Saturday, July 28, 2007

Party Like a Rock Star

Totally Dude!

Holy cow, what a wild and crazy week this has been!

You'll have to excuse me if you haven't seen me around much this week. As you've probably guessed from all the birthday wishes I received in my comments on Friday - it was indeed my birthday. Yay for me!

And what a whirlwind weekend it was... Rio on Thursday, Vegas on Friday and here in London today. I tell you what - THAT is a lot of partying!

Wa-huh? You don't believe me?!!

Ok, I may not have been all those places, but I DID have tons of fun right here in Minnesota. And now I'm off to play at a rockin nightclub "up north" in a super sweet resort town. Ahh, the life of a rock star.

Anyway, I'll fill you in next week when I get back. In the meantime...

Have a great weekend everybody!


Anonymous said...

I'm first!!

so is the way of the world, take it easy or you might get constipation or some other old age related disorder!!

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday! Some great people were born in July! (Both of my kids!) (And you of course!)

deborah said...

Jeff, you are too weird! But Happy Birthday anyway. Wait, do you and your Dad share the same b'day??

Sandy said...

And to think I was in town on your birthday!

Gale said...

did you dance on a coffee table wearing a lamp shade?

Anonymous said...

WHOA!!! your BIRTHDAY????? aieeeeee, Jeff, i'm SO SORRY i didn't get here, sooner!

i'm shouting because i'm sure that, at your age -- and considering what you did prior to settling in to the life you love now -- you're MORE than a bit hard of hearing. what can i say? me too!

a very belated yet very sincere Happy Happy, Joy Joy, Harmonica Man! : )

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

neva - Eh? What's that? Happy Earth Day? I thought that was in April. Oh well, it was nice of you to say so anyway.

wayabetty said...

So sorry I missed your b-day!! Happy belated to you Jeff! I was thinking about you and Heather when this whole bridge collapse happened.

Sorry I haven't been around, it's been hectic around here with what...7 kids running around!