Saturday, April 14, 2007

4 things meme

After getting back from 6 days of vacation on Tuesday, I had to work out of town the next 3 days on business. Today is the first day I've had to relax but now I'm sitting here with neck pain that feels nothing short of a severe case of whiplash.

Anyway, being as how I've been away from the ol' homestead for days, I now have a honey-do list I need to attend to.

So - in the meantime, here's a little meme-age to fill in the cracks.


Four movies you would watch over and over:
I personally have a hard time watching any movie more than once, but here are four movies I really enjoyed over time.

1. Primal Fear
2. Batman Returns
3. Most Monty Python work
4. Casino Royal and most James Bond movies

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. A cook at several restaurants in Duluth. During my teen years I worked in at least 6 different restaurants and was everything from dishwasher to head broiler cook.

2. Assembly line worker at a mylar balloon factory. It was my job to adhere the paper accordion arms and legs on the balloons as they whizzed by me on the conveyor belt a high speed. Very "I Love Lucy." The funny thing was - I really enjoyed that stupid job!

3. A courier in the Twin Cities. This involved driving a van around the cities picking up and dropping off deliveries for 8 hours a day. Not my first choice for employment.
4. Operator of the kiddie rides at the Duluth Zoo. I was 13, earned $.50/hr and made enough money over the summer so I could buy a bike and move up to a higher paying job making $1.00/hr at a small cafe washing dishes and bussing tables.

Four TV shows you like to watch:
Note: My viewing window is limited to 9:00 p.m. or later because that's the first opportunity I have to watch TV. And no, I don't subscribe to TIVO.

1. Daily Show with Jon Stewart
2. Without a Trace
3. Boston Legal

4. Raines (the new Jeff Goldblum show)

Four places you have been on vacation:

1. Key West, FL
2. Durango, CO
3. San Diego, CA

4. The "Inside Passage" cruise - Alaska

Four Places you have lived:
1. Duluth. Born and raised there and also lived there during our first year of marriage.
2. In about 10,000 motels, hotels and "band houses" while I was on the road for 10 years. Only in the last few years were we successful enough to afford our own private rooms and not have to share.

3. On Lake Calhoon in Minneapolis. A truly beautiful place to hang out.
4. St. Cloud. Where I currently live but will probably move away from when our last child moves out - in only 7 1/2 years. But who's counting.

Four of your favorite foods:

1. Frosted Mini Wheats
2. Steak and mushrooms
3. Big ol' homemade hamburgers with all the fixins

4. Spaghetti with meat sauce and mushrooms

Four places you would like to be:

1. Colorado
2. Australia
3. Scuba diving in the Florida keys
4. In a large motorhome bus with an unlimited budget and no place to go and no time limit to get there.


Heather said...

That's funny I just had an abbreviated version of this sent to me as an email by a friend in CA.

Interesting to know these things...

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

chirp-chirp, chirp-chirp, chirp-chirp

Unknown said...

If I may critique:
Movies: Loved Casino Royal. Other Bonds are hit and miss.
Jobs: At the ballon job- did you drink that Vega-vita-vitamix or whatever the hell that was?
TV: J. Stew is tight. Haven't seen the rest.
Vaca: Key West is high on my list, being a big Hemingway fan. And I've still have not hit Durango yet.
Lived: I've lived in a bunch of places--but none of those.
Food: Kill the mushrooms on 2 & 4 and we're cool.
Places to be: Colorado? never heard of it.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Mitch - You ought to buzz over to Durango and catch the train up to Silverton. It's way cool. That's like an easy weekend for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Frosted mini-wheats. Me and you both, brother.