Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Real Dads

One of the privileges of writing a blog is that you have total control to write only flattering things about yourself if you so desire. However, when someone tags you to write a post about things that show your human side, you have no choice but to comply. I think there's some kind of law about that.

That being said - Jenny has tagged me to help represent the male side of a popular meme that's circling the planet at warp speed about things "real" moms do that show their "real" feelings toward motherhood. So, because I'm a good little soldier, here's my contribution about Real Dads...

A real dad... secretly cringes at the thought of spending a weekend at a mosquito-infested boy scout camp year after year.

A real dad... doesn't let his 14 year-old ride in cars driven by 16 year-old friends even though it makes him (the dad) extremely "unpopular."

A real dad... sometimes doesn't suggest taking his kids to out of town places on weekends (that he knows the kids would enjoy) because he's too tired and would rather just hang out around the house doing things for himself instead.

A real dad... is scared to death to let his daughter take a cross-country roadtrip with a friend and her parents on vacation.

A real dad... can sometimes be a sensible mom's worst nightmare. Especially on nights when the sensible mom isn't home and he doesn't feel like cooking - so he buys party pizzas and Doritos instead of preparing a nutritious dinner.

I won't tag anyone specifically, but I definitely encourage you other dads to play along.

For real.


Ashley Lasbury said...

Go Real Dad! And really, do we want to hold ourselves up to our children, whether male or female, as perfect beings? Or are they better served by letting them see our flaws, our imperfections?

One of my favorite parenting lines when I screw up, which is fairly often, is, "I am just a human woman."
They, of course, just role their eyes.

Heather said...

I think real moms do a lot of those same things...

yellojkt said...

I'm not sure I'm a Real Dad, I just play one on the internet.

Real Dads chaperone band trips like I am going to do this weekend.

Anonymous said...

i must say i'm a real mom.

my son and i eat baloney sandwiches in the living room that we whip together on the coffee table between tennis matches on the wii. we also eat doritos (which make the wii remotes kinda messy) and drink soda. which we spill. all the furniture in our living room has been pushed aside, and all the "pretties" have been yanked down so we can shine the wii screen up on the wall with our inFocus machine. we hooked it up to the surround sound system, and hung blankets over the windows so we can see the screen to play during the day.

my son just turned 15 and he is in driver's ed. yep, soon we'll be going out on some remote back country roads so he can practice his take-offs in my manual transmission car that he'll be inheriting to drive in about a year.

we once in a while will stay up til midnight on a school night goofin' around on the computer, or with video games... whatever.

don't get me wrong - i press him to get good grades and do well in sports. however, ya get 'em under your thumb too much and they'll rebel eventually. as long as he keeps doing well at all things in life that he needs to be, we'll keep on flyin' by the seat of our pants at home.

...besides - 20 years down the road he's gonna smile and remember the nights we made baloney sandwiches on the coffee table over the nights i made him march upstairs and turn in at 9 pm sharp.

yep, i'm a real mom. =}

Anonymous said...

I must be a real dad because we eat party pizza all the time. Even worse, I don't even cook it in the oven...I just microwave it and when it's done it's all soft and mushy and I fold it in half to make a sandwich.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ashley - As far as I know, there is no such thing as a "perfect being." I think that's what the whole Adam and Eve thing was all about.

heather - For sure. Maybe this meme should have been started as a "Real Parents" type of thing instead.

yello - I hear ya on that one. We drove 6 hours to a parade last year because our son's band was marching there.

jen - Well said. Our kids love it when we throw a blanket on the livingroom floor and have a picnic in the house. You're absolutely right - those are the types of things they'll remember.

jenny - That's exactly why I'm taking you OUT to dinner when I come down to Houston!

Unknown said...

GREAT post Jeff. I'm on board for my next one. I love the boy scout camp item. I wonder if dad's get a free pass for girl scout camps. i would assume so???

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mitch - The funny thing is, after growing up with 2 older brothers, my daughter has never been interested in "girlie" things so we've never had to address the Girl Scout thing.

I take that back... she went to one meeting with a friend, but wasn't interested in going to any more.

Anonymous said...

what a monumentally wonderful idea! i always hated that pizza because the crust was just hard as a rock... sorta like cardboard. the way you described cooking it just might make it seem like a nice roasty toasty warm pizza pita.

thank you for the suggestion =}

Anonymous said...

Jen - It's *totally* like a soft pizza pita and it's delish. Plus if you don't look at the nutritional numbers on the box you convince yourself it's healthy ('cause it's a pita) instead of loaded with 40 grams of fat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I suppose I could be a real dad. But that means I'm going to have to think.

I hate to think.

yoo hoo said...

I LOVE being the third perfect parent. I get to have an open genuine friendship with my step daughter. I am so fortunate.

wayabetty said...

We were at the dentist yesterday and I saw this big burly dad kissing his son on the head in the waiting room. It was really sweet seeing the affection he gave his son. Now that's a real dad who is not afraid to show affection for his kids.

Anonymous said...

I agree strongly with being a real dad, more dads need to tell it like it is rather than try to please everyone. Things are changing. Dads aren't just bringing home the bread anymore, its an equal parenting relationship in most places, and that's the way it should be!

Keep up the good work!
- DadForceDelta