Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bloggers, the new elite

Some people think that being a blogger isn't that big of a deal.

I beg to differ. People everywhere are noticing that bloggers are here - and they're here to stay. And as of late, bloggers have become a highly respected information source in today's world events. Simply turn on any TV or radio news broadcast these days and you'll hear someone referencing the fact that "bloggers are saying this" or "saying that" about some particular issue.

So naturally, along with that kind of notoriety comes a certain amount of due respect. In fact, I dare say that bloggers are suddenly becoming seen as our new social heroes. Here are some recent examples being overheard around the nation.

At a bloody crime scene:
Comment: Sorry buddy, but this is a secured area.
Response: It's ok - I have a blog.

At a crowded mall:
Comment: Can somebody help this poor man? I think he's having a heart attack!
Response: No problem, stand aside please. I'm a blogger.

At a swanky restaurant:
Comment: I'm sorry sir, we have no reservations available at this time.
Response: Is that so? We'll, I guess I'll just have to take my blog review to another establishment.
Reply: Oh, I believe I am mistaken. It appears a table has just opened up.

At a tense international peace conference:
Comment: Jimmy Carter has fallen ill at the last minute! Now who are we going to get?
Reply: I believe I can help. I comment on Dooce on a daily basis.

Of course these are only a few examples of how bloggers everywhere are making a difference in this world. Granted, these aren't everyday occurrences as of yet, but they will be ordinary stories in the very near future.

Now, you'll have to excuse me if you don't mind. I've been asked to consult the White House on some little matter involving troop withdrawal in Iraq.

Apparently they heard I have a blog.


robkroese said...

Very funny. I know I'm getting tons of respect now that I have a blog. Why, just the other day I was allowed to take a penny out of the little dish at the AM/PM so that I could buy a soda without getting a bunch of change back.

Kal said...

Hmm.... you aren't being sarcastic, are you?

Karl said...

Interesting. I didn't think Dooce allowed comments. You must be quite the powerful blogger indeed.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

diesel - See, the world is our oyster.

kal - Naw, just being silly.

karl - Really? Damn, thanks a lot. Now you've outed me for the phony I really am.

yoo hoo said...

The way I see it, since we all have blogs, there is power in numbers and you will have our backing for a troop withdrawl, I nominate your our blog-spokes-person, to have a chat with the prez about this particular topic. You will take minutes right? If you need any thing we've got your back.

wayabetty said...

That's funny Jeff, b/c I'm thinking of nursing my future newborn out in public and if anyone has any problem with me whipping out my boobs in public, then I might have to use that line "it's ok, I have a blog!"

Mom Thumb said...

I said something to my brother about my blog and he said, "On your Myspace?" I was insulted.

Heather said...

Gee, I only hope to have that kind of pull. I think you have to have more than 3 readers though.

Jennine said...

Hi. I've dropped off the face of the earth and set all my friendships on auto-pilot because my part time job turned into a way beyond full time job and when I'm not at work, I'm trying to keep human beings fed and clothed while organizing an overrated open house for my ungrateful teenaged daughter who graduates in 18 days.

But it's okay. I have a blog.

Hug Charlie for me. Oh. And my mother says I owe you both dinner for making ya worry.

Jenn said...

Oh, and my family disowns me for my blog.

Like farts and cell phone pictures aren't funny???

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

carla - Thanks. I wish I could say all the bloggers, voters and parents in the world could make a difference. But with our Prez? Good luck.

waya - And then make sure you whip out a copy of my blogger badge as you're saying it!

linda - MySpace? Baa - kid stuff!

heather - Don't underestimate the power of your status. Go ahead, try the Heimlich some time. You might surprise yourself!

jennine - Hi! What a nice bright spot in my comments section! I hope things settle down over in them thar parts soon. I miss you!

emma - Absolutely.