Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Mosaic Picture Meme

Ok, I'm nothing if not a follower.

But I'm a good follower. So that's something. Anyway, because it was cool enough for Kathy (and about 100 bloggers before her) it's cool enough for me. So here's my contribution to the nearly viral meme circling the planet at warp speed these days.

The Mosaic Picture Meme

The Rules:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Google Image Search or same type of search engine for pictures.

2. Using only the first page of results, pick one image. You can’t search forever for a certain image.

3. Arrange the pictures into a collage.

The Questions and Answers:

The links below are the actual keywords I used to find the pictures. Click on them to take you to the actual people I stole them from.

1. What is your name?… Jeffrey Lee - The not so one and only.

2. What is your favorite food?… Steak and Mushrooms - Yum. Damn!

3. What high school did you go to?… Denfeld High School - This is the picture of my actual school.

4. What is your favorite color? … Royal Blue - Hence the only color on my blog.

5. Who is your celebrity crush?… Jessica Alba - She doesn't make me want to barf.

6. What is your favorite drink?… Milk - I'm sure I drink a half gallon a day easy.

7. What is your dream vacation?… Olso, Norway - I've always wanted to see where my DNA was from.

8. What is your favorite dessert?… Turtle Sundae - Yum. Damn!

9. What do you want to be or do when you grow up?… Own an ice cream shop - Goes conveniently well with my favorite dessert!

10. What do you love most in life?… My family - Sorry my 3rd child. I had to use a picture from the first page of results only, and there were no photos with 5 people.

11. What is one word that describes you?… Goofball - Is it coincidence that this is the very first picture that comes up?

12. What is your blog name?… View From The Cloud


Roger Miller said...

I am sure that when I get done with my next two Meme's I will jump all over this one...

Because, I too, am a follower.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. Your high school looks like a fun place to spend four years. Mine was much more prison-esque. Did you ever write on the bathroom stalls?

By the way, I worked at Cold Stone Creamery for about two weeks one summer. It was the BEST JOB EVER.

Unknown said...

I'm on it. Thanks for the fodder for tomorrow's post.

Kathy said...

OK, why have I never heard of a turtle sundae? Is it regional or am I just not reading menus very well? Looks like my kind of dessert, all gooey and messy!

Nice job on the meme. I think I liked doing this one more than any other.

JD at I Do Things said...

Great job on the . . . wait! Kathy, you've never heard of a turtle sundae??? What is going on here? I'll have to address this with you privately. Anyway, Jeff, great job. I like that you numbered your pictures and provided links. The Norway one is way cool. And I like how a turtle sundae can elicit both a "yum" and a "damn."

My husband loves Jessica Alba, too. Frankly, I don't see it (/sarcasm).

Am I the only blogger NOT to have done this meme???

JD at I Do Things

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Very cool. Interesting stuff. Makes me kind of curious as to what would be revealed for me.

Elizabeth said...

How fun! I like the picture that went with the name of your blog! You don't have to get permission to post all these pictures do you? That would be a pain.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mylhibug - Many great followers were followers.

jennine - Trust me... my high school wasn't that much fun. Is there really any high school that doesn't seem like a prison?

gette - That's what it's there for!

kathy - Turtle Sundaes are the best. Chocolate fudge, caramel, pecans and whipped cream. Damn!

jd - You are now, since I was the 2nd to last blogger to have not done this meme.

ed - You'll never know until you try.

elizabeth - No, as long as you somehow reference the source. That's why I made the links go straight to them.

Anette said...

You never told me that your DNA came from Norway! Cogratulations, thats good stuff! (she said proudly)

Maureen said...

Jeff: I would try this meme but for two things:

1) Grundir the Implacable is taking care of all memes for me

2) I am far too lazy

Love yours though!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

annette - So when I finally do get over there you're going to show me the sights, right? :-)

maureen - I think Grundir is all talk, no action. Think about it, has he ever actually "handled" a meme for you yet?

G said...

This is an enticing little meme. Love the photos that go with your answers, particularly #11.

yoo hoo said...

I love this meme, it was fun, I did it too the other day.
You're going to love Oslo, it has one of my favorite parks oddly enough where the picture is from, Frogner park. it's a cool place,

Michelle said...

That actually looks like a fun one. Except for creating the collage. That's where I'd fall down on the job... unless I used a really ummm loose definition of collage. I think you should open up an ice cream shop. Just make it better than Sebastian Joe's!

Anonymous said...

I just Googled Jessica Alba. I do believe you chose the wrong picture.

Doozie said...

It looks complicated to get the pictures arranged, how do you do that

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

g - Unfortunately for me, that picture is a perfect fit.

carla - I hope you're right... the part about me "someday" enjoying this!

michelle - The collage part isn't too bad. You just paste your pictures into MS Paint, reduce them to the size you want (using the Image stretch/skew feature), and copy/paste them into another Paint window and arrange them in the order you want. That's the only tool I used.

rick - I chose that picture of Jessica Alba because my celebrity crush is based on her wholesome girl-next-doorness. Yeah, that.

doozie - See my answer to Michelle above.

Sandy said...

We've been to Norway a couple of was awesome. I hope you get a chance to go sometime in the future.

Actually, I've been to that very park where that picture was taken. It was December -- cold but beautiful. said...


My name typed in comes up with a very scary bobblehead from Dark Shadows.

Mom Thumb said...

I think I would have trouble with the collage also, even (especially) after having read how you did it. I did, however, discover that, if I type my name in Google images, an actual photo of my honeymoon comes up. Of course, when I say my honeymoon, I mean our trip to the Boundary Waters with my in-laws and another couple shortly after we were married. Where ironically I am going next month, with my in-laws and my children . . . on my 25th anniversary.

Windyridge said...

Oslo is a very neat place. Literally. When we were there as kids (14 years old) we looked for litter in the streets because we were told it is very clean. There wasn't a speck to be found. Oh but watch the drivers. Once you step off the curb, you are taking your like into your hands!
It's really a great city.

robkroese said...

Jessica Alba and milk are 2 of my favorite things. I mean, separately, but I suppose they would go good together as well.

but Momma said...

I love your self description and your namesake, your a study in cool-oddballness!


I won't embarass myself by telling you how long it took me to get the "collage" together...