Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend Whine

Ok, so on Friday I was all "feeling good" about things - which was cool. But today is a different day and now I've got a few things I'm not feeling so hot about.

I don't feel stimulated
Nobody asked me or gave me the chance to vote on it, but had I been asked, I would have voted NO for the Economic Stimulus Package.

BUT... since I didn't have any choice in the matter in the first place, I'll happily take our $1800 and apply it toward our costs of living. Like for instance gas, food, or the cost of repairing the front end of my car because our city doesn't have enough money to fill the gigantic sink pot holes in our roads.

Hmmm, perhaps if the federal government were to help subsidize our state and local infrastructures, our town would be able to repair these roads. But apparently they gave all the money away. No wait that's not true, they didn't actually have money to give away so they borrowed it from China - and then gave it away. Sorry.

One thing that bites though is that our 17 year old no longer qualifies as a child tax credit for us, and so we don't get the money for him - which is totally fine. But what sucks it that since he's still considered a dependent of ours, he doesn't get the money either - even though he earned enough to qualify and paid taxes last year. So essentially, that rebate has fallen through the cracks. But for a few days when he thought he was gonna get $600, he was pretty stoked.

* * * * *

If only there was a law against parental stupidity
I had to seriously bite my tongue tonight. While I was waiting at the hair salon, the woman next to me was pouring Vault Red Blitz down her 2 year old daughter's throat, just because she was whiny. And I'm not talking just a little sip either, I'm talking full mouth around the bottle and chugging the stuff.

How ignorant of a parent do you have to be to not know this is extremely unhealthy for a baby? And I'm guessing it's probably dangerous as well. But I suppose the fact that she was feeding her Cheetos before that should have tipped me off that nutrition wasn't first and foremost on her mind.

* * * * *

If only there was a leash law. What's that... there is?
My daughter has a new paper route and every week I have to follow her closely in my car with my seatbelt unlatched and ready to jump out in an instant, because before she’s done, she will have been approached by at least four different loose dogs. EXCUSE ME... but the last time I checked, a person shouldn't have to feel threatened for simply walking down the sidewalk.

So far she hasn’t been bitten – but come on, if you're going to own a dog keep it tied up already. I don't know, I suppose I'm a little bitter after my parent's cat was killed by a loose dog a few years ago.

* * * * *

And so there are my rants for the weekend. Don't know why I'm crabby today. Maybe it's because I didn't get enough sleep after our big rock and roll show last night. Although I suppose I should feel lucky... our drummer locked his keys in his truck and was still trying to figure out what he was going to do about it at 2:00 in the morning.

Now THAT sucks!


The Super Bongo said...

in my house hold, we have the cats we pay the vet bills for and the freeloaders outside. The freeloaders vary from year to year. Right now, we feed five freeloaders, but we know one had kittens a few weeks back, so the number will go up. We have had two freeloaders killed viciously by dogs . . . and the Phenom would have killed the dogs with bare hands if they could have been caught.

Anonymous said...

Yah I was for the stimulus package too until I heard about the China loans.

It is too bad we couldn't get everyone to turn in a blank ballot on election day. What would they do if we all said no more elections until they actually lead responsibly?

MYM said...

Damn, I just had a rant too, I'm so glad I blog otherwise I'd have to keep it all inside!

So...was that Britney Spears you saw at the salon? LOL

And as for the dog...I agree they should be on a leash, but you'd do your daughter a huge favour if you taught her how to react to strange dogs...take it from someone who used to walk dogs for a living ... and who has been bitten a time or two. Okay 3 times, twice before I started walking dogs tho.

Maureen said...

Oh, that sucks that you are having a crappy day. Here's hoping Sunday is better.

I have to agree with you about dog owners. Some really, just suck. And they're probably the same idiots who flush crap down their kid's throats too...

Well, we all need days to just whine.

Maybe you need the other "wine" to resolve it.... it's what I have tonight while I blog hop...

Blog Hoppin

People in the Sun said...

I hate all these things, too!

Those bastards decided to get our checks out sooner than planned so we would spend it all on mother's day crap. They are so offensive.

I saw a couple of parents go into Dunkin' Donuts with their baby and feeding him Pepsi. It was pretty shocking. My neighborhood is pretty shocking.

I hate people who don't use leashes. My Pit Bulls were brought up as fighting dogs, so now they don't get along with other dogs. And when I ask people to hold on to their dogs when I walk near them, they just smile and say their dogs are friendly, not realizing they put their dogs in danger by not using a leash.

Idaho Dad said...

We haven't had any bad experiences with loose dogs. Our neighbors do a good job of keeping them locked up.

