Friday, April 04, 2008

Unimportant? I guess that depends on who you ask.

One of my bestest blogger friends, Jess - from Riley's Ramblings - just tagged me for a meme where I'm supposed to list Six Unimportant Things about myself.

First of all, let me just say that I'd be hardpressed to find any unimportant things about myself - let alone six. But I'll give it my best shot.

But only because I adore Jess and she totally cracks me up. In fact, I am so infatuated with her writing that I preordered her new novel Driving Sideways 6 full months before it was even due to be released. Now it's FINALLY going to be published on May 20th.

All I can say is, IT'S ABOUT FRIGGEN TIME! (tap tap tap)

Anyway, if you haven't met Jess yet go here now. You'll be glad you did.

And now on to the memege.

I present to you Six Unimportant Things About Jeff:

1. I've worked in this same office with these same 4 people for 12 years now.

We've had others come and go, but these folks have been here with me since day 1 and are like my 2nd family. I've never worked at a place where everyone gets along as well as we do. It sounds corny, but they actually make it fun to go to work everyday. Now that I think about it, I suppose that's probably not so unimportant after all.

One thing you should know though, this cleaning woman got it all wrong. You can tell that by the evidence of the Windex we keep at the ready. Of course that's the same bottle we bought 12 years ago, but still.

2. I drive a 17 year-old Geo Prism back and forth to work every day.

The problem is, even at 115,000 miles, the damn thing still runs perfectly, AND gets over 30 mpg. And because I won't replace it until it dies a natural death, I'm likely to still be driving this old shoebox for another 17 years. But when I do finally need to replace it, I'll have all this excellent advice from you guys. Thanks everyone!

3. I eat a bowl of this cereal with no added sugar every night before bed. It satisfies my munchie craving and isn't as bad as the crap I would be ingesting if I wasn't interested in living past 50.

Hmm, maybe this entry doesn't fit this meme. I mean come on... Special K? It doesn't get any more important than that.

4. I set my cellphone ringtone to sound like an old fashioned regular telephone. In a world where everyone else's phones are playing Broadway musicals and hip hop diatribes, my ordinary ringtone has actually become a novelty.

5. Whereas most normal people have fun music stations tuned in on their radios, I only listen to public radio. This severely limits my "hipness" factor in that I haven't heard any new music in like 10 years. People often think just because I'm a musician, they can come to me for advice on who's hot in the music industry. They're wrong.

6. My reputation in Great Briton is mud because of this man. First he falsely accused me of stealing Huddersfield's mutant duck, and now he's accusing me of having a tawdry extramarital affair based off of an innocent picture taken totally out of context.

Normally this would be deemed very important news, but because it's all based off a bunch of lies, I'm going to shut down this rumor mill right here and now - and claim it UNIMPORTANT!

* * * * *

It's VERY important that you go to


Anonymous said...

"Methinks you doth protest too much."

That's Shakespeare that is, so ergo it MUST be true!

Mom Thumb said...

Get used to that Prism. We just got rid of a Honda that had 320,000 miles on it. You've got 200,000 to go. Love the NPR!

Jess Riley said...

Aaah, you rock!

I love when people have normal, old-school RINGING on their cell phones. I can't figure out how to download such a tone, so I'm stuck with this weird, jangling music that makes me embarrassed every time my phone rings.

Also, I love NPR. My dog? Not so much.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I may have helped to perpetuate some of those rumors across the pond. Sorry.

The Chick said...

I'm a late night cereal eater too. And I'm a fan of the Huddersfield Chives fake football team. Small world, huh?

Amie Adams said...

Love, love, love NPR. I'm currently on a rock station kick in the car, but it's on in my office all day long.

Gale said...

I found it very important to stop in today. Long time no see, still funny as ever I see.

Heather said...

Wow, that office sure does look fun.

yellojkt said...

The low mileage on that Prism impresses me. You must work around the corner. Or just never go anywhere.

