Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stay Tuned - Update

*** Update ****

Apparently the DVDs we were given are defective, but I do have audio of a few tunes from Monday night. Here are two songs featuring me on vocals and harmonica. Click on the song title to download the mp3.

Blues Don't Get Off at Night - Written and sung by me.
This song starts out as a slower blues instrumental and then switches to a faster blues/rock tune with lyrics. For this session I used a Green Bullet harmonica microphone and set my amp to emulate a "tweed" tube sound to give my harmonica that old "Chicago blues" type of sound and feel.

Turn It Around - Written by our guitar player Pete, sung by me.
This song has a nice easy slightly funky groove, and a kind of Clapton feel to me. I think Pete wrote this with my vocal in mind.

I'll post more audio later and some video clips once I get a good DVD. In the meantime, feel free to give these a listen.

We had a GREAT time at our live campus television broadcast gig last night.

I'm a bit overloaded with other stuff right now but will be back in a few days with some video.


If I can get my son to help me.

In the meantime, here's a toon that made me chuckle.


Karl said...

Now that IS a unified theory.

Mom Thumb said...

I was playing your song on my computer and Randy thought it was The Blues Brothers! Nice.

yoo hoo said...

You play a mean harp man! Awesome!