Monday, July 30, 2007

What I Did This Summer

As I mentioned the other day, I was going to fill you in today on what I've been up to over my extended weekend. And, because this post already exceeds the attention span of most bloggers, I'm going to cut right to the chase...

Thursday - A sweet day at the area's largest amusement park, Valleyfair. This place has all the big rides including this brand new roller coaster described by my son Brandon as "the best ride I've ever been on in my life!" That's a pretty ringing endorsement if you ask me.

Unfortunately, I had to restrain from all the head-whipping attractions due to the fact that my mutant giraffe-like neck has been out of whack off and on for the last few months. Hell, even the slightest jerk of my head aggravates my neck for several days. As you can imagine, this pretty much nixes my dream of spending a night at the Roxbury.

My daredevil son Austin decided he wanted to take advantage of a special they were running for one of the attractions you have to pay extra to ride. For only $10 each, he and two of his buddies got the chance to ride the 180 foot high Ripcord. This YouTube clip I found of someone else taking the plunge pretty much describes it all.

Even though this clip has all the quality of the Zapruder film, I like it because it shows an accurate perspective of just how insanely high these kids were hoisted before they were cut loose to freefall to their... mother's worst nightmare. No kidding, I think Charli was more freaked out just watching them than the kids were taking the plunge.

Friday - The next morning we took Brandon and the two boys who were with us to the University of MN for their first-ever campus tour.

Oh where oh where has my little boy gone?

Seriously, I can still vividly remember the first minute I held Brandon in my arms, sobbing with tears of joy as my little newborn's eyes connected with mine for the first time. And now we're taking him to visit colleges.

I think I may start to cry again right now. Not because he's growing up and moving on, but because I've just seen the cost of tuition. Waaaaahhhh!

Saturday - Headed on up to Battle Lake for The Receders annual show at Stubs Nightclub. And what a night we had too. The place was crowded, the people were partying and the room was hot! Literally.

In fact at one point I had to grab a bunch of napkins to wipe the sweat off my face between songs. Near the end of the set our guitar player walked over to me and said, "Jeff, what's that shit on your face? It's been on there since the beginning of the set." Apparently some wads of napkin remnants were clinging to the stubble on my cheeks so I looked like the victim of a Bic shaving incident gone bad - and he decides to wait an hour to tell me. Thank you very much.

Sunday - Nothing but the good life. After getting back to our drummer's cabin at 2:30 a.m. the night before, we woke up to a day made in Heaven at the lake. I always have mixed feelings about spending such a gorgeous day at someone's deluxe cabin while floating in the water for hours on end doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. On one hand, I couldn't ask for a nicer time. On the other hand, I pretty much hate anyone who gets the opportunity to live like this on a weekly basis. That's just the kind of petty and jealous person I am.

So there you have it. While you were all sitting there blogging all weekend, I was out partying, enjoying the beautiful weather and pretty much ignoring you. And for that you'll have to forgive me -

until this weekend when I do it all over again.


Whit said...

Yes, how dare someone live like that. The nerve!

Anonymous said...

here's hoping your birthday was a wonderful as this post was...

as for "crying" over the fact that your "little one" is all grown up? heh... trust me, you'll get over that old chestnut the minute "junior" decides to sit out a semester, and, 3 years later, is still living in your basement.

or are my husband and i the only ones who A) had that experience and/or B) still can't get rid of the kids???? oy. on the other hand, there's a lot to be said for NOT spending your retirement fund on college tuition. ; )

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!!!! What a ride!!! I freaked out just watching it on U-tube!!! I can't beieve anyone would dare do that ride.Kudos to Austin!!! I'm with you on the "Brandon's college Tour"--that darling little baby I babysat while you were in school, is old enough to go to college?

Elizabeth said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great weekend! Good for you! And if I rode that ride, let's just say I'd feel sorry for those people on the ground that I swung over...I get motion sickness very easy!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

whit - Exactly. They do that just to spite us you know.

neva - Heh, ain't NOBODY touching my retirement fund! Ok, we'll help as much as we can... but for the rest there's gonna have to be student loans and part-time jobs. Just like we had to do.

mom - Well look at you getting a YouTube and all. So the high-speed internet access is working out ok?

elizabeth - I guarantee that would not be a problem for me... because I would NEVER ride that ride. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Last time I went to Valley Fair two of my friends did that ride. Way too freaky for me! I see on the Receders site that you're playing an outdoor concert this Saturday August 4, at Battle Lake again. See you there.

Anonymous said...

I heard the grass grows extra high right under that ride!!

Dan said...

While you were all sitting there blogging all weekend, I was out partying, enjoying the beautiful weather and pretty much ignoring you

Actually I wasn't blogging -- I was finding a cure for cancer. And I almost found one. But the damned cat knocked over the test tube. Back to square one.

but Momma said...

Happy Birthday Indeed!

Well except for that insane swing ride. The impending college tuition is the only reason I can see for you letting him ride that thing!

robkroese said...

I'm savoring the image of you with napkin pieces stuck all over your strangely shaped head at the end of your mutant giraffe neck.

yellojkt said...

My son hated roller coasters for years. Then he got bit by the bug and we went to Cedar Point. That place is awesome.

yoo hoo said...

Oh my god.....all that did was make me search thrill rides on You tube and I HATE roller coasters. I scream the whole freakin time.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I wish I lived in a place with a neat name like "St Cloud". Hope you had a happy day!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

rick - Careful how much you advertise this thing. We don't want to have another Woodstock on our hands you know. ;-)

bill - Ahh, from all the people crappin their pants... And having it leak out through the leg holes... And fertilize the ground underneath... Am I getting the gist of this one?

dan - I guess you first need to find a cure for cats.

but momma - Good point. MAYBE, if he becomes severely injured on the ride I could sue the amusement park and THEN we'd have the money we need for college!

diesel - Wait a minute... I don't recall writing anything about my head being strangely shaped. I think you just added that part on your own.

yello - Actually, it kind of hurts to get hit by a bug on a roller coaster.

steppin - Yes, I did. In fact I had MANY happy days in a row!

deborah said...

just curious, how tall were the people at "Stubs" when you played? I got stuck on that one.

You're not kidding, you do have a giraffe-neck, I laughed myself silly thinking of you bobbing away on a rollercoaster. Thanks for the visual.

On the college tour, my daughter informed me lastnight she was thinking "tattoo artist". Grrreat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have got to find me a ride like that! Of course, they'd get one look at me and say, "You've got to be this small to ride this ride."

And I'm a little freaked at how fast LA Toddler became such a girl and no longer a wee baby. I can't imagine sending her off to college. You need more of those relaxing days, I think.

Gale said...

Sounds like you went out and had yourself a good time....thanks for sharing. As for the stubble decoration, I would have told you after a 1/2 hour. Its the kind of thing I would do.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, upon reading numerous blogs tonight, yours is the first that caused me to laugh a loud. you are just GOLDEN

Mom Thumb said...

I remember Brandon, Sebastian and Jess playing together in Duluth. And guess what - she's going to college in a couple of weeks. Waaaah!