Friday, April 18, 2008

Breaking Celebrity News: Jesus cloned and proof that Elvis lives!

Wow, I just realized that the frequency of my blog rounds is waning.

With so much going on these days at home and work - AND with Spring finally arriving, I'm finding less and less "free" time to be stopping by all the other fine works you fabulous people are producing. And now that Charli is starting her new job soon, I'll be picking up some extra responsibilities around the old homestead as well.

Bottom line, I'll still be writing and reading your stuff on my feed reader on a regular basis, but probably not stopping by as often as I used to. I understand that it will probably cost me some readers in the long run, but life is all about balance - and right now this is how it's playing out for me. Hopefully you'll still love me in the morning.

All righty then... now that I've blathered on about quality writing and such, here's a couple of nonPulitzer-winning items I thought were kind of cool.

* * * * *

This quiz takes you through 25 questions and tests your powers of observation of everyday things (note: may only work in IE).

I answered 19 of 25 correct - the first time, and 25 of 25 correct my second try. See how good my powers of observation are?

* * * * *

And this site lets you key in your first and last names and then calculates how many other people in the US have the same name. VERY important stuff.

For example:
- There are 1,979 other people with the same name as mine. And I thought I was so unique.
- There are 510 people named George Bush. Somebody should send them sympathy cards.
- There are 6 people named Jesus Christ! Which is probably a good thing. At this point I don't think just one of him is going to cut it.

But most importantly, check this out...
LogoThere is
person with the name Elvis Presley in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

And you thought the rumor that he was still alive and living in Hawaii eating fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches was an urban legend.

* * * * *

According to this site, there are 0 people named Diesel. So just who IS behind the curtain at


Ed said...

Well, like Elvis, I am the only person in the United States with my name. I feel so lonely...

damon said...

Spring is here- go out and play.
..we'll wait.

I also, am the only person with my name. Kinda makes me feel all alone. Like Willy Wonka without the oompas.

April said...

There are 2 with my name; ticks me off!
I've noticed that less and less people are around these days so you're not the only one out enjoying the nice weather!
Here in SoCal, I'm just annoyed by the vast changes in temp from outside to the a/c!

Anette said...

I got 15 on the first quiz.. but there was a few of the questions thet was US related, and I'm a foreigner in that respect...
There is no one with my name in the Us, but ca 3400 with my first and 460 with my last.. to your information there is one with the name Forrest Gump, but I guess we all knew that!

Heather said...

It says there's only 1 of me, but 353 of mes before I was married.

There seems to be something going around the blogs about people not commenting anymore. Sigh.

cathouse teri said...

Well... I put in my full first name and it said 3 people in the US have my first and last name.

Then I put in the shortened version of my first name (nickname, if you will) and it said 0 people in the US have my first and last name.

I'm not even here?

Kathy said...

I'm one of 90 people with my name. I guess I'm OK with that. Now, if it was my maiden name, I'd be the only one, just like Elvis!

I scored 15 on the observation test. I've always thought I'd make a lousy witness in a trial. This confirms it.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ve - "I Feel So Lonely"... sounds like one of the big guy's hits. Thank you vury much

damon - You and VE should hang out. And for the record, Willy was nothing without his oopmas.

april - Oh boo-hoo on the a/c problem ;-)

anette - Actually I'm surprised there IS a Forest Gump. Having that for a name has got to be a bitch.

heather - I didn't know your maiden name was Smith.

teri - Too bad it didn't have a place for middle names. With my middle name I definitely would have been unique!

kathy - That depends on who's side you're a witness for. And don't worry about not being unique Kathy... you're definitely one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

I got 24 out of 25. I missed the one about how many channels on VHS.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

rick - The soup can one was the hardest one. For hot dog buns I just remembered "Taystee Eights." And believe it or not I got the merry-go-round one wrong - most likely because they make me puke and I can't stand looking at them.

Anonymous said...

I remembered dad in his truck, and they called the hot dog buns "bun eights". When I was very young I remember clearly being on the merry go round at the Duluth zoo. I wanted to show mom how good I was at riding the horse, so I hung off the side like an Indian. She immediately pulled me off and ruined my day. I was going counter-clockwise.

Michelle said...

I totally get the being busy thing. I actually barely posted for a couple weeks and visited no blogs because I had no time. I'm finally getting unburied. It's no fun, but priorities need to be priorities.

Oh, and I'm just like you. I got 19 of 25, too! But I'm more unique than you -- only 781 of me in the US.

Good luck keeping life sane!

Julie Pippert said...

Congrats to Charli!! I am a Big Fan of her place of employment. Even though their ads on my blog netted me no revenue whatsoever.

It's a general slowness these days. Summer might pick back up, but I think really we're sucking the entire known blogiverse into MOMocrats.

I'll keep you on my list, though (especially because I'm clearly Not About As Much As I Used To Be) as long as you keep sending social media porn. Or prawns. I'm really not picky.

Anyway we're getting used to you dumping us for home chores.

P.S. There is exactly one other person with my name and I know that because the EFFING POLICE TOLD ME THE DAY THEY CAME TO ARREST ME thinking I was her. No, she's just one step smarter than me and the police, and capitalized on our name similarity. Luckily we got it all straight before any handcuffs appeared.

Jake Titus said...

Enjoy the break

Unknown said...

104 of me. I'm so depressed.

Caron said...

I do not exist. Because both of my names rank so low on the popularity chart, they figure it's improbable that anyone have my name. Will have to reread Being and Nothingness.

Caron said...

Okay, I just googled myself and there's almost an entire page of things with my name and some of the things are familiar to me. I didn't know I'd been written about in the Bismarck Tribune. I guess I do exist, so I will get dressed today. And think. 'Cause if I think then I am. Right?

