie before he gets on the plane, but he tells me it doesn't work. As for us, we only use Tylenol children and Theraflu (this seems to help.

But you know the saying goes "mother knows best!" So I have to say that your wife is certainly doing something right, and I hope you just didn't jinx yourself in getting sick later. I hope not!

Anonymous said...

I don't take anything....and when my husband had a serious cold a few weeks ago, I came away unscathed. I think I'm just too mean. :)

Heather said...

Never tried any of this I await the verdict as well.

Jennine--that would be enough for me to will myself healthy as well.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha - that image is like looking into my medicine cabinet. I have used most of those, including the flavored fizz tablets, which don't really agree with me due to the carbonation. I definitely recommend Cold-fx if you are looking for something in pill form. You load up on it when you start feeling sick, and I've managed to avoid the cold all winter (so far!).

Bugwit said...

I *believe* that using zinc oxide lozenges at the outset of a cold will reduce the severity and duriation, but I've only managed to conduct the experiment once or twice. Usually, I'm already quite sick by the time I get to the store. Proctrastination, don't you know!

Anonymous said...

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