Monday, June 04, 2007

The Receders Live - Got it Good, Got it Bad

Check it out. Another clip from our Monday Night Live event.

This song, Got it Good, Got it Bad was written and sung by our guitar player Pete. Yeah, he rocks.



Ashley Lasbury said...

That song speaks to me. Go figure.
What a great way to start the day...listening to the Receders!

And no, we are not meeting out behind the barn. We just both choose to keep it simple. Adding 6 kids to the mix is going to add increasing layers of complexity.

We see each other once, maybe twice a week. Most of the time at his place. We also e-mail each other off and on throughout the day and talk on the phone each night. It works.

Mooselet said...

Her Majesty states: "I want a harmunka!" I sure hope she means a harmonica. Rockin' tune dude!