Gen said...

except for when your cell phone was playing "Spider Pig". I still think that's a classic. lol

Mooselet said...

Thanks Groovy Mom, now I'm humming Spider Pig all over again.

I listen to a local AM talkback radio station here. We have the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp) but the local station is, quite frankly, boring. And I can't listen to the morning shows on FM that have more people than a kindergarten class, but with less intelligence.

Ed said...

Ok, the Geo must go. I suggest a Lamborghini. You can coast down the hills to save gas.

The Special K must go. I suggest Cocoa Puffs. They're munch, crunch, chocolaty.

The job must go. I suggest winning the lottery.

You can keep the NPR station. Just upgrade the stereo so the entire city can hear it too...

Anonymous said...

Chick - Huddersfield chives a fake football team!? How dare you woman!

You are hereby struck from the rosta.

Steve said...

In your office, you can see their computers, but they can't see yours?

Dude, I'd totally be watching porn all day.

deborah said...

jeff, Dave Ramsey would be proud of you with that car. And wow, 30 miles to the gall. keep it!!!

My ring-tone is the same, and you must get the same odd looks I do when it rings. Most people, well, the younger generation, don't "get" it. I prefer it over the music, as well..

by the way, Nala is now picking up npr with her new satellite disk! I wondered what the noise was. thanks for clearing that up for me.

Kathy said...

Wow. That's the first office I've seen without some kind of partitions. I prefer to,, sit behind mine.

Jeff, I'm glad for your affair with Big Bird. I laughed for half an hour looking Dan's picture. Kept clicking back on it. I think it's going up on my cube wall.

Anonymous said...

So if someone walks out that door they fall into the Mississippi river?

Is that what happened to all the co-workers who disappeared? The four of you must have laughed your butts off watching them.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Woo-hoo... need to catch up here!

dan - Methinks you wish it were true, and that you were the big bird instead.

mom thumb - You're probably right. This car is made by Toyota and it should have over 200,000 in it easy.

jess - Aw, you're dog is cute. You don't really mean that.

ed - Rabble rouser!

the chick - Ahh chives. HELLO... a big giant bell just went off in my head. NOW I get the joke on Dan's blog.

mamma - Sometimes NPR plays cool songs. Like when Terry Gross is interviewing a band on Fresh Air. So there's that.

gale - Thanks for dropping in. Nice to see you :-)

heather - Hmmm, can't tell if you're joshin me or being sincere. Either way though you're right.

yellojkt - Both. I only work 5 miles from home and I only use this car for work. So yeah, I'll probably be driving this stupid thing in 2015.

groovy mom - Good point. And you're right, that was pretty funny.

mooselet - Ugh, I HATE those FM morning "zoo" type shows. HATE THEM!

ve - I'll take the lottery one, thank you.

Dan - All this talk about chives is making me hungry.

steve - You wouldn't for long though, our corporate network server can detect that. I actually had an employee get busted for that once. And lucky me, I had to do the reprimand. Oh the joys of management.

deborah - What a coincidence, I bought that car from Dave Ramsey, like 10 years ago! Hope your cat is enjoying the public radio.

kathy - Aw shucks, I don't have a cube wall to hang one on. Oh well.

daniel - The river is about 50 feet out from the door. But don't laugh, there have been some Springs where it's been pretty close!

Julie Pippert said...

The arrangement of that workspace deeply distresses my feng shui. I am glad you guys like it though. :)

Moreover, I think it's very significant that you guys like each other, and working together.

I'm not sure what I think of those old timey cell phone rings.

But listening obsessively to NPR...that is VERY IMPORTANT. You need a new one for that. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the most unimportant thing about me is that I read other people's blogs.

Memarie Lane said...

Hey, my 23 year old station wagon runs better than any of my neighbors' new cars. Why send it to an early grave when it runs just fine? Anyway, I much prefer older cars. They have character and personality.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

julie - I'll take suggestions on how to improve our feng shui-iness. Maybe move the Windex to another spot?

dadadave - I believe you have a typo there... it should read IMportant.

marie - Hey, that's what the women say about me! (nyuk nyuk)

JD at I Do Things said...

