Friday, October 12, 2007

Top 5 Best Things About Friday

(because I'm too lame to come up with 10)

5. Khakis and polos at work!

4. He was the best ruler Make-Believe ever had.

3. The blog servers get the next 3 days off.

2. Employees sport the best "flair" in the business.
...Oh wait, that's TGI Friday's.


It's Friday! Duh.


Anonymous said...

Best ruler? King Friday is a pompous ass.

Julie Pippert said...

Okay BONUS POINTS for the Mr. Rogers reference.

Love that Mr. Rogers!

And the Land of Make Believe.

We watch it every day, here. At my insistence. ;)

Also, Fridays? Rock even more out loud now that I am a mainly SAHM.



Using My Words

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

rick - Of course he was the best ruler, because he was the only ruler.

julie - Sure, but how do you feel about your kids?

Mom Thumb said...

The best thing about my Friday is the stupid United Way Chili Cookoff is over and I can get my life back. Until next year. BTW, I agree with Rick.

Anonymous said...

I have come to dislike fridays recently. I'm always working and it's the busiest ay of the week as everyone wants to offload all their problem patients onto us so they can take the weekend off without worrying about anyone.

Wednesdays are best. I never work on a wednesday.

I demand you change this post to reflect this.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mom - Mmmm, chili. That would taste good right about now considering the thermometer is flirting with the 30s these days. Please send a batch my way.

dan - Sorry bud, you'll have to write your own "Wednesday's are best" post. This isn't a democracy you know.

And Rick and Linda - that goes for you too. If I say King Friday was best, then King Friday WAS best damnit!

Ashley Lasbury said...

I love King Friday. Mr. Rodgers entertained me and my young children for years. I miss him.

Now for the fun part. And please know that I never, ever make up my questions for Mr. KIA. They are all real, true situations that Onetallmomma finds herself in on a daily basis.

Dear Mr. KIA,

My 15 year old daughter just started high school. Her new BiFF (Best Friend Forever) is Crowe. Crowe, according to my daughter, is a lesbian hermaphrodite. Crowe was polite, well spoken and respectful when she visited my home. My question: What do I do now?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Good grief Ashley! Mr. KIA might be good but holy crap, a lesbian hermaphrodite?!!

Ok, don't panic - I know he'll come up with something. The bigger problem is how he'll keep it:
a. family friendly
b. limited to 1000 words

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Oh, and thanks for supplying me with a whole new audience of Google weirdos. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I used to long for Fridays. Fridays meant Saturday and Sunday were coming up.

Now that I have a child, it seems like I get up earlier and work harder than I do during the week...

But, it also means more time with her. So that makes it not suck quite as hard. Or at all.

Mom Thumb said...

Go to the Land O' Lakes website and get the Busy Day Chili recipe (we actually got into the finals with a Minnesota chili recipe, how sad is that?). As for King Friday, you're not the boss of me. And wasn't Wednesday from the Addam's family. And her middle name was Friday . . . .

yellojkt said...

My wife call my Friday Casual khaki and red polo shirt my Target Uniform.

Ashley Lasbury said...

Jeff, I know your up to the challenge. And your Welcome....any time.

Anonymous said...

You may love a Friday, but I would pick a girl called Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

King Friday gave me a serious case of the creeps.

And I'm with Dan. Fridays afternoons have become ugly lately. In tech support, everyone wants to see you "real quick" before the weekend so they don't have problems working on the weekend from home. Problem is, "real quick" isn't.