Friday, February 29, 2008

A little slice of the Big Apple

Hey you New York City experts... we need your help!

As a result of his work with the St. Cloud Skate Plaza, my son Austin has been invited to attend a workshop in NYC next week at an organization for young people involved in social projects called Do Something. It's a one day bootcamp that will teach him skills relating to grant writing, fundraising, presentation and organization.

And here's how you can help...

My wife Charli will be taking him out there and they will have 1 open day and night (Wednesday) to "do something" on their own. They could use some suggestions on cool things for them to do during this limited amount of time.

Keep in mind that Austin is still only 15 so many of the options (like attending some studio audiences) are limited to 18 and over. Plus, most of the things that require advance reservations (like Broadway shows) are not likely either due to the short notice of this trip.

I know NYC is the greatest city in the world, so if you were 15 and had only one day to visit, what would you see, where would you go, and most importantly... where would you eat?

Any suggestions?


Dave2 said...

I'm probably the wrong person to ask, because I'd probably spend the entire day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MOMA, and eat lunch at McDonalds Times Square (the only place you can get the McVeggie Deluxe!) and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Not a lot of excitement, but I'd find it hard to resist some of the best museums on earth. :-)

Dorion Rose said...

For a 15 year old boy I would recommend the ESPN Zone on Broadway. We took my nephew there. It has about 4 floors of arcade games. Go to
We ate there too and I remember the food being good. Exotic hamburgers and stuff.
It's right on Broadway in central Manhattan.

Love you blog.

Anonymous said...

Times Square and the Statue of Liberty- they will leave an indelible mark of commerce and freedom.

Heather said...

Statue of Liberty for sure. I'd personally want to tour Governor's Island, but I don't think it's open for tours in the winter time.

I'd want to go see "ground zero" too, but that's because I lived there and remember the towers.

I'm jealous, I'd love to visit NYC again!

Heather said...

Oh yeah. I'd just visit various street vendors for lunch!

Julie Pippert said...

I'm no help...we did grownup stuff.

But congrats to him and hope they really enjoy themselves!!

Mom Thumb said...

I have no idea, but I will ask my sis. She and her whole family were there a few months ago. They did about 50 things in two days.

Memarie Lane said...

Congratulations to your son, that is a big deal!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

dave - I bet he'd like the Hard Rock Cafe. Thanks for the suggestions!

dorion - Thanks! I've heard the ESPN Zone is pretty cool.

anon - I agree. What would a trip to NYC be without seeing Lady Liberty?

heather - I'd probably stop by ground zero too. It's the site of an event that has changed the world forever.

julie - My wife will be alone on Thursday while Austin's at his seminar, so if you know of any grown-up things she can do...

mom thumb - That would be great. Thanks!

marie - I'll tell him you said that. Thanks!

Caron said...

Oh what fun! Someone who like wheels should probably check out the Guggenheim for design inspiration. Eat great local food - not from chain restaurants you have at home.

Make sure you ride the subway. If it's warm enough, you can take the #2 train down to Wall St., and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge - good views of the city. Central Park is near the big museums so you can spend a little time people watching there.

Wear good walking shoes, and don't be in such a rush to get to the next destination that you don't enjoy all the interesting people and energy around you.

Tara R. said...

Wrong person to give advice... the only time I got to go to NYC I went shopping. Definitely a chick thing!
Hope he has a great time in the Big Apple!

blog hopping - etcetera

Kathy said...

My two cents:

Empire State Building (if they have a clear day, you'll have a great view)
Ground Zero
Statue of Liberty

Good people-watching spots:
Rockefeller Center
Greenwich Village (tons of great restaurants and cafes here)
Soho (for the art lovers; great little shops)
Times Square (best at night)
Washington Square Park (artsy, near NYU, jam-packed with musicians, students and interesting folk)

Wear comfortable shoes and bring a loaded wallet. As for eating, not a problem. Every ten feet there's another restaurant.

Congrats to Austin! Have fun!

G said...

I came back to throw in two more cents since my email. Caron touched upon exactly what I was going to add - if you go up Fifth Avenue towards Rockefeller Center, just continue on up towards Central Park (almost typed Snark there). It's wonderful for people watching and you can stroll along and hit a museum or two. Just to see the area is a NYC experience.

Also, you could poke around in : TIME OUT NEW YORKmagazine site which has everything in a nutshell.

These are all options, but if they just walked down the street and had a hot dog (oh and bought the NY Post - .25 cents for the Horoscope), they'll have been New Yorkers for the day! Have a great time!

G said...

I was going to also mention Washington Square Park and the Village as Kathy did. Mostly as I think Austin may catch some - how do they say - shredding (is that a skateboarding term) there.

damon said...

Just get to Times Square. Everything and anything is in walking distance (for a one day tourist). Most important, remember to bring a camera!

Ed said...

Have him at least take the subway once. Definitely don't miss Times Sqaure and/or Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. For breakfast, you have to get a real NY bagel (if you like that kind of thing). There's something about having them there; you just cannot replicate that. Maybe you should just go for the authentic dog from the vendors or the pretzel as a lunch suggestion. There's little time to do much more.

I took my inline skates with me and went everywhere and did everything but a lot of it is atmosphere in certain areas that are unique to NY.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much everyone!!! The suggestions are fantastic! I can't wait to spend some time there with Austin as this will be his first time in NY. I will have Jeff let you all know what we did when we get back - Thanks again,

bon bon said...

congrats to austin! woohoo! i took my son there for his h.s. graduation present. remember the blackout that hit the east coast? we won't.

anyway, lots of great ideas already, but i'd like to add that my son's faves were the natural history museum and seeing hairspray on broadway. we stood in line and got right in, and in my opinion, it would take up much less time then taking a ferry to the statue of liberty, and being stuck there. i mean, sounds cool and all, but not if you only have one day. you can walk out of a museum when you've had your fill.

you can also check out chelsea piers. lots of sports related activities and romantic schooner rides if you and the mrs. are alone. although, when are you going? a boat ride might be too chilly yet. (i sound like a mother, don't i?)

ShannanB said...

Wow. I hope they have a wonderful time. New York is one of the most amazing cities.

Anastasia Beaverhousin

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest the trapeze school (even though I've never been, it sounds so cool) but I think most of their classes would already be sold out. I'm so jealous - he's going to have a great time!

Mom Thumb said...

Suggestions from my sis: Empire State Building (they went at night, she said she thought the lines were shorter and the city was cool with all the lights), Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the subway, Ground Zero. Her 15 year old said Empire State, Hard Rock Cafe, Times Square. She recommended ice skating, but I think Austin is going to want to skip that right now.

April said...

I wouldn't count Broadway out completely. If they go to the TKTS booth, they could get discounted tickets for a Wed. matinee or evening performance.

Gen said...

How exciting! I'm not a NY expert, in fact, I've only been there once, and I only saw the inside of the airport. I puked. :-P That's my exciting NY trip.

Anonymous said...

We went up the empire state building which was very cool. and we also went to brooklyn zoo, but then again I like zoos.

Also he's probably a bit old, but the Toys R Us store in time square is fantastic. I spent the hour before my wedding there:)

Anonymous said...

The Jekyll and Hyde club is a lot of fun. It leans a little to the Disney side of things, but If he's fifteen he'll appreciate it more than a stop at Babbo's.

There's always time for the NBC tour at 30 Rock. Everyone should see studio 8H, walk where Belushi, Ackroyd and Murray did and say, "I can't believe how small it is."

Windyridge said...

Visit the Empire State Building. Eat at the Top of the 6's on 5th Avenue. It's been a million years since I've been there but the elevator is cool. It's like a jet.