Thursday, March 08, 2007

Welcome St. Cloud!

Latest news: Everybody's got a blog these days

By Kirsti Marohn

I feel bad for Kirsti. All she wanted to do was ask me five simple questions about blogging.

But little did she know that she was about to sit down with "super mouth." Oh, I'm sure her five questions were answered - somewhere within the HOUR AND A HALF I kept her hostage at Panera Bread!

And what a commotion we caused too. Me blabbing about my blog while Kirsti feverishly took notes. Meanwhile Jason circled around me with his high-speed mega-camera firing off 10 frames per second while I pretended not to notice the dozens of lunch customers gawking at us, as if we were staging a super model photo shoot right there in front of them. All that was missing was a big fan to seductively blow my hair while Jason took pictures.

Scratch that... first I would need hair.

Anyway, thank you Kirsti for putting up with me. I really enjoyed meeting you and am honored that you thought enough of my little blog to include me in your story. Oh, and a BIG congratulations on the pending birth of your second child - who was due last weekend!

So - all that being said, at this very moment thousands of St. Cloudites... St. Cloudians... people from St. Cloud are looking at my dorky picture and saying to themselves - Hey, how do I know that guy?!!

Well, perhaps I can offer some possibilities.

If you've ever attended St. Paul's Church in the last 12 or so years you've likely seen me singing in the choir or reading as a lector. I'm the really tall guy that looks like me.

If you've ever seen The Receders at Bubba's Bar, the Pearl Lake Lodge or some other rock and roll night club in Central Minnesota, you may have noticed that I'm the keyboard/harmonica player in the band. Although I must protest that I don't believe I should be lumped in with the rest of the guys as a "receder."

If you've ever enjoyed a great glass of wine at The Veranda Lounge on a Friday or Saturday night while a couple of middle-aged crooners were reliving their musical past through James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin music, then I'm the "Lee" of The Acoustics of Nelson/Lee duet.

If you've ever been a guest to my wife's scrapbooking day retreat Creative Escapes St. Cloud, then you may recognize me as "helper boy."

If you've ever been to a large event catered by Short Stop Custom Catering, then I'm the guy in the white shirt and black pants serving your food and bussing your table. I would be the guy in the back washing dishes but for some reason everyone wants me out there carrying all the heavy trays. Funny how that works.

If you've noticed that there's a 14 year-old kid who has been appointed to the St. Cloud Park and Recreation Board and is working to bring a new skate plaza to St. Cloud - I'm his father.

And finally, if you are one of my co-workers... I know I haven't told you I have this blog, but there's really nothing that will interest you here anyway, so you can just go ahead and ignore it. No really, don't even bother. I mean, it's not like I've written about how I moo in the bathroom or how pathetically uncoordinated I was when I tried to learn how to snowboard last year. And it's certainly not like I've posted photos of me wearing eye liner and an aviator scarf in the 80s.

Nope, nothin like that here. No reason to dig through the archives whatsoever.


So anyway, if you think you recognize me but can't place the face, then I must just look familiar to you because I have one of those faces that's not easy to forget. Hopefully in a non-creepy kind of way.

But the bottom line is - many of you have worked your way here today for the first time because of this article written in the newspaper. So thank you all for stopping by, I hope you come back again soon. And, if this is indeed your first time here...

Welcome to my View From The Cloud!


King said...

I thought I took too long, but I only spoke by phone for twenty minutes.

You're invited to join the St. Cloud Bloggers Association. Drop me a line if interested.

yoo hoo said...

So I suppose you and Austin will be getting a "handler" now? Great story, and good job!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

king - Thanks for the invite. Do you have tee-shirts? Cause I'll totally join if you have cool tee-shirts.

carla - Thanks! Actually, I've hired Austin to be my handler. I dream of getting as much press as he does.

Durblady said...

Hey, Jeff . . . love the blog and the article! I keep learning new things about you and your family . . . you're a pretty impressive bunch!

Jess Riley said...

"I'm the really tall guy that looks like me." haha!

Congrats on the publicity. And what's this about an aviator scarf and eyeliner?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

durblady - Thanks. Somehow someone or another from our bunch seems to end up in the paper every so often. Maybe we're fun to look at - you know, like monkeys.

jess - Go ahead and click the eye liner link - but only at your own risk!

Durblady said...

I'll have to show Morgan your site . . . she'll love the valentine's photo!

Unknown said...'re famous!! Very cool. Next stop, the NY Times and Entertainment Weekly.

Mooselet said...

I'd forgotten about your 80s post. Do you miss your big hair? :-)

And readers as far away as Australia! That'd be me!!! WooHoo!!!

I'll have to email my uncle in St. Cloud and see just how famous you are.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mitch - I'm famous? Wait for it... 14:59:57... 14:59:58... 14:59:59... 15:00:00. There - done!

mooselet - How famous? Well for starters, they plastered a 4x6 version of that picture of me on the front page above the fold. You don't get any more famous than that baby!

Oh, and very funny about missing my hair. After all this time you should know that's a bald, I mean sore spot for me.

wayabetty said...

Hey Jeff! Good for you! First it was Austin, now it's your turn. BTW, Fabio's wig is in the mail. ;-)

Anonymous said...

well, that's pretty cool! you'll be famous soon, maybe we need to get your autograph now?

Anonymous said...

After seeing your pretty face in the Times, I had to ask if you were posing. The pic looks so professional, maybe you are just a natural.
Great job Jeff!!

deborah said...

Were you the only one sitting there blogging or were there others? That is just too much! What a trip. Congrats. If you ever make it to Syracuse, you must come to the Dinosaur Bar-b-cue. Totally awesome blues and food.

Anonymous said...

The proper term is St.Cloudanoids.
Again, glad I could help.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

waya - Thanks Betty, I'll take all the help I can get.

badoozie - No problem. Just send me a blank check, I'll sign it and you'll get it back in a few weeks.

anon - Oh, I'm sorry. I'm the guy in the first picture. But people often mistake me for Fabio so I understand your confusion.

deborah - I saw several other people with computers but I don't know how many of them were "blogging." They were probably just stealing the free broadband. BTW, I've played in Syracuse many times - back in the '80s. Of course they probably didn't have Dinosaur BBQ back then.

rick - Thanks for clearing that up. Although for our family I think "nerds" would fit better than "noids."

Anonymous said...

WOW--my claim to fame is YOU!!!!Loved your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, but can you figure a way to make it pay?

Anonymous said...

Wow. You really do have too much going on. How do you have time to blog again?

Heather said...

Wow. I can say I "knew" you when...

I guess this means you have to post regularly again, right?

Anonymous said...

What's up Jeff, Steve from at Pioneer Place last night, blogged the experience, and put up a photo of you playing. Peace

yellojkt said...

Great article. And I get to say I knew you when.

JD at I Do Things said...

Woo! Time-traveling again. I loved this post. How cool to be interviewed. Were very many people stopping you on the street? I also enjoyed the glimpse into your musical avocations and Charli's business. Congrats!

JD at I Do Things