Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blogs that make you go "Hmmm"

I think my star is rising!

Just last week I was featured on the front page of our local newspaper, then the next day some guy recognized me in the bathroom - and now today I have been honored by Emma with a "Thinking Blogger" award!

Could I possibly be ANY more famous?!!!

Thank you Emma. I'm truly flattered!

According to the guidelines for this most prestigious honor, Emma considers my blog to be one of five that cause her to think, most likely "what am I doing reading THIS?"... but still "think" nonetheless.

Now, in order for me to accept this award, I must also list 5 bloggers who cause me to think. I'm not a big fan of limiting the list of blogs I read to any kind of "favorites" because everyone I visit is one of my favorites - otherwise I wouldn't be there in the first place. But in this case, the requirement is pretty specific... blogs that make you "think."

And, even though I'm not entirely sure what that means - here are 5 blogs that often times cause me to ponder.

The winners of my "Thinking Blogger Award" are:

Savage Chickens - Doug makes me think about simple creativity. Every business day, Doug somehow manages to draw a chicken cartoon on a yellow sticky note that makes me chuckle. That's a lot easier said than done.

Words For My Enjoyment - Pauly makes me scratch my head because 90% of the time I can never figure out what the hell he's talking about. Pauly kind of lives in his own little world, albeit an entertaining world I must say. If you can follow it.

Mitch McDad's World - Mitch definitely makes me think about the "early years," when we were still having babies. He makes me think about these things because he very humorously DESCRIBES THEM IN DETAIL! If you ever want to read about placenta, or Lamaze class or post-pregnancy sex - then Mitch McDad's World is the place for you.

Mama Drama - Jenny is one of 5 hilarious women from Mama Drama who makes me think about how fun it would be to drive down to Houston, tour her crazy museum-like house and have dinner with her and her insane husband Victor (who needs a blog of his own by the way). Jenny is just the right kind of "tilted" for my taste.

Blogography - Dave frequently makes me think about a lot of things. Just the other day, for instance, I was driving in the passing lane of the interstate for no reason and suddenly one of Dave's many rants about idiots who drive in the left lane popped into my head, and I immediately moved over to the right. Dave is very enlightening that way.

So, congratulations winners! You may claim your badge in my sidebar.

And there you are, five blogs that I encourage you to visit. Now... I'm going to go take a nap.

I've had to think way too hard about this.


Karl said...

Wow, I can't believe I didn't rate in those 5. I totally make you think about how you shouldn't drink so much that you wander through hotels in just your underwear...admit it.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I won!

And I'm just moving down the road and I'm taking all my crazy shit with me so when you come over it'll be just as nuts as you suspect.

I'll get the beergarita's ready for your visit.

Dave2 said...

Dave is also very annoying that way, but what are ya gonna do?

Ohhhh... give him an award! Well, I guess that works too. :-)

wayabetty said...

Congrats on getting more awards Jeff! You sure deserved it! And I have to check out the ones you mentioned too.

yoo hoo said...

You are so AWESOME, if I weren't me already, I'd want to be you.

Jess Riley said...

Clearly, you are destined for great things. I'll be able to say I knew you when... ;)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

karl - Actually, I didn't think that was all that unusual. For you.

jenny - I can't wait! I've never had a beergarita. Hmmm, must be a Texas thang ya'll.

dave2 - Your rants are like PSAs for dumbasses. Somebody has to help these people!

waya - Thanks. I like more awards. In fact, while we're at it... more of everything!

carla - Good second choice. Although I'm sure your husband prefers you to remain you instead of me. Me too.

jess - Who knows. If this continues, someone might actually recognize me in a MALL bathroom. Then I'll know I've truly made it!

Paul said...

Wooo hooo!

Wait a second... I didn't think my site was that much of a conundrum. But still...

Wooo hooo!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

paul - Have you read your blog? ;-)

On the other hand, look who you're dealing with here. I'm the guy who screwed up your last contest because I didn't get the rules.

Unknown said...

I think you misrepresented me a bit. As far as post-pregnancy sex, you failed to mention that that usually involves me in a solo role.

Thanks for the props.

And well-deserved recognition for your fine work.

Doug Savage said...

Hey thanks Jeff!

Glad to hear you're still enjoying the cartoons! :)

yellojkt said...

Dude, you just fell for a meme. And a pretty silly one at that. Of course, that's just sour grapes because you didn't pick me.

Anonymous said...

Blogs that make you think? Pffft. It's too early for that.