Monday, March 12, 2007

Pigs R Us

Ok, I'll admit it - I don't like pets.

They're messy, smelly, high maintenance, and they die and make your kids cry.

So, every time one of our kids decides they HAVE to have another pet, I always do my best to try and persuade them why it's not a good idea. But alas, I always also lose that battle and we end up with another pet nonetheless.

Fortunately we've always ended up with the "smaller" animals such as fish, newts, birds and hamsters. But NEVER, thank God, any dogs or cats. And even more fortunately, my kids don't ask for them. Anymore.

Hmmm, now that I think of it - I suppose 10 years of telling them we'll NEVER have a dog or cat might have had something to do with it. Possibly.

Anyway, last fall, my daughter Roseanna told my wife Charli that all she wanted for Christmas was a guinea pig. Of course when Charli told me this I immediately rattled off my list of objections. "Oh, I don't think that's a good idea. It'll be stinky and messy and blah blah blah..."

So... on Christmas morning Charli put the guinea pig under her sweater so we could surprise Roseanna when it was her turn to open her gift from Santa. But if you know anything about guinea pigs, you know that they are burrowers. Within seconds the little rodent was tunneling down Charli's sleeve, which of course was causing her to squirm and itch and giggle. Roseanna kept looking at her like she was crazy or something. It was really quite a sight.

ANYWAY - long story short... not only did Roseanna get the pet she wanted (duh), but only a week later Brandon read that guinea pigs are really much happier in pairs, and decided he wanted to buy a "friend" to keep Roseanna's pig company.

Of course I was all, "
This time I REALLY don't think that's a good idea blah blah blah..."

So... after having two guinea pigs for 3 months - I will now go on record and officially retract my objections. These things are freakin adorable! They squeak when they want a treat, they snuggle and purr-squeak when you pet them, and they chase each other around in circles in their pen. I mean just look. Are these not the two cutest little pigs you ever did see?

Now if I can just convince Charli to let me get one.


deborah said...

Ok, now I'm a really sick and twisted individual I know. But I must tell this story as I have a snake in a cage. in my 6 year old son's room. Here goes. When my 11-year old's best-friend's guinea pig died,Sammy, she was devastated. They planned a funeral in the back yard and everything. This was last month. Need I remind you of the blizzard? And the snake? Anyway, I said to the Catmawler, only kidding mind you, "Hey, ya think we can have Sammy for Hyrup?"
Thankfully, she didn't tell her friend what I said; she only told her I said something MEAN! She attended the funeral for Sammy and was there by her side.

I was only joking about giving it to Hyrup! He was too big anyway. They are cute. For giant rats. I can see the hate mail coming.

Mooselet said...

How soon before we have baby guinea pigs running around, or do yours live an "alternative" lifestyle... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say, "I hope they are both females or both males", and then I read Mooselet's comment and I see she was thinking the same thing!!!Yes--they ARE the cutest pigs ever!!!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

deborah - Your story isn't sick and twisted... but the fact that you have a giant snake in your house is!

mooselet - Each pet store in our town only sell rodents of the same sex. We're a very liberal town.

mom - Yes we have two females. The women now outnumber the men in our house.

Anonymous said...

You gave your daughter a priceless gift, because wonderful memories begin with "messy" pets. There is no way a "perfect" house can ever be a "home". Some search the world for happiness, yet it can only be found in a home like you are building inside the walls.

Mom Thumb said...

Our guinea pigs were right off the kitchen and knew that the good lettuce came from the fridge. So every time we opened the fridge, we got "Weet, Weet, Weet!" Then, they figured out that if the phone rang, someone was coming to the kitchen to answer it. So the ringing of the phone became a cue to start with the "Weeting." It was amusing and annoying all at once.

deborah said...

Trust me, I didn't want the snake. He just happened. Not unlike your piglets. He grew on me in the strange sort of way. Gross, I know. Weird how cute a snake can be. Even when his tail has bitten off by a rat!

Anonymous said...

I think all my talk about poop and cats has you thanking your lucky stars you aren't as dumb as me, to own these things. I'm so hating pets right now, the dog is getting up every few hours to go out at night, and WHY. If I don't get up and let him out he poops and pee's on the floor. I hate life right now. I feel like a sleep deprived new mother....all so the kid doesn't cry

Anonymous said...

Good on you for getting some pets! Kids need pets, darnit. I had a mom who hated any and all animals and I couldn't have 'em. I've been in cats ever since I moved away from home, which works out well because they're just as snotty and sarcastic as I am...

yellojkt said...

I had gerbils as a kid. They aren't nearly as cute as Guinea pigs. They loved to race in their exercise wheel all night.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, a mostly brown one and a brown and white one ... I think you just desperately wish you had a HUGH and a MAISIE.

Oh, I'm kidding. Those little buggers are adorable. Bunnies and guinea pigs actually like to live together, so I see them now and again, and they're always such fun little guys. :)

Heather said...

I never had any pets growing up but desperately wanted one.

I got some fish when I moved out. They all got "ick" and died.

Then my roommate in college decided to get a cat. Then her boyfriend/fiance's cat didn't get along with her cat. So now it's my cat. But she thinks she's a dog. If someone comes to visit our house, she's checking them out, smelling their feet and all that fun stuff.

Jenn said...

hehe...I'm with you about pets but I love OTHER people's pets, so I don't need to buy any.

feel free to come by and claim your award on my comes with bling!

yoo hoo said...

How did you get them to pose? and gosh darn it, they are cute!

B. M. Lee said...

Actually Carla, the guinea pigs just freeze when set on the floor. After a while they will gain the nerve to start walking around.

Pamela said...

Gp's are cute .. but I am curious as to why you told your kids But NEVER, thank God, any dogs or cats.??

I popped over here from Jenny's at Mama first visit.. so you may have already blogged about that eleventyzillion times.

You celebrity look alike was fun - I did that long before I ever had a blog and was so disappointed..... as my photo resembled some obscure old french ACTOR. I also put an actresses face in there and her results did not include herself.
I can see why you resemble Brandon Lee.. it's that cheek bone chizeled bone structure. No baby fat there, no sirrreee!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

pamela - Thanks for poking your head in here! Jenny is one of my favs.

Why no dogs and cats? Well, mostly because they're high maintenance, they live for well over 10 years and they're expensive (food, vet, grooming etc). Then, when they finally do pass on - the family has become so attached it's like losing a child. In other words, it pretty much boils down to the fact that I'm avoiding the hassle. Ok, you got me - I'm lazy.

So - sorry you asked yet? :-b

Anonymous said...

oh piggies are totally cute.
we had 2 of them also.
and they wheeked and wheeked when the fridge door opened, or when water ran in the kitchen.
they loved their parsley, green peppers and celery leaves!
yours are totally adorable, for sure.