Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Traveling Bathroom Showcase

Well, it's about time.

If you remember, waaaay back in early December I wrote a series of posts about my bathroom remodeling project. Once I showed everyone this horrendously blue and outdated bathroom, I started getting comments that I wasn't the only ugly biffy in town.

After that, I came up with the idea of having an ugly/outdated bathroom contest. Well, once I started receiving the pictures, it was clear to me that there could be no winner in such as contest, as every one of these poor people's bathrooms were equally "unique."

Therefore, instead of calling it a contest, I'm going to call it a showcase, and let you revel in the fact that you most likely don't have a bathroom that looks like any of these.

Let's start with VE. His isn't necessarily so ugly as it is BLUE with a capital "ue". The thing that confuses me though is how nice and new the enclosure looks. VE, you didn't just put that in by chance did you?

Next we have Caron, who is the unfortunate victim of a stenciling job gone... well, let me just quote this comment directly from her email to me:
My bad bathroom entry doesn't involve porcelain, but rather, paint. Apparently my landlord had watched a few too many episodes of trading spaces. He used a feather duster to apply these, "globs" of paint all around my bathroom. I have since covered them up with some funky hand made paper. All except this little portion which bears a striking resemblance to John Lennon. You gotta keep magic when you find it."

Then we have Sam who for some reason felt disappointed by how well the photo turned out. I guess he thought if it looked hideous enough he would win a makeover from the TLC or something. Sorry bud, this is as lucky as you're going to get.

And finally we have Elizabeth's blue bayou - which bears a surprising resemblance to mine. What I want to know is, at what point in bathroom design history did people decide these colors would be a good idea?

So there it is, the first ever parade of pathetic potties!

Thank you all for playing, you've all been great sports and you all are winners in my book!


MYM said...'s so obvious to me that I have bad taste, cause I like the first and last one. I think the blue is pretty! So much better than dull white. But I also love my crushed velvet livingroom set. And I'm not being sarcastic.

lol @ putting the ue in blue...LOL

robkroese said...

Sorry, all I've got is a brand new bathroom that I just built. Nice parade.

Kathy said...

I'm guessing Elizabeth's house was built in the 60s. A former house of mine built then sported a kitchen with a similar color scheme. The double sink was pink, and the countertop was turquoise. I cannot believe I don't have a picture of it. Though I'm kinda glad I don't. Interesting showcase. Interesting, but sad.

Anonymous said...

LOL with the potties and hi from the gang at GO! Smell the flowers....keep viewing form the cloud and we'll offer you flowers during 08 - welcome to smell them anytime!!!

Dan said...

As you know, Sam is my brother. And if he spends as much time in the bathroom now as he used to do in our youth then I'm surprised he hasn't had his lounge converted into one.

Ed said...

Cool. A bathroom parade. But where are the floats? Oh..I get it...toilet floats...duh!

Heather said...

Well, I did actually take some photos of our blue bathroom but I never got around to sending them to you!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

drowsey - What about a crushed velvet bathroom set?

diesel - Ya, except that now one's throwing any candy.

kathy - I know, I never took pictures of odd things until I had this blog. Now I take pictures of every stupid thing.

go! - Thanks for stopping by. I'll definitely be by to smell the flowers :-)

dan - Thanks for sharing that about Sam, especially since I now have his bathroom picture to help me visualize.

ve - Heh. Floaters ARE funny!

heather - Oh well... you snooze you lose!

Mike said...

My bathroom is so fugly, I don't want to show it to you.

Maybe I'll post before and after pictures on my blog when I'm done with it. Maybe just after.

Windyridge said...

Aw heck I wish I could take a picutre of our cabin bathroom with it's very orange walls. The only renovation we have done so far is replace the potty with a "toilet to go" from Lowes. But the cabing is over 2 hours away. Can I send the photo in the spring? LOL

xDashofPanachex said...

man, if I was back home, I'd just take a picture of my friend's bathroom. It's been "under construction" for like 15 years now! Goop instead of tiles, a massive toilet with a button on top, shattered windows, etc. It looks like something out of the house in fight club.

MYM said...

jeff - I never thought of that, but I bet it would be pretty. :)

Sam said...

What can I say; I am digestively challenged.

We are all winners! (but I'm the real winner arent I?)

Caron said...

Wow! My bathroom's famous now!--Caron

Anonymous said...

A Parade of Porcelain. lovelovelove it! (thanks to this post, suddenly our own outdated commodes seem charming) ; )