Thursday, January 24, 2008

Talk about shrinkage...


2,390 km (1,485 miles) [0.187 x Earth's]
Mass: 12.5 x 1021 kilograms(0.0021 x Earth's)
Density: 1,750 kg/m3(0.317 x Earth's)
Surface Gravity: 0.58 m/s2 (0.06 x Earth's)
Surface Temperature: -233° to -223° C or -387° to -369° F
Tilt of Axis: 123o
Rotation Period about Axis: (length of Pluto's day) 6.387 days

St. Cloud, MN

Surface Temperature:
-234° to -240° C or -390° to -400° F

Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much. Here's what Yahoo weather was showing for St. Cloud at 6:00 this morning.

Very nice.

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Kathy said...

To all the people I encounter who are complaining about our balmy 30 degrees,I say "Yeah, well. My pal Jeff in Minnesota...." Then they shut up.

Ed said...

So I take it the banana trees you planted aren't doing well...

Whit said...

Spend the day in the mall. That place is heated right, not to mention twice the size of Pluto.

When I was a kid Pluto was a planet.

Mom Thumb said...

Our first (hellish) winter in Minnesota, I would sit at the table every morning and read the global temperatures in the newspaper. Duluth was invariably colder than Anchorage and Moscow.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

kathy - I'm glad I can be your go-to guy for the cold weather reference!

ve - Only the one growing in my living room. I just don't like it that the monkeys won't go outside to play.

whit - I know, now Pluto is nothing but a cold lifeless rock. Kind of the way I feel this morning.

mom thumb - Pffft... Anchorage and Moscow are wusses.

Heather said...

It's pretty sad when 0 starts feeling warm.

deborah said...

brrrr. it's a balmy 21 here today. at least we don't have the snow like our neighbors to the north are getting. just 30 miles north, they have been getting nailed with upwards of 6-8 feet of snow. yikes! talk about your snowbelt! Oswego, NY.

Amie Adams said...

Stay warm. That's darn cold!!

Jenn said...

I can do cold (that is COLD) but can't handle hot. You can always put on more sweaters and a coat, but you can only get so nekkid before the neighbors start to complain, especially if you are doing yard work.

PS. I've sent you bloggy linky love over at my blog.

Maureen said...

Sorry Jeff... but you got nothin' on us Winterpeggers.... - 45 C with windchill the last few nights. In a weird way, we frozen Canucks are proud to survive Siberian weather.

Gen said...

Awesome video that Emma posted. You rock!

I'm visiting Minnesota in the Spring. I know it has snowed in April there before, but I'm hoping to be safe. I hate cold.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

heather - I agree. My wife and I walk in the mornings before work, but we don't go out if it's below zero. So lately we ain't been a-walkin.

deborah - I would actually like it if we got snow instead of just boring old cold air.

mamma - Thanks. If I could bring a quilt and slippers to my office I would!

emma - Ah yes, those pesky nekkid neighbors. And it's always the ugly ones who wind up that way.

And thank you for posting my video on your blog. That was cool of you to do!

maureen - Well, my neighbor to the north, I suppose I have you to thank for this little Alberta clipper in the first place. BTW, we're coming up there this summer to skate your skateboard park, so make sure to fire up the grill!

groovy mom - Sorry, no guarantees there won't be snow here in April. Although the worst of it is usually over by the end of March, so you should be ok.

And thanks for the nice words about the video!

Mrs. R said...

I found your blog through, and was so excited to find a fellow Minnesotan who could feel my pain!

Why did anyone ever settle here?

Anonymous said...

We heat our home with an indoor woodstove and there's simply no way, in these temps, that we can keep our entire house warm enough for my liking. I mean, it's too cold to paint my living room...even if I could!

Makes me long for a good old fashioned sun burn.

Jan said...

Almost as cold here in Bemidji. Burrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, come up over and let's go ice fishing !

yoo hoo said...

I along with a whole bunch of other people long for the warm tropical beaches of must long for the warm temps of Seattle.

Anonymous said...

We had -40 with the wind chill factor, a couple days ago----I think we've got you all beat. And man, was it cold out there!!!! Mom

Maureen said...

Jeff: Awesome Dude ! (sorry, just HAD to say it is skateboardese...)

You are hereby formally invited to stop by for a BBQ and brewskies; just bring your sunscreen and mosquito spray.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh yeah that's cold. It's even cold here, like turn on the heater and wear a sweater cold. Will you slap me if I say I'm glad?

There are a lot of gripes about it, though. Can I refer to you like Kathy does?

"Oh yeah, you think 45 is cold, well, how about NEGATIVE 45?!?! Jeff in Minnesota said..."

P.S. Can you ad in a PS that 45 is not actually FREEZING? And simply hitting 32 for an hour STILL isn't freezing?

Windyridge said...

We have days like that here, in fact there was one so far, but fortunately they are few and far between. Several years ago it got down to minus 40!

JD at I Do Things said...

Yikes. We got down to 9 below, and I was thinking to myself, eh, cold is cold. Once you get to a certain temp, it doesn't matter.

I might have to rethink that.

Bundle up!

JD at I Do Things So You Don't Have To

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can certainly relate. A few years ago hubby and I were living in Canada and we had days of -40 wind chill. Yeah, those days make you realize that going to work sucks more than you had previously thought.

Just blog hopping through. :D

Tara R. said...

OMG... and I'm getting all wimpy just 'cuz it's in the 40s here in Florida.

Etcetera - blog hopper

Gary said...

D'you know, I was just thinking this morning about how we don't "do" cold weather in the UK anymore, its january already and up here in the North we've only had one frosty day and no snow for two or three years.

This weekend has been very very windy but around 10C and the fish in my pond haven't hibernated at all this year.

So thanks for taking all of our cold weather, its much appreciated - 700 miles north of the mediterranean, basking in Med weather :)