Doesn't listening to NPR automatically make you both important AND hip? True, you may not be catching the latest music, but you may be better off for that.

JD at I Do Things

April said...

I'm also an NPR fan. Their stuff just ROCKS, doesn't it? That is, when I'm not listening to my left-wing Air America radio or Broadway's Best on Sirius ('cuz I'm a geek) or cds ('cuz I'm a non-techie geek that doesn't have an iPod).

BTW, I totally believe you on the affair thing. said...

Very interesting facts...I think!

Michelle said...

Well, if you really want to make your Prism go away, just park it outside. My husband did that with his Camry, and it lasted only 9 years. The ice, snow, rain and sleet rusted inside the roof so that it forced the windshield to crack. The cost to fix it was ridiculously expensive.

My Explorer piece of cr@p has been parked inside and is still "fine" (or as fine as a Ford product can get) with our 11 year anniversary coming up on June 7.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

julia - I agree. I confess for the 10 minutes I drive my kids to school in the morning I have to listen to a top 40 station. So far the only thing that has stuck is that horrible excuse for a song where they keep saying "dolla dolla bill ya." *shiver*

april - Hey, we have Al Franken as a candidate for US Senator. MN is SO progressive that way.

mushy - Interesting, but apparently unimportant. At least according to the title.

michelle - That is where I park it. Our garage already has 2 cars in it so my Prism has been exiled to the car port. Still, it keeps going and going. Maybe I should wash it with saltwater.

Roger Miller said...

What a bright and shiny office - you obviously use that Windex for the windows, no?

My Geo Metro had 196,000 miles on it and still got high 20's in gas mileage, alas, when the right front tire decided to go straight while the rest of the car went left...

I prefer my gallon of ice cream before bed, thank you very much.

My ringtone is set to, depends on who calls.

I apologize, I am writing all this here because I thought you would care. How cruel and selfish of me. I shall stop now, but I NEVER edit. Just ignore.

I tried NPR once, but got fired because I fell asleep on the job. :)

Seriously, I will stop now. It's just my day for long-winded comments, I guess.

Bee said...

Humor blogs are funny. Cause if they weren't they would be humorless blogs and that would pretty much suck.

(I'm a bit awol this week..spring break and rain. That's always fun.)

Kori said...

I love the office-looks like mine. Only without the Windex, as our cleaning lady quit and we haven't bothered enough to try to find a new one. Yeah, whatever, what's a little dust....ALL of this seems terribly important to me!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I don't want to make you jealous... OK, who the heck am I kidding, of course i want to make you jealous!!!

I pre-ordered MY copy of Driving Sideways WWWAAAAAAYYYY before you did AND I have a personally autographed ARC (advanced reader copy for those who may not know the acronym) in my bedside drawer) which is next on my reading list.

AND, Jess Riley and I have slept together.

Not in the biblical sense, mind you, although maybe we would, if we were that way, cuz she is a beautiful charming wonderful girl, but I don't mean it that way.

Good unimportant important things you've shared.

Thank you for playing in the reindeer games.

Karen MEG said...

What is it with you guys and cereal? Hubs has a bowl before bed too; he eats All Bran, also in the interest of living a long and regular life.

And you and the big yellow? I cannot get that picture out of my head. I think your wife needs to be very afraid.

Windyridge said...

I also eat a bowl of cereal every night before bed.
I love your cell phone ring tone, it's perfect!

The Super Bongo said...

you wanna me to one up you? not only do I primarily listen to NPR or my iPod . . . but I download npr podcasts for when I can't get the programs during their regularly scheduled times. I wonder if there is a 12 step group for us? I bet we'd have great treats and cars that run swell.

btw, I'm a pal of The Chicks.

Unknown said...

I envy your ability to find and stick with such an unbelievably reliable car. Whodathunk such a thing existed.