No, what we have a problem with is the owners letting their dogs poop on the sidewalk during walks, and then they don't pick it up. Just going for a walk in my neighborhood is like strolling through a minefield.

Hey, ranting is fun. Tonight, one of my neighbors lit off a HUGE firework. It's two months until July 4th. Every year the idiots start earlier and earlier with the illegal boomer rockets.

I don't get what the government thinks these stimulus checks are going to accomplish. Don't they know 90% of them will be going toward credit card debt?

Ed said...

My how quickly the "feel good" fall...

Anonymous said...

I love dogs. But ever since we didn't have one anymore i've become irritated by them and their owners.

Especially the owners of agressive dogs that don't have them on a leash when walking them near my kids.

Anette said...

Where I live, we have to keep our dogs on a leash. Its not aloud to have them running around loose.. I have a dog, and I'm glad there is such a rule.

The day after crabbyness usually follow a great day.. but you'll get back to normal soon (somewhere in between)

Kathy said...

Aw, Jeff. Sorry your Feel Good Friday turned crappy. You know how I feel about loose dogs. Remember, yell at the large ones and swat the little ones away. The owners, that is. Hope your Sunday takes a turn for the better. ps. Maybe go check on your drummer. He might still be there.

Anonymous said...

The three dogs that tore our cat apart, when Jinx was in our yard, belonged to the sheriff. He did offer to buy a new one, because his dogs were running loose. I am happy, not sad , because the Editor of the Duluth News Tribune gave me a great write up in his editorial today in the Northland Forum section page B3.

Memarie Lane said...

I woulda voted no too, but since we didn't have a say we're simply turning ours down. And believe me, we could use the money, but it feels way too dirty.

Did you here the gov't just approved $770million for food aid... to OTHER COUNTRIES? Hello! We're kinda hungry right here!

As per the soda thing- we once booted my MIL for giving our son a sip of her Pepsi. And she'd flown from CA to FL to see us. But we don't tolerate that kind of disrespect of our parental authoritay. As it is my kids think juice is a cup of water with a splash of juice in it.

Loose dogs tick me off too. Especially the ones that stand on corners swinging glow sticks in from of their crotches.

Seals said...

I don't think I would have voted for the stimulus package either but I'm really looking forward to that check right now. I'm going to get rid of one of my credit card payments.

Anonymous said...

Marie, okay - I am TOTALLY blown away! First off I didn't know we could just "turn down" the stimulus package but secondly I am sitting here disgusted with myself because although I would have voted against it and I have spoken loudly against it I have done nothing since reading your comment to figure out how we can turn ours down too. My moral compass seems to be broken right at the moment. You are amazing! Did you ever blog about your decision to turn it down and how you managed to do it. How exactly does one "turn down" the stimulus package. I applaud you and honestly I haven't heard of anyone doing this.... Congratulations on rising above!

yoo hoo said...

Would you like some cheese?

Mom Thumb said...

Those dogs that killed Jinx attacked our Sheltie, also. Rick went down and told the guy and he came over and paid me for the vet bill. After that he started keeping them penned. I guess when it hit his pocketbook he finally gave a damn. The vet told me that if the dogs were attacking animals, it was a short step to attacking children, and the kids' bus stop was right in front of their house. Anyway, our Sheltie started having seizures after that and we had to put him down, so the dogs actually killed him, too. Pissed me off.

April said...

All reasonable rants. I've had to stop paying so much attention in order to keep what's left of my sanity!

Memarie Lane said...

Mrs. Jeff- No I didn't blog about it, I like to keep my blog light and non-political, so instead I vent about that stuff in comments on other blogs. ;)

We actually got a form to fill out in order to get the stimulus check, and it went straight into the trash bin. I'm guessing that if you do your own taxes you get the form, if you have them done through H&R Block or some other entity they process it automatically. Not sure.

When they did the other stimulus thing in 2000 or so I'd been doing my taxes through TurboTax and simpy got a check in the mail, but this time I got a form.

Roger Miller said...

My oldest is in the same boat as yours. He earned money last year and filed his taxes, BUT because we have him claimed as our dependent, he doesn't qualify. I also suspect that we would not get the $300 from the government for his being our child either.

Sure sucks being 17 nowadays. At least he gets to go to Disney with us in December still. He just told me as an added bonus the Cubs will be in town for five of those days. I'll wait a month or two to shatter that dream though.

All the loose dogs in our neighborhood just disappeared one at a time. Now I'm not saying that there was foul play involved, but they all kind of went bye-bye within six months of our newest cranky neighbor...

