Saturday, June 30, 2007

Soldiers, Toons, Spices and Sun!

Last winter, Dave wrote this inspiring post to remind us all to chip in and help out our country's heroes in Iraq. Ever since I read that, I've been wanting to put together a care package of my own and send it out to a deserving soldier.

Well, I'm happy to say that I finally got that opportunity to contribute. In fact, I was even able to take it up a notch and help organize a company-wide drive to collect items for several soldiers, and yesterday we sent out 12 cases of goods to fellow Minnesota soldiers in Iraq.

Thanks Dave for the suggestion. From everything I've read, these care packages will be very much appreciated!

Click if you are interested in learning more.


Some fellow bloggers have been playing around with cartoon makers, so naturally I had to play too.

Here I am as South Park and Simpsons characters.

Whatta know, I'm a dork in ALL media!


I dunno...

I thought spices had a shelf life.

Other than the fact that these women are probably desperate to make some money and be rescued from the "where are they now" files, do the rest of us really need a Spice Girls reunion?

I can sure live without one - but not Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice). She appears to be so excited to be touring the US again she can hardly contain herself!


Summer's here, it's the weekend and time to relax! In fact, that reminds me of a lyric from James Taylor's Summer's Here that sums it up perfectly:

Summer's here
I'm for that
Got my rubber sandals
Got my straw hat
Got my cold beer
I'm just glad that it's here
Summer's here
That suits me fine
It may rain today
But I don't mind
It's my favorite time of the year
And I'm glad that it's here

Have a GREAT weekend everybody!


Anonymous said...

I just saw the rerun last night where Homer goes to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp....your Simpson looks just like the Elvis Costello Simpson!

Cool, indeedy!

Heather said...

Thanks for sending care packages to our soldiers. We did that in M's preschool class this year too. It never seems like enough though.

Perhaps Victoria Beckman accidently shrunk her top in the dryer and figured, WTH, wear it anyway?

deborah said...

Oh my! Are those babies real?? HA!

I'm with Hilly, you do look more like Elvis Costello Simpson - it's the hair thing; (or lack of) ahem.

oh, and I like the care package thing. you can send a card for nothing, too. I mean if you want. Just go to my site, and click!

Anonymous said...

Time for a name change;
Saline Spice?

Dave2 said...

Sweet! I'm always happy to hear of another blogger working with to let the troops know we're thinking of them! Thanks so much!

Miss Laurence said...

OH !!! You add the glasses !!! Cool ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The unhappy spice girl is just worried one of her "girls" will pop out of that dress and upstage her. Or worse yet, since they are so obvious...take over the tour and try to rule the world

Anonymous said...

What's funny is that it actually just dawned on me that it was summer (well, it's kind of hard out here because every day feels like summer.)

But I was amazed because I remembered how much summer used to excite me! I couldn't wait for summer... no school, swimming pools, lemonade, lightning bugs, and long days.

As an adult, it's not quite as much fun. But I think having a kid who is starting to "get it" will help.

Enjoy your summer, too!

robkroese said...

Way to go on the care packages, H-Man. Very cool.

Austin Lee said...

Heres mine!


I like it

Anonymous said...

You are so my hero. More for the care packages...but the posh spice boob joke helped.

PS. You won. Come see.

yoo hoo said...

When my husband took my step daughter to see the Spice Girls, his friends as worked teased him and started calling him, "old spice" :)
Yes, she's already registered to try and get tickets through the lottery.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I think Posh is more excited with this new opportunity to show off her boobs than the actual singing.

wayabetty said...

OMG! That is too funny about the "she can't contain herself". Actually, you wanted to know more about the wet nurse I mentioned. Well, she looks like that with boobage filling out all over. Oh, the fantasy spinning in your head I can see now Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Cheers dude. How long has this Simpsons character generator been out? Today is the first time I've seen it.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

scary for kids - Cheers to you too!
I don't know how long this thing has been around. I found it the day before I wrote this post.

Kurt Schroeder said...

If you love something, set it free...