Sunday, August 26, 2007

This Sucks

Literally. That is me today vacuuming out the pool so I can put it away for the winter. It's been cold and a bit rainy the last few weeks and the kids have moved on.

This sucks for two reasons:
1. It means summer's coming to an end.
2. I have to do all the work. But luckily for my kids, the magic pool fairy will come next summer and set it all up again.

However, I suppose it wouldn't be such a big deal if I wasn't so anal about the task. Some people would be happy just emptying it, folding it up and putting it away. I, on the other hand, am resolved to emptying it, scrubbing the walls and floors with bleach water, rinsing it, vacumming the rinse water, and then drying it with a towel.

"My" pool is so clean, that when I'm done you could eat your dinner off the floor. Really. I've actually considered opening a can of SpaghettiO's®, dumping them right on the floor and eating them just to prove a point. And I would if it weren't for two important facts:

1. SpaghettiO's make me gag

2. I'd have to clean the floor all over again

Oh, and now there's a 3rd thing that sucks. It's 85 degrees outside and the kids want to go swimming. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

You are so clean that I now feel guilty about every time I peed in your pool. Oh, wait a minute, I have never been in that pool.

Anonymous said...

Cold and rainy?! Good lord, it's just now out of the 100s here. It actually only got up to like 95 this week. YAY!

Which reminds me...I miss my pool. :(

Whit said...

I would probably just leave it up all year. That would not be pretty.

Heather said...

I love the magic pool fairy bit. We have a magic clean sheets fairy at our house. Not quite the same.

yoo hoo said...

You are sooooo going to regret this decision. HEAT wave comin!

Anonymous said...

I could eat my dinner off my floor too. Although to be honest I'd be happy eating my dinner off a dirt track too so it doesn't say that much.

Jen said...

This is hysterical. It's funny what can happen with tasks we get anal about.

Anonymous said...

Spaghettio's make me gag too....any pasta that tastes like a tin can is just not right.

It's still hot's always sunny here...blah.

Sandy said...

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff!

You say you live in Minnesota? It's August, for goodness sakes! You've got another couple months before the snow falls. That's what we hardy Minnesotans do down here in Rochester.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

dad - That's exactly the reason I never let you use the pool!

chase - We don't see too many triple digit temps in these parts. At least not above zero.

whit - By the time summer is over you're ready to take it down anyway. Maintaining it and cleaning it every week gets old after awhile.

heather - Do you get to wear a tiara and little sparkly wings when you're doing the sheets? Cause I'd like to see a picture of that.

carla - Bring it on beotch!

dan - I'd like to see a picture of that too.

jen - Somehow it doesn't seem right to use "funny" and "anal" in the same sentence.

hilly - Next time I go to the store I'm going to see how much sugar they put in those things. Yuk! No wonder kids love them so much.

sandy - Yeah, but you're in southern Minnesota. Summer ends earlier up here. And in Duluth they have 3 feet of snow right now!

Elizabeth said...

Mmmmmm, I love Spaghettios on toast. Well at least I did when I was 12.

Mom Thumb said...

I thought it was against the law to do anything "summer ending" before Labor Day. Bill always used to give me a hard time for putting flowers on the deck before Memorial Day. And the Spaghettios - it's not the pasta, it's the so-called sauce. Ewww.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

EXACTLY the reason I live at the beach and dont have a pool. :)

Julie Pippert said...

Oh am I ever with you on #s 1 and 2 LOL.

You know, may as well do it well...I'm sure it makes the pool last longer.

Shutting down for winter. Sigh. JEALOUS. We've got like two more months of summer left, at least.

Ashley Lasbury said...

I want a picture of you in your fairy costume. Please....

Yeah, we have been having some decidedly fall like weather here in Maine. I cut bait last week and came home early from camping because of the cold. As soon as we got back to Portland the weather changed....go figure.

wayabetty said...

What a great dad you are! AND THAT'S the reason why we will never have a pool!!

Anonymous said...

was that a hose in your hand, or were you just happy to see your wife? i only ask, because as far as kids go, a good "spray down" is almost as good as a splash in the pool. at the very least it beats a sharp broomstick in the eye... ; )