Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On the road again

First up... Yay - I'm back!

For my fellow blog-horts, in case you hadn't noticed, I didn't comment on your sites this past week (I know, your world revolves around whether of not I leave my words of wisdom) but I have been reading you through my feeder. I just haven't had the spare time to chat. And the reason I've been MIA is because I was on vacation for Easter in..... Kentucky!

Based on my last 2 posts, I'm sure it wasn't too hard to figure out I was traveling. However, because of the thousands of new local readers I have now as a result of my recent fame, I don't like to overtly advertise that I'm leaving my house unoccupied for 6 days.

Ok, so maybe it's more like 2 new local readers - but they could be psychotic blog-stalker types who prey on vacationing bloggers. You never can be too careful.

Anyway - we had a fabulous time on our Easter pilgrimage to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Normally when we make this journey, it's more than just a family visit. Normally, the 70 degree weather and blooming redbud and various fruit trees represent a much needed rebirth of life after a long and painful Minnesota winter. But last week, we were treated to snow nearly every day we were there. Yuk! Of course it was all our fault - in my in-law's eyes.

So, now that I'm back and have taken the appropriate amount of Ibuprofen after two days of sitting on my butt in my car, I'm going to get a good night's sleep, catch up on the home front and resume my normal blogging activity in a few days.

So until then...

Later ya'll!

(sorry, my Kentucky is slipping)


Durblady said...

Snow in Kentucky?! That's why my sis-in-law and her family bolted from Louisville to Florida for the week, huh!? You're going to get me going on a blog yet!

Unknown said...

Don't sell yourself short. I'm sure you have tens of local reader since your media blitz.

And way to bring Minnesota to Kentucky. What a giver.

(Had to delete the first try...to many typos.)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Now please go post a witty comment on my site about how you're upset that you can't come to our party in Los Angeles.

p.s. (it's not snowing here, but I bet if you came... it would!)

yellojkt said...

Someone posted a prank on eBay that everything in an empty house was free and the place got stripped clean. It's probably better that you don't broadcast your travel plans.

I was wondering why my comments are so down.

Heather said...

I did miss your smart-ass comments.

wayabetty said...

So that's where you were! I sent in the burglars but they couldn't pass the front door! Can't get good help these days!

And what lovely picture of that tree!

yoo hoo said...

Isn't that twice you've been to Kentucky for vaction. I never thought of Kentucky as a vacation destination...must be family. Welcome back.