Monday, August 06, 2007

Play Misty for Me

A long time ago, I wrote this story about how unlucky I am.

I know, nobody else wins the lottery either, but it's more the every day kind of things I have such bad luck with.

Take this weekend for example. Our band, The Receders, had our first outdoor gig of the summer planned for Saturday night. From a performer's perspective there's nothing better than a big outdoor party, and this gig was going to be no different with tons of people, a huge stage overlooking a gorgeous lake, a big bon fire on the beach and plenty of food and libations for all.

For months we were totally psyched for this awesome night. The date was set, the stage was built and the neighbors were bribed. Nothing could go wrong now. Er... well almost nothing. Ok, the only thing that could possibly screw this up was if it rained. But seeing as how the last 6 weeks has been nothing but 90 degrees and sunny, there was virtually no chance we were going to get any rain that night. My god, it's been dryer than the Sahara around here all summer, there was no way it was going to rain now.

Unless... unless the unluckiest person on the planet was involved somehow.

Let's put it this way... when I looked at the weather map for Saturday night this is what it showed.
Seriously, EVERY other day in July and August all you ever saw was the big happy smiley sunshine face icon - but the ONLY day we got a forecast for rain was Saturday.

Actually, I suppose I should consider myself lucky, because technically it didn't rain, but more "misted" on us all night - which was a royal pain in the ass and kept the crowd fairly small.

But the good news is we still had fun. And the people who did come had fun. And the people on the boats who floated around out in the lake to watch us had fun. So there was plenty of fun and the band sounded great and the dancers danced and the drinkers drank and it was all good.

Oh, and on Sunday it was sunny and hot again.



Whit said...

I actually had a friend that won the CA lotto. 18 million after taxes. He turned into a real dick.

So there's that.

Anonymous said...

Murphy's Law strikes the heart of The Music Man...that butthead, let me at it!

yoo hoo said...

That sounds exactly like our outting to the Winery a couple weeks ago so see Lyle Lovett. Dang it anyway. At least you had fun anyway.

Anonymous said...

A steady drizzle sounds like a million dollar rain for the farmers who have been suffering through a drought. Cheer up, it could have been worse. I know a man that drowned while playing his tuba in a downpour.

Anonymous said...

I want to know---did you guys play "Singing in the Rain?"

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you guys didn't get electrocuted. I think you are incorrect, I am the unluckiest person. Maybe I should compete for an award for that or something

robkroese said...

But at least you didn't get struck by lightning.

Heather said...

I'm laughing at whit's comment. There is that, isn't there?

I'll say the typical Minnesotan thing "well, we needed the rain."

Anonymous said...

I think it's you. We've had nothing but scorching, burning hot days, for weeks around here. The one day that you came up for dad's birthday, it rained! It's not rained since! Who did you piss off??!! sis

Julie Pippert said...

I hear you about the luck! Sorry it misted. But glad it was a good time anyway.

It rains everyday here this time of year. We don't melt but we mildew. LOL

Ravin' Picture Maven

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

whit - I wouldn't mind being a dick for 18 million. Everyone else might not like it, but then that's their problem now isn't it.

hilly - Yeah, someone needs to kick Murphy's butt!

carla - I remember reading your story about that and feeling bad for you. There should be a law against rain during concerts.

bill - I actually wouldn't have minded if it was raining buckets because I agree that we DO need rain. But this crappy little mist wasn't enough to help a single plant - and yet totally made our night a pain in the butt.

mom - Ba-dum! Good one mom, where are you performing next week :-)

ba-doozie - You set up the contest and I guarantee I'll win. No wait, I'd probably lose that one too because I'm so unlucky.

diesel - Yeah but that would have made a pretty cool light show though.

heather - That Whit, he's such a wit. Nitwit that is.

sis - Good question. It must be related to the time I told Al Roker he was pudgy. I don't think he liked it so I'm guessing he put a curse on me.

julie - Thanks. I'll remember not to book my next outdoor concert in your town.

Jenn said...

You've Been Nab'd For Doing Nothing

Sandy said...

I know what it is. It's the aliens. You've somehow ticked them off and they're affecting the weather system. Trust me on this one...

Anonymous said...

So what do you do to keep from getting electrocuted?

Mom Thumb said...

"I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'," but I'm sure as hell going to do it anyway.

Mooselet said...

Then please come over here to Brisbane and play outdoor concerts every day, because we desperately need the rain.

yellojkt said...

My wife has a friend in a band and sure enough, the last time we went to see them it rained. Clouds can detect guitars getting plugged in.

Unknown said...

Paging Mr. Murphy. Paging Mr. Murphy.

Well, sounds like fun. I'd put myself in the "drinkers drank" category which would sadly lead to me joining the "dancers dance" section...and that ain't pretty.