Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google-bots are reading your mind

Yesterday Jenny and I had a brief email conversation about the fact that her blog thought my comment was spam. It went like this.

you simply must click to enlarge

If you notice there are advertisements on the right. What I thought was so funny was how it determined which ads to present based on our conversation. As you can see, I've attempted to connect the cause and effect as best I could.

I would say they've pretty much nailed our target markets. Good job Google!

But I'm still not seeing where in this dialog it thinks either Jenny or I would be into the Goth scene.

Any ideas?

* * * * *

Google knows you'll enjoy too


Unknown said...

Big Brother watches gmail! I knows! I sees!
I once emailed with a gf about a contest I did at a casino. I glitzed up and got my hair all big, so I told her I looked like a transvestite, albeit a really good one. She was telling me about training for a half-marathon. You should have seen the ads in our sidebar!

Unknown said...

Oh, do Goths do kismet? I'm so out of touch. Or maybe the danger thing. I dunno.

Avitable said...

That's easy. Goths like to kiss dangerous spam.

Ed said...

The Goth connection here? Oh, that's easy. You take all the letters in your communications, rescramble them, throw away the excess letters and you'll get "I like pierced eyebrows". There you go!

Mom Thumb said...

It has to be because Akismet thinks you're dangerous spam dude.

Anonymous said...

I love Google! No, really.

I had a WordPress blog for a long time and IMHO Akismet stinks, big time. It proudly boasts about having stop eleventy billion spams, so why did I always have 23 comments awaiting moderation that were about porn or car insurance. I never get those with blogspot. (knock on wood!)

Memarie Lane said...

Jeff and Jenny are very popular goth nommes de plume. It's supposed to be ironic or something.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

gette - And the pictures of this are where?

avitable - Makes sense to me.

ve - I had no idea the Google algorithm was so sophisticated!

mom thumb - Is there any other kind of spam dude?

willthink4wine - You know, until this week, I had never even heard of Akismet. And what the hell kind of name is that anyway?

marie - Well then, I guess if I have a popular Goth name I'd better break out my black garb and fingernail polish!

Sornie said...

Google knows too much. My top-secret gmail account looks eerily the same and I love how when you click on the SPAM folder you get ads for SPAM recipes. Too funny.

Gen said...

Probably the dangerous deal coupled with the word "spam". The goth kids I know have a tent in the park where they sleep overnight and they do, indeed, eat spam. There ya go! lol

Alice said...

Not a clue about the goth stuff, but I could be into it.

I also wanted to let you know that everytime I get to your site, it wants to run some Quicktime add on?!?!?!

Mom Thumb said...

Hey, that could be your super hero name - DANGEROUS SPAM DUDE! Yeah.

G said...

Was it the black arrows...and all that black print? Probably.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

sornie - Wait, there are recipes for spam? Whoa.

groovy mom - Ooh, goth kids sleeping in tents eating spam. Sounds dangerous indeed!

alice - Hmmm, probably from that post I did with the audio player. Can you still play those clips without the Quicktime add-on?

mom thumb - I see a comic book series in the works as we speak!

g - Who knows. Maybe I should call Google. Hey wait, I wonder if Diesel knows?

cathouse teri said...

Hey wait a minute! You said F*ck! Stop that! ;)

You need a drink.

April said...

The Google ads always make me laugh. They're less annoying than the flashing lights and videos you get on Yahoo, and the entertainment value is so worth it!

I googled akismet to see if that was the reason for your Goth result. It wasn't that. The word dangerous, maybe?

Anonymous said...

I'm highly suspicious of Google, and it works through eBay too, now that Google own it.

I searched once for antique opium related items (don't ask) and my spam emails were for addiction help and drug clinics for weeks!

Anonymous said...

Great looking blog! I found yours in a comment you left in another Mass. blog.

MYM said...

It's in what you 'didn't' say, google is freaky that way.

I used to have adsense on my blog, not to make money,just for a laugh. The ads would be dependent upon my content. It was an interesting week when I did 2 toilet posts and one on the prime male body part. Oh, yeah, that was an interesting week.

eyes_only4him said...

u have a band?..whats the name? so there dude....

I want a band...damnit Jeff....hahahaha

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, now Google is just making stuff up. "SNORT" stands for "Scaling Network Appliance Performance"? My liverwurst it does.

