Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Night Live - Blues Don't Get Off At Night

Well, it's Monday again and time for another (and final) installment of Monday Night Live.

Even though we performed 12 songs that night, I've decided that this will be my last feature post of the Monday Night Live blog series. I'll still be posting the videos in my sidebar every Monday (under our Receders logo), but I just won't be writing about it. I sorta figured that when I only post 3x a week, using one of them to tell you a new video is online is kind of redundant.

So that being said, for this post I've decided to show you my signature tune - the very reason I used the name Harmonica Man as my screen name in the first place nearly two years ago when I started this blog.

When I chose that name I worried that people would think I was being conceited and thought of myself as "all that." No, that's not who I am. I hope by now people know what kind of person I am. I'm a middle-aged nerdy dad who just happens to LOVE playing the harmonica and am fortunate enough to be able to do it on a regular basis. I chose the name because it is an identifier of something I truly love to do that is different, and sets me apart from other people in my own special way.

And you'll know what I mean by "special" when you see this clip. This isn't your average "camp counselor playing Oh Susanna" kind of harmonica - this is dirty, gritty serious mean blues kind of stuff.

One thing you'll notice is that I work my harp pretty hard on this tune. In this style of rock/blues harmonica, you have to inhale aggressively for a long time to bend the notes and keep the riffs flowing. So when it looks like I'm suffocating and my neck is straining like a Russian weightlifter - it's because I literally am running out of air. You see,
the whole time I'm playing I'm actually sucking air through the reeds of my harp, which causes my lungs to say, "Hey dude, dying here! Do you think you can get that piece of scrap metal out of the way?"

But then all I have to do is exhale and I'm good as new and ready to rock.

So, crank it up and enjoy my tune Blues Don't Get Off At Night. It starts out slow and kicks into gear later on.

Oh, but do not try this at home. I am a professional.


Ashley Lasbury said...

My 9 year old on thinks you are amazing. He wants to see you perform live. I explained that MN is a long, long way from ME. Bummer.

That was truly awesome.

Be Inspired Always said...

That was outstanding.

hmmmmmm maybe you would play the harmonic on my children's CD?


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ashley - You and your family are always welcome to one of our shows. I say load of the family truckster and come on down!

inspired - Just say the word. I can play *nice* harmonica too. I know this because my church has me play all the time - and oddly they're not big into the whole rock/blues thing.

Jennine said...

It's so much fun watching someone do something they are passionate about.

When are you gonna play Freeeeeeeeeeeeebird.

Bonvallet said...

BRAVO! That's talent! My 4 year old was dancing and playing his pretend harmonica with you.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. H fell in love with Harmonica man during this song....

yellojkt said...

Dylan and Springsteen don't have anything on you. You RAWK!

deborah said...

Has me movin in my 7:30am, with not enough jo!!

Reminds me of a local we used to listen to some years back called The Kingsnakes; a mix of Muddy Waters and Fab T-Birds. Miss those days. Well, the music part. Thanks for the memory.

Gale said...

Awesome, I salute you!!

AirMojo said...

Cool! Now I gotta watch the other videos!

Just something about the harmonica... it becomes the soul's voice.

It ain't easy to play well... could take years and years... and it becomes a part of you.

Never leave home without at least one!

Ken H in OH (AirMojo)

Anonymous said...

now that, my friend, was freakin' AWESOME! yowie -- i wish i had a better adjective at my disposal with which to describe your playing, but i'm so blown away at the moment, words fail me!

*claps enthusiastically*

BRAVO, Harmonica Man, BRAVO!! : ) xox

Anonymous said...


Just out of interest have you ever accidently swallowed one?

Anonymous said...

that's aerobic exercise you're doing there, keep that up and you'll live forever!

Jenn said...

DUDE!! You've got some chops! That was amazing.

Where are the chicks throwing stuff, like flowers...and their unders???

Windyridge said...