Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Driving Sideways Contest Winner!

Let's cut right to the chase shall we?

So who won the coveted copy of Driving Sideways by superstar novelist Jess Riley?

Well let's see... I took the 24 entries and put them in a numbered list. Then I used this random number generator program to randomly pick a winner.

And the winner is...


Yay! Congratulations #10! I'll ship the book out right away. I know you're going to love it - I did for sure.

So thank you all for playing. I look forward to my next giveaway contest in honor of my 500th post in a few months.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Ha! Fooled ya!!!

You were all, "What the... he didn't say who number 10 was!"

But I was all, "I'm totally going to mess with their heads and make them think I screwed up."

And then once you got here you were all, "Just shut up already and tell us who the winner is."

And I'm all, "Ok, but the odds are 1 in 24 that it isn't you so you're probably going to be disappointed by the results anyway."

And you are all, "JEFF!!!"

OK!!! I'll tell already. Sheesh.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

AND SO... the winner of Driving Sideways (a fantastic new novel by Jess Riley) is...


Unfortunately for all of us who would love to stop by Sarah's place, it doesn't appear she has a blog! But no matter - just drop me an email with your address

and I'll send it out right away.

And thank you everyone else for playing. I hafta say I enjoyed it :-)

Heather said...

Congrats Sarah!

Roger Miller said...

Nice Tease, I think. As you are aware my mind is doing terrible things to my head... Um, I don't know.

Anyway, did you know that on a phone keypad S-A+R-A, with a silent and invicible H, it equals 10!!

Okay, maybe I should keep with taking my meds.

Congratulations Sarah!

Ed said...

But I have an IQ of 10, shouldn't I get a copy too?

Congrats, Sarah. You've won the book, I'll have to win the lotto...

Jess Riley said...

Thanks Jeff! Hope you like the book, Sarah.

(I'm w/o Internet connection again--I actually came into the office so I could reconnect with the world!!!!)

Anonymous said...

My name is Sarah, so send the book to 3230 Trudeau Road, Duluth.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

heather - Fo shizzle.

mylhibug - Uh, yeah... good one. You totally nailed that whole "10" connection ;b

ve - Really, it's that high?

jess - Well, I'm assuming your new penthouse suite in Manhattan will have better internet service.

anon - Nice try dad. Is mom letting you play on the computer again?

Doozie said...

fo shizzle?

that is like what I think all US Americans should say, such that the people in Iraq might have education

Mom Thumb said...

Off the subject, when is your band playing and where? We are going to be in MN later this month and I would love to see you perform.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

doozie - Is that like how the US is "spreading democracy" over there?

linda - The only gig we have booked this month is here in Sauk Rapids on Saturday, June 28. (check www.thereceders.com) It goes without saying that it would be awesome to see you :-)

cathouse teri said...

You are too cool. And crafty.

Congrats, Sarah!