JD at I Do Things

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

teri - Funny. I put that "*" in there just for you because I know how much you love that. The original email didn't have it, but you know how I am about what I allow here ;-)

april - Could be. I never knew being Goth was so dangerous!

jauy - Hey, Google was just trying to help. They're very caring that way.

beeps and chirps - I actually have a lot of reader friends from Mass. these days. Do you have a blog?

drowsey - So what were they promoting then, urinal cakes?

flip flop momma - Absolutely. In fact I'm in 2 bands - one rock-n-roll and another easy-listening acoustic. You can check out our schedule at if you want to see where we're playing next (the rock band that is).

jd - You're right... you can't even make "SNORT" from that phrase. And if you do go on their website, that acronym doesn't even exist there. Weird.

Sandy said...

Obviously they saw a photo and determined that your features resembled that of a scary, confused teenager.

Unknown said...

Actually, I was going thru pics with MIL and she has one from that night. She's always been my biggest fan. iPastor of course, forgot the camera that night.

cathouse teri said...

You are just too good to me.

Those asterisks feel sooooooo nice! I want them all over my body!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

sandy - That must be it. Plus, I'm as emotionally stable as a scary, confused teenager. How could they know that?!

gette - Again... so you're going to scan said picture and post it?

teri - You always have to push it, don't you? ;b

Whit said...

You know who needs to step up their online advertising? Actual Spam. Why are they missing the boat on all of this?

kapgar said...

I feel like testing the system by opening a chat window in Gmail and typing random stuff back and forth with someone to see if the ads will update dynamically to reflect our content. Doubt it, but it would be cool if it did. Give Google time, they will figure it out.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

whit - No kidding. Don't they have some kind of copyright on that name. If they received 1 penny in royalties every time someone used the word "spam" for something, they'd be bigger than Microsoft now.

kapgar - Sounds like a plan. I'll send you a chat invite tomorrow and we can try it out.

Anonymous said...

~waits patiently for Bill's irrelevent comment~

Michelle said...

Actually, Google isn't big brother, they're psychic big brother. It isn't anything you said; they simply found the inner goth that you didn't even know existed!

Unknown said...

Obviously, it's the liverwurst. Goths are well-known consumers of the spread, especially on Ritz crackers. They like it because it makes them feel more miserable.

yellojkt said...

It's because you're so dangerous.

leelee said...

Oh I crack up at the spam recipes..

spam quiche
spam hash
spam au vin
spam parmigiana

spam spam spam spam

is it any wonder spam sales have skyrocketed
. I do believe google is on to something..


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jennine - See? I'm not the only one!

michelle - So do I need some kind of goth Yoda to teach me how to find it?

dorky dad - You're right. It makes them feel the wurst ever.

yellojkt - Yeah, dangerous smelling! Hey, what do expect from a goth... we're very immature.

leelee - Sweet! You've spammed my spam post with spam. Literally!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

So we're goth stars who like to snort stuff.

Dude. That totally nailed us.

PS. Can you pick up some columbian on your way over. I need to run out and buy a new corset and nose ring.

Sue Wilkey said...

Holy crap- that's freakin' scary.

leelee said...

lol Jeff, sorry I made so many boo boo's I had to delete. I know I should tru to write html before at least 2 cups of coffee!



leelee said...

oh typos!

The above should have read " I know I shouldn't try to write html..."

What's wrong with me today! ;-)


robkroese said...

You know what's really funny? We use gmail at Google as well, and the ads show up for us too. So if I'm communicating to somebody about the inventory application I'm working on for Google, Google will offer me ads about other inventory applications I can buy.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jenny - I'll have to sell my soul first. I'm fresh outta cash.

sue - D) All of the above

leelee - You might want to think about decaf. Just sayin... ;-)

diesel - Maybe you ought to take their advice. You could buy the other packages, steal the code and use it for yourself. Hey, it was Google's suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Imagine how confused they must get from my irrelevent comments.

Anonymous said...

Gmail hates me.

My phone, cable and cell-phone e-bills all produce ads for Girl-on-Girl porn.

How does that happen?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

bill - Imagine how confused you just made me by writing a relevant comment!

jinsky - Luck?

Jake Titus said...

Maybe goths like spam and liverwurst and enjoy snorting crack off your f*ucking ass?

Anonymous said...

Bill- Your comments are the best because they really make me think.

Karl said...

Heh, funny stuff.