Anonymous said...

If you or I write phoney checks we go to jail. When George W. Bush does it... well nothing happens,except we go farther into our national debt, now at 9.4 trillion.
Go to Gander Mountain and get Rosanna some pepper spray. Works on Grizzly Bears too.

Heather said...

Yeah, what you said. Sheesh and I thought I was grumpy.

Gen said...

I have a relative that used to put orange pop in her toddler's bottle. I never saw that kid without a baby bottle of orange pop in his hands. :-P

eyes_only4him said...

another thing about this "stimuls" package is we are going to have to pay taxes on it next year, I would rather take the check and shove it up ole Dubyas rear end and give him paper cuts.

and I have seen people feeding thier tots Mountian deew, dorritos, french fries..all sorts of stuff..and we wonder why kids today are stuid and fat.

Susan said...

All the newspapers here are home delivered by an adult, no more kids with paper routes. I wonder if too many dog attacks had something to do with it....

Elizabeth said...

When I lived in Kenai it seemed like everyone had a Rottweiler and felt that they should run free. I carried a little can of pepper spray, that way if things got ugly I had the power to stop it.

JD at I Do Things said...

I am sort of tickled by the image of you driving around a few feet behind your daughter, ready to leap out and defend her from unleashed dogs.

I would feel murderous if a dog killed my cat. I'm so sorry for your family. What a terrible thing to go through.

Hope you feel better today!

JD at I Do Things

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Holy canole... I gots me some replyin to do!

bongo - We had "wild" cats around our office a few years ago. At one time we counted 15. Eventually they slowly started disappearing. Don't know if it was the Humane Society, loose dogs or eagles. We see a lot of "natural selection" along the Mississippi.

chris - We might as well turn in blanks ones... the ones we do turn in don't seem to count anyway.

drowsey monkey - I agree. We're going to do a little dog encounter practicing for sure.

maureen - My Sunday is better thank you. It's a gorgeous day here just south of your border. Finally!

people in the sun - Sure, EVERYBODY'S dogs are friendly... until they're not.

phil - Maybe you should gather up all the poop and put it on their front porch some night. And if you're feeling especially silly, you could put it in a bag, light it on fire, ring the door bell and run. ;-)

ve - You should see how fast the shiny happy people fall!

dan - Funny how that works eh?

anette - I think my ying and my yang are together now, thanks :-)

kathy - Naw, I'm sure he made it home fine. He only had to walk 5 miles.

dad - Congratulations on your most excellent endorsement! If you don't mind, I will share it with my readers in a few days.

marie - Sent the inlaws packing eh? You're a tough cookie... I like it! :-) On the other topic - I have to admit, I've never seen a "pro" using a glow stick to advertise that way. And I have so many smart-assed comments to share about that - but as you know, this is a family blog.

ajooja - That's what the majority of people are going to do. Apparently the logic is, that will give you some headroom to spend more again. Really?

charli - "...I have done nothing since reading your comment to figure out how we can turn ours down too." Now don't get any crazy ideas sweetheart. Marie is a special person with special powers that we don't possess.

carla - And a little Michael Buble and candlelight would be nice too.

mom thumb - Yeah, we were all pretty fed up with that guy. And WTH... he was a sheriff too?

april - Ah, just let it go. It's much more interesting that way.

marie - You're right. Our TurboTax didn't give us an option. It simply told us how much we had coming. Good for you. We're both very impressed.

mylhibug - I absolutely LOVE Wrigley Field. I can see why your son is excited. I have some pretty cool pictures of (the late great) Harry Caray hanging out the window over my head during the 7th inning stretch.

rick - I'm deeply disturbed by the size of our national debt. I can't even imagine how the US will ever work that down.

heather - I was just trying to make you feel better after my Friday's post.

groovy mom - And I'm sure the kid will be very happy, until he or she develops diabetes at age 10.

flip flop momma - Unfortunately, very young parents ARE ignorant about nutrition. And smoking/drinking/drugs during pregnancy. But there are no laws that say you have to know about these things before you're qualified to conceive.

susan - Could be. It's not an entirely safe thing for a kid to do. Especially alone.

elizabeth - Good idea. It baffles me why someone would even let a dog like that run free.

jd - I do, thank you! I can't even imagine sending my daughter off to a strange neighborhood alone at age 11. It just ain't gonna happen.

Sandy said...

At least you finally got some comments from a weekend post (I remember that this was one of your previous peeves!).

That's something to feel good about, right?

G said...

That's it, Jeff - let it out! What are blogs for? Ooh boy on the parent and whatever that foreign beverage was she was offering to her kid. How ignorant indeed! And dogs should be leashed, no doubt about it.