Meg said...

That Elvis didn't bury the Red Sox jersey up on eBay, by any chance?

G said...

ve, don't be lonely - I too am the only person in the US with my name. I kind of expected that!

Well see you when I see you ay?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

rick - That's too funny. Now that I think about it, don't most "spinny" rides at the fair go counter-clockwise?

michelle - 19 is pretty good eh? :-) According to the web site the average is only 7. That seems low.

julie - That story of you being almost being arrested in amazing. Did I miss you writing about that before?

And... "Anyway we're getting used to you dumping us for home chores" know me so well.

jake - Thanks, but I'm not really taking a break per se, just reprioritizing my time a bit.

gette - Depressed because there are so many or so few? It's all a matter of perspective.

caron - I admit I haven't seen anyone else spell your name that way. I think it's cool.

meg - You never know!

g - You're the only "lil' g" I've ever heard of! :-)

cathouse teri said...

Yes you would be unique with a middle name like that!

Michelle said...

I was proud of my 19, but I also figure that the site says 7 to make everyone who scores 10 or 12 feel better and the real average is more like 17. With a multiple choice of one in three, 7 is worse than chance guessing, and you'd figure that people would *definitely* know a few, so.... Yep, I've thought about this far too much, haven't I?

Maureen said...

There is no one with my name in the US. And since I don't live there either, there are exactly zero...

I AM unique!

Karen MEG said...

There are 8 of me in the US, so it's almost statistically correct, as I doubt there's more than one of me in Canada (we're about 1/10 your population, right?).

So I didn't do so hot on the observations quiz, but I won't hide behind the "not-US" shield, as I believe I got the US questions right! D'oh!

good luck with keeping the balance right... I'll still be back to keep tabs. But do go out and enjoy the sunshine!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even use the site yet, but I already know that I share my name with a Lacrosse high school coach who also lives in New Hampshire as well as some gay porn actor with the identical moniker.

And thanks for the post idea. :)

Anonymous said...

and that above comment was by me.

There are 331 Christopher Camerons in the US. 99.71 % of all Christophers are male which comes out to about 4,100 women also sharing it.

You are right that the quiz doesn't work with Firefox and one of the questions is wrong. There is no blue color on the classic Cambells Soup label. I had an old can in my cupboard.

And it is funny how you learn that stuff. For example, I know the lowest number of the FM dial because that is where some of the tv stations broadcast the audio live. They don't do it as much anymore but it was the only way to have stereo audio before they added the feature to tvs as well as the birth of home entertainment systems.

C... said...

There are only 63 of me out there but if I use my pre-divorce/pre-marriage name there are too many of me.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

teri - Fur sure!

michelle - No, exploring ideas thoroughly is an admiral quality. Really.

maureen - But there's 40 million of you in Canada?

karen meg - Thanks, I spent the entire day outside today. It was awesome!

chris c - How lucky of you to share your name with a porn star. You may be able to use that to your advantage!

So you're saying there are some women named Christoper too?

c - Well, according to your profile, you're 252 years old. No wonder there's been so many of you!

Mom Thumb said...

The weather is really nice down here, and we have a spare bedroom. Oh, and an area out front that desperately needs landscaping.

I only got 18 right, and I've taken that test before!

Anonymous said...

I'm the only person with my name. Probably because we invented our last name (long story...)

As you probably know, I too have been making fewer rounds in the blogosphere as of late, so I totally know where you're coming from with that. Have fun living life outside of the computer and drop in any time you get a chance. :)

MYM said...

There are 180 people in the US with my name. Of course I'm not one of them 'cause I'm in Canada ;)

I know what you mean about visiting blogs. After taking a few weeks off I've come back with a renewed attitude on how much time I should be spending on my blogging hobby. Yes, my hobby was taking over my life!! lol

Anonymous said...

the test was fun! Dad and I got almost the same score---I was l2 and he was 11. We're pretty dumb, huh? I think people who use cell phones, and use them a lot, have a real advantage answering the questions about symbols and dials etc. I got the "How many states in the U.S." right, but Dad felt the word "in" , meant IN the U.S., amd got it wrong. That question is kind of misleading.

Windyridge said...

There's only 5 with mine! I'm almost unique!!!
Hey if want to learn some more good stuff (well good may be debatable), check out my latest post on my up close encounter with my husband's root canal. The devil is in the details!

Mom Thumb said...

Okay, I did the name thing and it said there were zero people in the U.S. with my last name, and I know at least a dozen others. That's messed up. And my last name means 'keeper of the duck pens' - we are clearly very important people.

deborah said...

where do you find this stuff? that's what I want to know. There are, get this, 750,637 people with my first name I'm totally serious. then the derivatives, which I don't go by - well, let's not even go there! As for my full first and last, I'm unique, the only one!

and for the quiz, 19. I wish I wrote down which I stumbled on.

Anonymous said...

there is only 1 of me, i am deb's husband

Mooselet said...

Never mind - stop by as often as you can. I'm so far behind in my blog reading, and feeling guilty as heck over it, I'll never catch up.

Queen Goob said...

I'm the only one in the US with my name, gosh what a shocker! I got 22 out of 25 on the other quiz and would you believe I missed the VHS question and I actually watch a turn the knob TV (VHS) every single day…..UGH! Julie Brown said it best “’cause I’m a blonde”.

JD at I Do Things said...

No one else on this planet has my name!!! I AM THE ONLY ONE! Well, there are over 3,000 people with my first name and 0 with my last name, which I find a little hard to believe; as it's not that unusual.

JD at I Do Things

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

1.5 million Jennifers.

I'm a dime a