Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Night Live - Baby Baby

Ever since I was 5 years old music has been my life. I studied piano my entire childhood, idolized David Cassidy and the Monkees as a tween, sang in choirs from 6th grade through college and toured professionally on the road for 10 years.

Now, thanks to The Receders, I have the unbelievably good fortune to keep making music as a grownup.

Recently, we spent an evening at St. Cloud State University playing for their weekly Monday Night Live program. This is a cool TV/radio simulcast that features local (and some national) acts every Monday night (duh) and rebroadcasts the show multiple times over the week. We were lucky to be the last act in the studio before summer break and now our show is going to run multiple times per week - ALL SUMMER! Yay for us. People are either going to really like us or be really sick of us by the time school starts again.

Anyway, now that I have the YouTube thing all figured out I'd like to share some of the tunes we played that night, and I figured what better day to post these than on Monday. So, for the next several weeks, I'm going to feature a new song from The Receders every week.

This song, Baby Baby, was written by our guitar player Pete and sung by our most excellent bass player Mike. It's a standard stock blues tune but one of my personal favorites, because it gives me the opportunity to do my very most favoritest thing in the whole world - PLAY BLUES HARP!

By the way... Mike is an admitted closet reader of this blog who has yet to leave a comment, so feel free to give him a shout out.

And who knows, maybe if we all ask nice enough - we can convince him to come out of the closet.



Anonymous said...

you guys are just TOO COOL for....all of us. Loved your solo, and look forward to much more. MIKE needs to just get an ID and comment so he can get in on all the fun. He is truly missing out

Ashley Lasbury said...

So cool! You guys are great!

Oh, and Mikkkkeeeee, are you there Mike? Onetallmomma sends a Big Maine Hello.

A gentleman would say hello back!

Kal said...

That's cool. Glad you're still having fun with music.

(The whole Jones Clan does the Family Van Trap thing at church, we're all in the choir - make up about 50% of it most of the time...)

deborah said...

You guys are pretty good!

Hi Mike!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny that the spot on you is much brighter then anyone else Jeff, you guys sound good!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

anon - No, the spotlight wasn't brighter on me - I just reflect more light off my forehead than everyone else.

but Momma said...

Very Cool!

My husband is very jealous. On his commute to and from work he practices playing the harmonica to "Heart of Gold".

Looking forward to more Monday Night Lives.

Jennine said...

That keyboard player's a babe! He makes me feel kinda funny. Like when we used to climb the ropes in gym class.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jennine - Party on Garth!

Mooselet said...

Can I be a groupie? I promise to scream real loud so you can hear me from here. Of course that'll be my limit as a groupie, but still... I can scream really loud.

Oh, and hello Mike! C'mon out and say hello to your fans.

Loriann said...

Great video. Thanks for sharing.