Friday, June 22, 2007

2014 - a very good year

Ever since my kids were babies, I've fantasized about lying in bed on weekends all morning and getting up when I feel like it, but of course the inescapable demands of children prevent that reality. You just can't simply lie around on Saturday morning when your toddlers are up putting Fruit Loops in the toaster for breakfast.

But of course now that my kids are finally old enough to take care of themselves and leave me alone in the morning, my body decides to wake up at 7:00 instead and say:

"Hey Jeff - time to get up! We haven't peed in like 7 hours and my back is killing me from lying down all night."


Other than that I don't have any real complaints about this "phase" of my life (*cough* middle age). In fact, my wife and I are actually looking forward to the milestone summer of 2014 in only 7 more years. This will be the summer:

  • My daughter turns 18 (See ya baby. We love you and all that good stuff but it's our time now.)
  • My wife turns 50 and I can throw a huge surprise party and everyone will bring "black" gifts and it will be really funny. No really.
  • I quit my job and we sell our house and move to someplace more non-dead than St. Cloud and more conducive to being 50-something hippies.
  • We celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. And don't bother with the silver crap, just bring big cards filled with lots of money - you know, to help fund the health insurance that will no longer be provided by the job I used to have.
And speaking of middle aged, here is another one of our original tunes from The Receders called Middle Aged Man. This is a fun tongue-in-cheek tune written by Pete about becoming ... yes, you guessed it - middle aged.

Hmmm, what do ya know - at 45, it appears I'm right dead smack in the zone. Ok, scratch the "dead" part. Anyway, at least I would hope that I'm going to live to be 90.

I just wonder what time I'll be waking up then!


JessiferSeabs said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my Tango post on Karl's blog... I used to live on Lake Calhoun, too! AND I was a musician! Nice to "meet" you!


Anonymous said...

Did you forget that children come home to live, or did we do something wrong?

Sandy said...

My kids woke me up this morning a little after 6 a.m.

2014 is sounding pretty good right now...but I think even then I'll be getting up before 7.

Anonymous said...

this is all good and fine but I am not liking the age thing because I am single and the window of opportunity for attracting a man is closing. And then what If I attract him and in 5 years when things are REALLY heading south, he decides this was a bad move and finds someone younger

Mom Thumb said...

You'll be waking up at 5:15, but it will be because you have to pee for the fourth time that night.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jessiferseabs - I had no idea there was a fellow minnesotan hanging around karl's place. We buried our favorite pet bird in that rose garden you love so much.

dad - What you did wrong was not move away after we were all growed up.

sandy - You're probably right. We'll never get to sleep in, will we.

badoozie - What do I look like, Dr. Phil? JKOC. I'm sure you'll find one of those fine firefighter types soon.

mom t. - You're talking about when I'm 90, right? Not in 2014. Right?

Gale said...

Interesting, my back and hips tell me when to get up. I never get to sleep in, unless my body is okay with it - then my dogs are dancing a jig on the bed to wake me up. And they don't graduate at the age of 18.

Mom Thumb said...

Um, yeah, okay.

yoo hoo said...

I can't sleep in past about 6:30....weeee!

Anonymous said...

You've just cursed yourself! Quick-spit on your hand and throw salt over your shoulder!! You're dealing with evil beings, here...children! They'll prove you wrong, and ruin your plans, everytime!!
Say three Hail Mary's while you jump up and down!!Go! Do it!! Save yourself!
Love ya--sis

Mooselet said...

Buy a house that doesn't have an extra bedroom - that way the kids can't move back in. That's my plan anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hailey's finally sleeping through the night and I'm suddenly plagued with insomnia. Such is life.

There's always drugs, right hippie?