Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tributes and Hobbies

This is an oddly-combined post but I wanted to mention two things today, so I'm going to include them both even though they have nothing in common whatsoever.

First thing...

If you happen to pay attention to my "Please Remember" box in my sidebar, you'll notice that our American fatalities have recently exceeded 3500. Being as it has only been a little over 5 months since I wrote this post about reaching the 3000 mark, I just wanted to ask everyone to please remember once again. Losing an average of 100 soldiers a month is terribly sad and the sacrifices these brave men and women have made for us should not go unnoticed.

In addition, our fallen soldiers are not the only ones who have suffered or are suffering. I've been seeing a lot of interviews lately on the subject of post-traumatic stress disorder and the inability of our healthcare system to help veterans who are returning from war. Facilities are overbooked and understaffed and the lag times until treatment programs are available are increasing every day.

One of my blogfriends Deborah, from Weathering Migraine Storms, has just written this heart-wrenching post about what her son Philip is going through since he came home. I encourage you to stop by and give everyone in Deborah's family your support.

And secondly, on a much lighter note...

... as promised last week in my Show Us Your Hobby! post, today is the day to Show You Their Hobbies! That's right folks, as a reward for humoring me and responding to my call to show us your... whatevers, here is a link-parade of everyone who played along.

1. Linda from Letters From Third Grade shows us some of her mad photography skilz in this post. She clearly has an eye for subject matter, unlike me who wouldn't be able capture a Kodak moment if I had a net.

2. Ashley from One Tall Momma wrote this tounge-in-cheek post about her favorite hobby. I won't give it away here but let's just say it includes tongues and cheeks.

3. Heather from Cool Zebras wrote this post about a hugely popular hobby these days - scrapbooking! Much better than the pictures of my youth I have mashed together in shoeboxes in my closet.

4. Gale from This Was Me wrote this and this about a very cool restoration project she and her husband are working on. I admire their desire to want to spend hours and hours sanding something, because anyone who has read this blog over the last year and a half knows how I feel about sanding anything!

5. And finally my mom, who doesn't have a blog but wrote the comment of the week in response to my story when she said, "My hobby is waiting on your Dad!!!!!"

Huh, if only that were a joke.


yoo hoo said...

I have a hobby of writing in my blog when I can....which hasn't been lately. I will check out all the links...and my sister's of course. :)

Anonymous said...

During WW2 7,000 Marines were killed in 35 days on Iwo Jima, an island of less than 6 miles. There was no one to keep score of man's inhumanity to man. Okay, I admit to being spoiled. I also join all the others that realize Lois is a perfect person, mother, and wife. Years ago when I was working 12 hours a day, and maintaining 2 duplexes, 3 homes, and a cabin, she started bring my meals to my chair, so I could watch the news. I may have forgot to tell her to stop, when I retired 19 years ago. I guess I will never live down my "popcycle, popcycle, popcycle request. Of course after 57 years of marriage, she could never find anyone that would love her half as much as I do. So remember, "When the one you love is in love with you. you don't know how lucky you are"!!!

Anonymous said...

I want your mom, I want my meals in the chair!

That is really a large amount of deaths, but as you said huge amounts of those coming back with PTSD. Unfortunately, after the Gulf war, they did not spend enough time and money researching this condition so are ill prepared STILL to cope with the effects.

They've known about PTSD forEVER...I guess it's just not as popular as aids, or prostate cancer. how about a PTSD awareness month

great post

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

carla - I'm not sure you can claim blogging as a hobby. More like an addiction!

dad - "I may have forgot to tell her to stop..." Now that's funny.

badoozie - I once heard a comic do a routine about how he watched his mom do all those things for his dad his entire childhood and how he wanted one of those when he grew up. But then after he was old enough to have one... "there weren't any left!"

Gale said...

Thank you for including me in your hobby blog. I guess I better run out and take a couple of pictures of the latest accomplishments.

deborah said...

Hey, Jeff; I forgot to thank you for that. And your Dad for his bravery. So thank you both