Sunday, February 17, 2008

Marmite VS Vegemite - The Taste Test Challenge!

Special Video Blog!

As I mentioned last week, this was the weekend I was going to take the Marmite VS Vegemite taste test challenge, which is EXACTLY what my daughter and I did on Sunday.

But not only did we take the taste test challenge, we recorded it! So now for the first time ever you get to see me - and my lovely and talented guest star, in a video blog!

However, this was not a slam dunk event. Everything that could have gone wrong with this little endevor did. I was going to use our nice digital video camera to record this, but for some reason the battery charger has taken legs and disappeared. Therefore, instead of a nice clear, bright video - you instead get to see a grainy dark video because the only thing I had available to record this on was my little Kodak digital camera. You'll also notice a neat little break in the recording from when the SD card got filled up and I had to go switch it out with another one. But other than that, you should be able to get the picture.

So here we are in our Marmite VS Vegemite video taste test challenge. Enjoy!

Click here for YouTube link

(Update: I figured out how to lighten it up so here's another version that's easier to see in case your monitor is too dark, but I used free software that has their "trial version" stamp at the top - so please ignore that)

Oh, and this was NOT a paid product endorsement post... you know, in case you couldn't tell.

Everything tastes better at!


Ed said...

Hah. Six minutes into the film and your initial reaction is priceless! Guess that's why it hasn't made it across either pond.

Favorite Jeff quote: "...toasting some toast..." Funny, I never thought to retoast bread once it's been toasted. I always just toasted the bread. ;)

You submitting this into the Academy "Best Short Documentary" category?

Mom Thumb said...

ROFLMAO! Your reaction to Maremite was priceless. Your little video is the inspiration for my next blog post.

Russ said...

That was quite humorous! I've heard that vegemite was not for American palettes, I guess this proves it. Perhaps it is an acquired taste?

Anonymous said...

I've been curious about these for awhile, but after your reaction it looks like I'm not going to be trying either any time soon - even with such a hearty endorsement for the Vegemite as "on a scale of less disgusting" it wins (lol).


Sornie said...

A priceless reaction similar to mine when someone at work made me try Vegemite. As for its popularity, I'd say that Aussies don't have refrigerators and the salt is what preserves it as they store it next to salted piles of kangaroo meat.

Julie Pippert said...

I think the dark and grainy is a great sort of ambience, you know, very if saying "Marmite v/ Vegemite Taste Test" wasn't scary enough.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ve - You know, as soon as I said "toasting some toast" I knew I had made a critical mistake, and that someone like you would make me pay for it.

mom thumb - So what did this video inspire you to do? Taste test syrup of ipecac perhaps?

russ - Very slowly acquired I'm thinking.

pootandcubby - Hmmm, I guess I didn't sell them very well then did I.

sornie - Key point in your comment... "made me" try Vegemite. From now on that will be the only condition I try it again.

julie - I see a new B horror movie in the works... Marmite vs Vegemite - attack of the taste buds!

Gen said...

LOL! Brave girl you've got there. Now my curiosity has been satisfied. I don't need to taste either for myself. Your reaction to the marmite tells me all I need to know.

JD at I Do Things said...


That was hilarious. I'm nervous whenever food can be squeezed, described as pungent, and is colored black. Your reaction was priceless. This is definitely a topic that needed visual aids--I don't think mere words could've gotten across what your facial expression did!

JD at I Do Things

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Dude, I can not believe you got your daughter to go along with that. You know until today, I've never even been curious. I'm still not.

Karl said...

You're a brave, brave man, sir. Thanks for jumping on the grenade and telling us how it tastes.

Memarie Lane said...

Thank you for doing that so I don't have to. I've always wondered about that stuff.

Avitable said...

Wow, that was priceless.

Anonymous said...

We just meet a couple from Thunder Bay Canada at our Super One store here in Duluth. They have a bed and breakfast. An Australian couple put a container on the table and said they always start the day with yeast and vitamins--Bill

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

groovy mom - Yeah, she's a totally good sport - AND she handled it much better than I did, that's for sure.

julia - I ate Marmite so you don't have to! Actually, I'm lucky I didn't barf. I'm guessing you wouldn't have appreciated the visual aids then.

zoe's dad - She actually asked me if she could do it. She's always been my little daredevil.

karl - Glad I could be there for ya!

marie - Wonder no more.

avitable - Well, it was free - but I paid a price, make no mistake about it.

bill - I'll start my day the old fashioned way - with a boring old bowl of cereal, thank you.

MYM said...

I can't see the video...I'll try again on a diff computer. But I've never heard of these 2 products...have no idea what they are!

Mooselet said...

Oh my goodness gracious!!! I did warn you. I don't make a good Aussie either, as I can't stand it. I describe it as a "beefy salt lick". Clive likes it, however. I did send you the TimTams as compensation.

I loved this, and will send some home grown Aussies over to view it.

Anonymous said...

It's a fix!

How could you prefer that kangaroo toe-jam over the heavenly nectar that is Marmite?

I did suspect that would be your reaction though, which is why i only sent you a tiny sample packet rather than a big heavy jar.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Ha! "Still disgusting but not as bad."

You guys are adorable.

Anonymous said...

"salty, bitter, leaves a nasty after-taste."

those are some great selling points hehe

but Momma said...

Thanks for the laugh!

When you opened the tube and said "Oh, it's black!" I might have snorted some snot onto my husband's laptop. (Sorry Hon.)

Thanks for makin our day!

Brandon Lee said...

I don't know what your talking about, that stuff tastes good on buttered toast. It was interesting to see a dark brown color come out of a yellow tube. I could see how it would be nasty if you put too much on or ate it straight (but I guess that goes with any sort of spread or sauce).

