Sunday, January 06, 2008

Humor, Boobs, Snark and More!

Three quick things...

1. Send me to the top
Please click on this button. Don't worry, it won't ask for your credit card or start infecting your computer - I'm simply trying an experiment. So go ahead, click it and come right back.

Our good friend Diesel runs this Humor-Blogs site and I'm trying to figure out how the ranking system works. According to the help text, the more visitors you send over to his site from your own blog, the higher your score will be. Currently I'm sitting way down at around 400 of 482. Not a very impressive showing. And even though I'm really not all that interested in raising my score, I am extremely curious about how the ranking is calculated.

So if you could just "humor" me and click the link, we'll all be able to watch me shoot straight to the top in just a few days. Then, of course, once I've moved on past this post and no one clicks it anymore, I'll drop straight back down to the cellar once again where I'll be hanging out with my other bottom-dwelling friends who for sure will be having a kegger and rocking out to Def Leppard.

* update: Just a few hours into this and I've already catapulted up to 75. Keep clicking!
** update: 10:30 Monday night and I'm up to 33. Just a few more clicks and I'll be on the first page. Can you feel the excitement?

2. The nekkid spinning lady in my last post

I don't know which was funnier, the comments about the spinning or the comments about the boobs. No, it was the boobs.

Anyway, here is the unofficial tally of how you saw them her spinning.
.left only (counterclockwise) - 8
.right only (clockwise) - 9
.both directions - 9

Hmmm, I always knew I had a well- balanced audience.

3. Come see me at the Snark
You may have noticed that I've been moonlighting over at Central Snark lately and have more or less settled into the Monday slot. Since I am barely creative enough to write 3 posts here a week I'm certainly am not going to try to write one here AND one there on Mondays as well. That's why I'm going to ask you to stop on over here today and take a peek at what I had to say about Minnesota.

It's actually pretty funny if I do say so myself. Unless you're planning on moving to Minnesota that is.

* * * * *

Coming soon... The Ugly Bathroom Contest, more Mr. Know-It-All, and more Mrs. Malaprop


yoo hoo said...

I can't believe you called me a poopy head. I'm crushed, must be all that poop.

Julie Pippert said...

If that's what happens at the bottom, then who doesn't want to be way down there? ;)

the frogster said...

I see her spinning counter clockwise, but I know I'm a right-brainer. Now I'm just confused. As a right-brainer, I'd just try to escape from the terrible world through some bad-for-me vice, but I have no idea how to cope as a left-brainer. Please advise.

Ed said...

Hah, good luck with the algorythm for determining priority. It is so contrary to what it should be I removed my blog from the entire fraternity.

First off, why on earth would you rate blogs based on how much business they bring humor-blogs? Might was well call it humor blog salespeople and label them by the highest sellers. Secondly, unless your blog has been reviewed, you can only go so high (unless you have a ridiculous amount of users clicking through your link from your blog) If you haven't been reviewed, you start with a score of 50 whereas those reviewed favorably might start with a score of 60 or 70. Diesel explains it and I did understand how it works but its just dumb in my opinion. I wrote and told him so (in a nice way) but hey, it's his site. Also, it's just as flawed as any other algorythm in that you can simply install one of those random machine number generators and add to your total yourself as many times as you want. Do you really think 15 Minute Lunch has 247 times people in the last 7 days have linked to humor-blogs from their little link icon? Thats what the site is saying though. (not to dis on 15 Minute Lunch becase actually I do think it is one of the funniest blogs out there) I doubt that could be the case because you don't even see the link to Humor-blogs on the initial viewing portion of their blog, you have to scroll down to find it. Also, they only post an average of 7 times per month, hardly the frequency to generate such a high score. Yeah, just for fun I had everyone link to see what would happen once too. Too bad there wasn't a list that was truly based on the content of the blog and not a selling reward or a popularity exercise. Guess that dream is up there with world peace though...

Johnny Virgil said...

Well, I do get 1500 visitors a day if that's anything. Plus I've been reviewed and received a score of 69 (if they'd ever actually post the damn thing.) But you're right -- it is kind of a weird way to rank sites. It's like being graded on a curve.

robkroese said...

I clicked on that link and it took me to a magical world of rainbows and puppies.

You're holding steady at 33. It's actually pretty straightforward how it works. Every blog has a referral score that ranges from 0 to 100. The site that referred the most visitors over the past 14 days gets 100, and every other site gets "graded on a curve", as Johny Virgil says. That score gets averaged with the review score (or a default score of 50, for sites that haven't been reviewed).

I appreciate VE's concerns, but he's frankly just plain wrong.

