Friday, June 08, 2007

Show Us Your Hobby!

Since I'm designating next week as "Show Us Your Hobby" week, it only makes sense that I should be the one to get the ball rolling. If you'd like to participate, simply write a post next week about your favorite hobby or hobbies and send me the link. Then, at the end of next week I'll put them all together in another post so we can all share in the fun.

Who said I wasn't a party animal.

Anyway, here's my story. And I'm sticking to it.

You can tell where you are in life by the magazines you read and the hobbies that you have. For example, I used to read Playb Rolling Stone and Guitar Player magazine, and now I read Family Handyman.

And - because of that, one of my favorite hobbies is building things from Family Handyman.

In general, I'm pretty good with construction lumber and wood screws, but sometimes it takes me a few tries before I get things right.

It all started when we first bought this house - 10 or so years ago. My wife wanted an arbor so I built this one (look carefully, you can see it amongst the vines).

Then a few years later I built this one on the other side of our house.

And finally last summer I built this one in the back yard. This is a good example of one I didn't get right the first time. Currently I'm in the process of rebuilding the swing seat because this one ended up warping horribly.

For years I thought Arbor Day was the day to build a new arbor.

About the time my daughter was in Kindergarten I built this little bench from the magazine so she would have a place to sit and wait for the bus.

But of everything I've built so far, I think I'm most proud of this potting bench.

Not only does it have a garden hose caddy on the side, but it also has a hidden soil bin and working sink with running water.

However, this too needed refurbishing when the bottom ended up rotting out because I didn't raise the base high enough off the ground. But after last week, it's now redesigned and better than new!

And there you have it. What I do in the tiny bit of spare time that I have.

So, I've showed you mine - now you show us yours!


Heather said...

Our yard could use one of each of those things!! Looks like great work to me!

I'll try to get a post done on my hobbies...mine aren't as exciting I'm sure!

AirMojo said...

Hi !

I'm also a harmonica player/enthusiast (member of SPAH since 1978, like all kinds of music, especially harp-friendly music like blues, folk, and country). I mainly play diatonic harps, regular richter tuned, and various alternate tunings.

I'm also an airgun enthusiast. Love informal target shooting and plinking, mainly in my big backyard (live on a 15-acre wooded lot), and also indoor in my basement shooting range.

Other hobbies:

O-gauge model trains (don't do very much in this area since my son's now older).

Antiquing with my wife (running out of room for big items like furniture!).

Collecting useful items like compasses, knives, locks, guns, tools (if I have a use for them).

Tinkering (like spring piston airgun tuning, or fixing stuff).

Subscribe to the following magazines:
-- Family Handyman
-- Airgun Hobby
-- Airgun World
-- American Rifleman (NRA)
-- Make Magazine (cool stuff!)
-- Harmonica Happenings (SPAH membership publication)

Looking forward to retiring someday, so I can enjoy my hobbies and get re-accquainted with fishing, hunting, birding, and probably other things that I've temporarily forgot about!).

Ken H (airmojo)

PS. why does Harmonica Man's post show with a date of Sunday June 8, 2008 ? You gotta time machine ? I need to borrow it, please !

AirMojo said...

By the way... nice work on your outdoor projects !

I have to hide my Family Handyman mags from my wife, or she starts getting way too many ideas!

I have a fortune invested in 'her' patio as it is!

Seems like there is never enough time to do all these outdoor projects... too much lousy weather with the long winters and short summers!

I need to stay in shape so I can get caught-up once I retire (someday I hope!).

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

heather - So you're saying my hobby is exciting? Funny. Well, it is for me anyhow.

ken - Hey, thanks for sharing. I swear to God I never knew there was a "Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica." I'll definitely have to read up on that. Also, thanks for pointing out my time machine thing. I have it fixed now. I don't think any of us are trying to get to the future any faster than we need to!

Anonymous said...

that is some good stuff you have there. It's a tossup between Martha stewart and Old Yankee workshop.

My post would be really short because I am not handy or crafty I can fix some things but making things is another thing. oh wait, I can make cookies

AirMojo said...

Harmonica Man,

Next SPAH convention is in Milwaukee... August 14 to August 18 (2007). Check out the SPAH website.

I might go, but that's usually family vacation time, but I haven't ruled it out.

I'm sure you would have a blast!

Ken H (airmojo)

Anonymous said...

Excellent hobby to have! I'm a big fan of the carpentry skills myself. But I've been too darn busy learning to make movies to do it.

Although, I did build a newsstand for a set piece one time... And then tore it down again after the shoot!

Maybe this summer.

Elizabeth said...

Very cool outdoor projects! Maybe I need to get that magazine for my husband. His project for this summer is to build a fence for our back yard. It's been his project for the last two summers as well!

Anonymous said...

My hobby is waiting on your Dad!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are very impressive projects indeed.

Mom Thumb said...
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Anonymous said...

Ten years ago I suggested the Saint Lawrence council of the Knights of Columbus start a four day hot dog-brat sale for the 22 free Shriner Hospitals. This year we sold $29,400.00 in 12 Super One Stores without any expenses, because as co/chairman I solicit everthing we need with a zero budget. Many Knights and Shriners working together have joined us to make life better for children that seek help at the Shriners hospitals. This must be a hobby because I work at the sale all year long, and in ten years we have raised $171,000.00 for children.

Mom Thumb said...

Sounds like fun - how do I send the link?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

dad - Your commitment to the Children's Hospital fundraiser you coordinate every year is truly a great thing. The children are very lucky you have chosen this as your hobby.

linda - Just let me know if you publish a story about your hobbies and I'll mention it in a post later next week.

Sandy said...


After seeing those photos, my hobbies seems especially lame.

You and Norm Abrams (sp?) need to get together. seriously.

Gale said...
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Gale said...

Stop by my blog we are currently restoring a volkswagen

but Momma said...

Awesome Arbors, I'm trying to work Charlie up to rebuilding my Pergola on the back porch.

I'm a hobby starter, not so much a finisher... :)

I love Mom's comment!

Ashley Lasbury said...

Post written and link sent, Oh Master.

Anonymous said...

wait... so what about your harmonica? now i'm confused.

kidding, i kid! i'm also MORE than a little impressed. wow. i like looking at stuff other people build, does that count as a hobby? ; ) xox

Heather said...

Here's my post big-guy!

Mom Thumb said...

I'm so impressed with Heather and her link. As you will see from my hobbies post, I am still fairly computer challenged. But I did write the post!