Quote: "Oh it's black. I wasn't expecting that, were you?"
> Racist!

Brandon Lee said...

@Mooselet - Oh and the tim-tams were good, but I think we ate them before they tried the vegemite.

robkroese said...

I have to say that if it weren't for the Men at Work music, that would have been the most excruciating 10 minutes of my life.

Mooselet said...

Brandon, I'm glad you all liked the TimTams. They tend to disappear pretty quickly. I had to buy some for home after Her Majesty saw me sending the package to you guys.

And Dan I'd like to defend my fellow Aussies by responding to the kangaroo toe-jam remark but... I can't stand the stuff, so I have no response. :-)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

drowsey - Hopefully the lighter version will work for you now.

mooselet - "beefy salt lick" is a pretty good description. I can't imagine why it doesn't taste good on toast.

dan - A fix eh? Well, she DID sent a package of TimTams along whereas you sent more pungent pickle and mustard things. Not that the TimTams had anything to do with it of course.

jenny - "Still disgusting but not as bad." They should put that on the label.

chris - And that was the GOOD parts!

jd - You're welcome. Glad to be able to help clear those sinuses.

bm lee - You like it? The tube's all yours bud.

diesel - Imagine if I hadn't cut the other 20 minutes!

mooselet - Hey, I got one TimTam out of the deal. I just wished I had saved it for AFTER the taste test.

Whit said...

Dan sent me some Marmite too and it is still sitting in the cupboard. I should make a video of me feeding it to my boys. You know, if you don't mind me totally ripping off your idea.

yoo hoo said...

I am so proud of you. Not once did you say, "What the hell is wrong those people in the southern hemisphere."


PG said...

There is a jar, no tube, of vegemite in my pantry. Every once in a while I give it another shot. I may love my Aussie Rules Football, and I did Paul Kelley, but I still can't fully back Vegemite!

Solid outing on the video! Do you think you will catch the bug like I have.... I will have a new video post up tomorrow. Just have to run it by standards and practices first

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I discovered that the other trick is less is more..if I put a tiny scrape on buttered toast, Marmite is decent. If you slap it on like apple butter, the nastiness opens up a rift in the space-time continuum. It does add a certain richness to homemade soup though. That's how I usually use it.

Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud! too funny!

G said...

Oh man - have to check it out later from home as I can't get sound on the videos from the office.

G said...

Diesel must not be counting the blogs he regularly reviews.

I have to say that was excellent! Roseanna was a perfect taste partner and I must say adventurous for a ten year old. I know that I wouldn't be able to shove that down Tali's throat (not that I've taken to shoving food in my kids' mouths - I leave that to my MIL).

Well, I think this could be a new feature - Jeff tries foodstuffs from around the world. I'm only slightly disappointed you weren't wearing your hat.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

whit - No, don't mind at all. But be prepared to have them throw it right back at you!

carla - Don't you know everything is backwards down there? That's why food that's supposed to taste bad tastes good to them.

pg - Now that I've broken the ice, I may just do more videos. Of course I'll have to make sure I keep them nice and long, you know, to keep Diesel away.

shieldmaiden96 - Actually I could see using it in a soup base. It certainly would be a good substitute for salt.

sis - You laughed out loud, I whimpered out loud.

lil' g - I'm not actually that brave, you know, like eating chocolate-covered bugs and stuff. But I've heard so much about Vegemite over the years that I figured "how bad can it be?" I guess I now know that answer!

Heather said...

I finally got to watch the video (yay for broadband!). That was hilarious. I too enjoyed the comment "Oh it's black. I wasn't prepared for that were you?"

You don't need to worry about me ripping off your idea. I won't touch that stuff ever! Also I don't really need any help with gagging over things these days.

Steve said...

That was hysterical. I laughed so hard.

Anonymous said...

some of you guys are lucky you did not have to try that marmite man that stuff is gross

Anonymous said...

This was too funny! I, too, have tried vegemite . . . I was told it was basically Australian peanut butter! I recall a very similar reaction but we ate it straight out of the container (looked like your marmite container) with no toast to soften the blow. You always keep me smiling, Jeff. I'll be sharing this with Morgan - she misses seeing Rosie!

Sam said...

I have just come across your marmite versus vegemite taste challenge!! So so very funny. As a long time lover of marmite (it's perfect on hot buttered toast with a cup of tea) I was quite surprised to see your fantastic reaction to it!!! The thing is...I'm British, so I have a natural built-in addiction to marmite - yum!

Anonymous said...

Marmite is quite quite delicious, if not spread too thickly, and it makes a nice hot drink. Vegemite doesn't quite hack it for me, but it would be better than nothing on a desert island. Both of them cater for the discriminating palate with greater finesse than any peanut butter could achieve.

I've suddenly got a craving - you can get Marmite here in Singapore but only in the bigger supermarkets. Time to get a Very Large Jar.

rabguy said...

I've had both vegemite and Marmite but prefer Marmite, actually aquired the tast for it. especially good on rye bread/toast, but use it VERRRRRY sparingly, maybe you used too much. Also heard putting butter onit is for non-british people who can't handle the full strength. I do know of a supermarket that has marmite and may have to go buy some, not sure if they have vegemite, will have to check.

aaron said...

Hilarious video. Thanks. I'm an American and have eaten Marmite since I was probably 6 or so. It's definitely an acquired taste, but I don't think it's counter to American tastebuds. After all, we drink copious amounts of root beer, a flavor that folks form around the world tend to find revolting. The key is that Marmite needs to be thread very thin. Vanishingly thin. Most Americans assume it's like peanut butter or cream cheese, and even when they are told to spread it thinly, they lay it on too thick. Even so, keep trying and I swear that one day you'll find yourself hooked. It's good stuff!