By the way, I read your post below about your meeting with Charli and it was just serendipitous! Such a great story.

Bee said...

The stimulus checks crack me up. I know so many people who are just stimulating their bills. :)

And the mom with the Vault? I don't get it. It's like feeding your child a lifetime of obesity because of lazy parenting. I know it sounds harsh but seriously, if she really cared as much about her hair as she did about what she was doing to her kid, she'd have to pull her head out and do some actual parenting.

Anonymous said...

I am going to pay my taxes with the stimulus check, and not send it back for the clowns in Washington to spend. Why not endorse the check and send a number of them to the Saint Cloud Dispatch to be forwarded to Austin and the skate park. I am sure the politicians would get the message, and it would be used for a good. My question for informed voters is, what presidential hopeful never applied for an earmark? Oh yes, we would not have any trade deficit if we were not dependent on foreign energy. Bill

yellojkt said...

Don't get me started on the rebate checks and the stupidity of the government. But you are right in not looking that gift horse in the mouth even though it's going to cost you several thousand dollars in additional service to the national debt for the next decade or so.

And when you saw that parent giving her kid the soft drink, why didn't you get a picture of Britney Spears and sell it to the tabloids.

yellojkt said...

I should read the comments before I make mine. Drowsey monkey beat me to the Britney Spears joke. It was too low-hanging of a pitch to not swing at.

My first dog got attacked by a pack of four loose dogs while I was walking him. I kicked the ringleader and they all ran away. We raced back home and he cowered in his crate all day. I felt so bad.

Unknown said...

We'll be stimulatin' xcel and the mortgage company. Maybe I'll go buy myself a celebratory couple of sodas and play iPastor a game or two on the Mame in honor of debt relief.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm with you on the stimulus package, remember when the "Shrub" was running or right after he stole the election, and folks got $500. for some silly reason? Guess they not only know what we are, they've got our price down to a high class one-night stand.
On to the dogs. This is silly that you are following her in the car --
put her in the car with you, knock on the persons door and tell them that for the sfety of their dogs and the saftey of your daughter, if the dogs are out running loose, no newspaper for them. Three words,
mace or pepper-spray -- maybe that's really four.
Now about that dummy feeding her kid junk food -- pray she's not a breeder!
I feel LOTS better, hope you do too.

Julie Pippert said...

How does your 17 yo not qualify.

And wow, Jeff on a rantrage!

As far as dogs go: I confess mine has gotten loose a few times, but he always goes to my neighbor's house because he loves her daughter and dog and they dogsit him when we travel (LOL like we TRAVEL).

I feel guilty enough about it happening EVER much less more than once. We try so hard. But there was the time the gas meter guy didn't latch the gate and I had no idea and well, you know.

Then at a club meeting this My Crap Doesn't Stink Lady makes a snotty comment to me about how she knows my dog too well, and I'm baffled. he hadn't escaped in ages and I can't imagine him traveling anywhere near her house. She was so sanctimonious and snotty and judgmental and I sucked it all down, all guilt-ridden. And perplexed.

Then I find out she knows I have a chocolate lab and so assumes ALL chocolate labs are MY DOG, even though the other three, who are allowed to roam loose, look NOTHING like mine.

And, FTR, are NOT mine.

Okay so wow, thanks for opening the rantrage gates!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

sandy - Definitely! I love comments anytime!

lil' g - "serendipitous" Now why didn't I think of that word when I was writing it? :b

bee - That mom seemed pretty clueless. She was really young.

bill - I like your idea of everyone sending their checks to the Skate Plaza. So, that probably makes 2 of us.

yellojkt - Most loose dogs are perfectly safe. But it only takes one to cause a disaster - and I'm not taking any chances.

gette - I know what you mean. We're using our money to pay off our last credit card. And unlike what they think we're going to do - we're not going to turn right back around and start spending on it again just because it's paid off. We've worked hard to pay it off and we intend on keeping it that way.

anon - She is going to start carrying pepper spray. Unfortunately I can't take her in the car because she has 200 houses and it would take several hours if she had to keep getting in and out.

julie - "My Crap Doesn't Stink Lady" Funny. I know women like that too :-)

Windyridge said...

I could commiserate with you about everything you said but the one that often gets my goat (and you know I have goats)is the caffeinated drinks thing. My kids are teens and I won't let them drink them...period. We even have a limit on soda. It is not a staple, it's a treat. Why just yesterday at my son's baseball game a 4 year old was carrying a bottle of Coke in her hand for sipping. UNBELIEVABLE.