First, I'm not rating blogs based on how much "business" they bring me. There's no "business" to be had. I lose money on the site. All I do is reward sites that help to promote the h-b community. When a blogger urges people to click on the h-b link, it doesn't help ME, except to the extent that I, like every other member, benefits from increased traffic to h-b.

Second, it does make sense to rank blogs this way. A blogger can't send a lot of traffic to h-b unless they HAVE a lot of traffic to send, and a lot of traffic is one solid indication of a quality blog. Not the ONLY indication, of course, which is why we also review blogs for quality.

As to whether I "really think 15 Minute Lunch" refers that much traffic, well, yes I do. The alternatives are either that Johnny is cheating or that my algorithm just really likes him for some reason. Personally, I've never seen any evidence that Johnny or anybody else has cheated, and I can't imagine why my algorithm would like him so much more than it likes me.

I agree that 15 Minute Lunch is one of the funniest blogs out there. That's why it's on the top of the list. Some other really funny blogs include Crummy Church Signs, The Ominous Comma and Pointless Banter. And, hey, look at that! My dumb algorithm puts them all in the top 10! So it may be dumb, but look around for a while at some other blog directories and tell me when you find a dumber one. Or, for that matter, spend a few hundred bucks and a couple hundred hours building your own non-dumb directory! It's easy and rewarding! :)

fracas said...

Hi Jeff, it's me... fracas.


Well, it's not as good as someone jumping out of a cake, but hey... you did ask me to put you on that waiting list.

Poopy head though? You folks sound like fuelmybloggers!

So... go join. The voting there is all about what you put in. So if you take part and vote for others, they vote back and you rise based on your own effort... or how much the other members enjoy you. The site owners have no say in who rises to the top. It's totally user driven. It's an awesome site. And hey... I won $500 in October for getting the most votes.

Go.. quick.

But wait Jeff... you have to do the telephone thing first. ;-)

yellojkt said...

Funny how people always come up with gimmicks that drive traffic to THEIR site not yours. And are you participating in NaJuReMoNoMo?

JD at I Do Things said...

Woo! I clicked--twice! I joined (or should I say, I was accepted by) Humor Blogs and have kind of forgotten about it. Perhaps I should remember it from time to time, as my ranking is a pitiful 409.

JD at I Do Things So You Don't Have To

robkroese said...

"Funny how people always come up with gimmicks that drive traffic to THEIR site not yours."

Hey, Jeff, do me a favor, wouldja? If you can, when this little experiment is over post a total of the number of clicks from your blog TO h-b AND a total of the number of visits FROM h-b to your site. Not sure if you track that stuff, but it would be interesting to see. I'm guessing you're getting "your money's worth." :)

Johnny Virgil said...

I do get a lot of reciprocal traffic from hb so I am glad deisel does what he does.

Ed said...

Poor Jeff, I won't start a flame on his comment section. Don't confuse my comments with anger... I do have some passion around what I consider fair and doing the right thing and I have my own opinions on the algorythm and concept of humor-blogs and diesel has been very gracious to listen to them even though he may not agree with some of my ideas. To be fair, he did challenge me to come up with a better idea. While I did come up with the sub-categorizing idea that I see Diesel has implemented, I didn't offer up a better idea for him on the algorythm.

No, diesel is right; he's got the only semi reasonable list in town. I certainly won't fault or diss him for that achievement. Frankly, a few of the top blogs on the list ARE some of the very funniest I read. However, having blogs that are not even going, blogs that are on permanent sabbatical show up in the top 50 just loses the credibility of the list. I always wanted an easy way to find funny blogs that matched my criteria for what was funny (which might be different than yours). I couldn't do this easily there. I also wanted a sense of community; but there isn't because there's no forum for that other than the list and a few select reviews. The review time will take years in the current format; certainly not fair and it puts a burdon on Diesel and his band of reviewers to do those reviews.

But I too will be interested in seeing what your experiment will conclude...

Sandy said...

You're now #28.

And you're welcome.

robkroese said...

VE - Thanks, I appreciate your acknowledging that I have the only "semi-reasonable list in town." That's really all I was aiming for. To VE's credit, he doesn't have ANY blog directory links on his blog, so I can't fault him for not including mine, even if it is the least crappy one. :)

I started h-b because there were no directories around that even tried to provide an objective ranking of blogs. They were ALL based on traffic, which is just pointless. At least h-b makes an effort.

And I'm working on ways to make the scoring fairer and to make it more of a community rather than just a list of blogs. All I can say is, be patient. I've got a day job too. :)