Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm outta here!

Good news everyone, according to this email I received yesterday, I don't have to work anymore!


You have won $1,000,000.00.(One Million United State Dollars) in the
Euro millions Email Sweepstakes Program Corporation, held on the
4th of April. 2008. in Brussels Belgium. We write to officially notify you
of this award and to advise you, To contact the processing office immediately.
for the claim agent for more information on how you are to claim your funds.

Contact Person,Mr.Peter Klaes, of Euro millions Lottery Agency
TEL:0032-488-668-565 or 01132-488-668-565
Reply to

Winning Information's
Reference No,BE22/85428
Serial No, HW27/98541
Lucky No,11-13-18-37-4
Batch No, WX23/52641
Email Ticket No,(01-13-400ESP)
Note:all winning must be claimed not later than 2nd of May 2008.

Mrs,Nadine Debecker
Promotions Coordinator

This is actually very ironic timing, considering my wife Charli just got hired by a huge online banking firm who happens to have a corporate hub right here in St. Cloud.

I don't want to mention the name because I like to keep her personal business away from the potential of anyone finding their way back here, and being able to read how her dorky husband likes to write about all things poop and things like that. But let's just say she now works for a company with a logo that involves this.

So feel free to wish Charli a hearty round of congratulations. She's wanted to work for this company for a long time and is very excited to be part of the team.

But the best part?

I now have an excellent place for my new million to gather the highest interest rate on the market!


Amie Adams said...

A sugar mama and a million dollars?? It is your lucky day!

Anonymous said...

I won a million dollars in Canada last year. They must have poor mail service because it has not arrived yet. - Bill

Anette said...

You are one lucky guy! you can even buy yourself som new fishes for your pond!

Heather said...

Congrats to Charli!!

Don't spend all that money in one place. I'm sure you'll get it. Ha ha.

JD at I Do Things said...

Congrats to Charli. Anyone who gets to work for a globe is doing something right.

And congrats to you! When you're a gentleman of leisure, will you still remember us little guys?

JD at I Do Things

Dave2 said...

MAY 5th?!? You'd better get a move on to collect your prize! I expect many entries detailing the crazy ways you spend your new-found wealth.

April said...

Congrats to you and your better half! Although, why is she bothering to work anymore? You just won a million dollars!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mamma - Sugar mama is right... because she IS pretty sweet!

bill - Looks like you got scammed eh? Now, take off you hoser.

anette - Ironically, we just found our last floater today :-(

heather - Duh. The email said I won it. Of COURSE I'll get it.

jd - Remember who?

dave2 - Hopefully there will be more than one entry. What if I spend it all in one shot?

april - Who said I'm going to share it with her?

Gen said...

Congrats! All my millions come from Nigeria. I'm sitting pretty, I'll tell you, just as soon as I can collect! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too late, I already beat you to it but good news-there is a lottery like this every day in Europe!

So get up early tommorow because only the early mark, err bird gets the worm.

cathouse teri said...

Yay for both of you!
I'll have a drink in your honor later. And then I'll have one in my honor. And then one in yours again. And so on and so forth.

And remember:
A person's a person, no matter how small!

yoo hoo said...

Suh-weet, congrats Charli. Now Jeff can live the kind of life that he thinks he deserves.

cathouse teri said...

(I told VE your middle name.)

Michelle said...

Wow, Jeff that's great news! What will your first purchase be? Any chance you'll share some of it?

I wonder what your taxes on that will be -- don't forget to report the income!

Anonymous said...

When I saw your e-mail first, all I read was "419 Nigerian scam".

(Sorry Jeff)

A hearty congratulations to you and your wife.

Now that you're rolling in dough, I guess we'll be seeing more of each other ;)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

groovy mom - Let's get together and flaunt our newfound wealth. As soon as I collect.

chris c. - No way, this email was addressed to me and clearly states that I won. You must be mistaken.

teri - Sounds like fun... the drinks are on me! Was that a Dr. Seuss quote?

carla - You know me so well.

michelle - This windfall is from Brussels, therefore no taxes! At least that's how I see it.

jaffer - It's funny how everyone suddenly starts hanging around with you after you win the lottery.

Sornie said...

Freaking awesome! I too had actually won a British lottery but I misplaced the e-mail. Now I'm kicking myself because they must have given it to the first runner up.

Mom Thumb said...

I know you're not going to quit your job and abandon those people you've worked with for 12 years. The Mississippi River would probably dry up.

G said...

Good for Charli and you. Enjoy your retirement.

Mother Theresa said...

You have a million bucks and your wife is still working? ;)

Anonymous said...

Mom says "Congratulations!!!" I sure am so happy OUR family came into so much money!!! Have you figured out yet what our share amounts to? You are willing to share, aren,t you?

Memarie Lane said...

I have won the British lottery at least twelve times in the last month. Welcome to the millionaire club! I'm just not sure what to do with all these pounds, the bank says they're supposed to be Euros now?

My husband may be getting a leg up at his work soon, and my dad finally got a job, so things are looking up for us too.

Caron said...

As a millionaire, will you be getting a butler to do your blogging for you while you relax pondside?

Ed said...

Who has the Panama Canal in their logo?

Good luck anyhow!

Windyridge said...

ow aounds great. Good luck Charli! Jeff are you going to retire now?

Jake Titus said...

I think Peter Klaes sells Viagra and Real Genuine Imitation Watches via email also!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm i think it's a scam coz i recieve the same email confirmation.