Monday, September 10, 2007

21st Century mapping

A few weeks ago Mooselet decided to post a picture of her property from space, and challenged the rest of us to do the same. Well not so much of a challenge exactly but more of a "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" kind of thing. At least I'm assuming she was referring to the picture of her place.

I've heard that if you purchase Google Earth Plus you'll get better resolution than the free version, but since I'm way too cheap to purchase product upgrades of any kind I wouldn't know. Although I would be interested in hearing if any of you have it and if it works any better.

In the meantime, here is my neighborhood as presented by Google Earth Free. This is about the closest I could get to it before it turned into a blurry mush. But if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you'll see my humble little city-sized lot here in St. Cloud.

Now, on the other hand, Microsoft Live Search seems to do a much better job of being able to peek into your windows. Here is the same perspective using Live Search instead. Again, click to enlarge the picture.

In case you're wondering, no that's not police tape around my property because several dead bodies were found buried in the back yard (as opposed to several live bodies). And why would you assume that anyway? No, I put the yellow lines there to illustrate the property boundaries.

But the most fun I had with Live Search was the day I spent an entire afternoon pretending I had to take over the cockpit of a small aircraft when the pilot suddenly had a heart attack. I, of course, needed to find the airport amongst the rest of the indistinguishable landscape so I could safely bring the plane in for a landing.

My little exercise went something like this:

What's that little smudge on the horizon? Could it be?

Yes. Yes! If I squint I think I can see it!

Now, I just need to get into position.

And... cleared for final approach.

Hey, who needs flight school? I've got Live Search!


Mooselet said...

Well if you're offering to show something else... I'M KIDDING!!!! I did indeed mean your place. :-) Nice neighbourhood.

I tried Live Search and while the resolution is better, it's an older photo. My neighbours behind me have installed a giant blue shelter over their pool which is visible in the Google Earth photo but not the MSN version. I may download the updated Live Search version to see of the 3D offers a better view, but I suspect it's only really good for US searches.

Mooselet said...

Oh, and you're probably on a watch list now at Homeland Security for making practice runs landing an aircraft. Just sayin'...

Whit said...

Is that a grill? It's bigger than the cars.

The picture looks like the beginning of Mr. Rogers.

Anonymous said...

Admit it, this is just a ploy to find out where I live so you can come round and murder me in my bed.

Miss Laurence said...

It is amazing !

What a beautiful house ! :-)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mooselet - No, Homeland Security is only worried about people who "only need to learn how to take off." There's a big difference.

whit - No, that is one of my cars. But I bet it would make a great grill though. Hmmm.

dan - Crap, you're on to me. How do you think all those bodies ended up in my back yard. Allegedly.

laurence - Thanks. But then even I look good from 1000 feet up.

yoo hoo said...

I love Google Earth, it's a great time waster. I will have to check out live search.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

carla - I believe there's a little download plug-in for the 3D part of it. But don't worry, those little downloads don't retrieve much of your personal information.

Anonymous said...

whoa... i'm impressed. i'd say more, but now i want to see what kind of "trouble" i can get into what that Microsoft Live Search Pretend-to-be-a-Pilot thingy.

awesome. ; )

still think it's funny that Dick Cheney had his own property "removed" from Google Earth for "security" reason. i can see it now: someone wanting to do him harm would go to all that trouble, only to arrive on the scene and say: "D'oh! Now where'd his house go? It was here just a minute ago!" poor Dick. (poor us)

Kyra said...

Wow, I had never even heard of livesearch. I'm trying to use it now to find out if they have discovered my if you can see where I live. I have been priding myself on the fact that even Google Earth couldn't properly see me.

Of course, you realize with people taking satellite pics of our yards that means we actually have to mow. *sigh*

Gale said...

hey, you know that 2nd house looks like one that I t-p'd in my youth...really. Only it was a 2 story brick house in a round cul de sac. No I'm not on mood elevators, yet.

robkroese said...

Ok, now I have to go try this.

bon bon said...

wheeeee!!! this is new to me too! (it's foolish of me to check other blogs at such late hours...)

KC said...

Nice winter photo (no leaves on trees). How long ago do you think it was taken?

Anonymous said...

Incredible! Live Search is superior to Google Earth. Great, now I have a new addiction.