Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Update

Merry Monday everyone!

Wow... I just heard a collective "oh please - shut up" from the entire interweb. I know, nobody likes a happy guy on Monday.

Even still, I'm ok with being in a decent mood today. I had an awesome Father's Day from start to finish and we had nice sunny weather the whole weekend (with the exception of the air raid sirens blowing off because of a tornado warning on Saturday night, but that only lasted a few minutes).

On Saturday morning my daughter Roseanna marched in a parade with her karate school. Check it out, that's her in the back in the yellow tee shirt...

Have you ever seen such a fierce-looking 12 year old girl? Don't mess with her because she means business!

And then on Sunday morning I was regaled with a delicious breakfast and showered with gifts by my super considerate family. Roseanna gave me this way cool FM transmitter for my car that allows my MP3 player to play through the stereo system.

What I wasn't expecting though was this warning message that appeared on the back of the box.

Yikes! Wash hands after handling? Seriously? Gee, what are the odds that I might handle my MP3 player.

Hmm, I'll give you one guess which country manufactured this thing.


cathouse teri said...

SCARY! (And you know I don't scare easily!)

Glad you had a good day, Mister Dad. You boys deserve all the praise and recognition you can get.

Sornie said...

I'm going ot guess that the FM transmitter was made in Canada. We all know that Canada is trying to poison us not only with lead-infused electronics gadgets but with salmonella-tainted hockey pucks and calorie-ridden maple syrup.

Kathy said...

I got the same warning on lamps I just bought. Shade is fine, but the bases had the label. I haven't touched them because I'm too afraid, but I do love my new lamps. They look so pretty when the base glows neon green like that. They're supposed to glow, right?

Glad you had a wonderful father's day!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

teri - I just wish I would have read that warning label before I started licking the darned thing.

sornie - Good point. They're also poisoning us with their Alberta clippers during the winter.

kathy - Uh, sure... your hands are just not supposed to glow neon green after you touch the lamps.

Gen said...

They should probably put that warning on children's toys too. :-P

Anonymous said...

You should live here.

Here they don't warn you that FM iPod transmitters are dangerous to your health, they just tell you that if they catch you using one they'll prosecute you right down to your last penny, and then some.

Our government likes fining us.

wayabetty said...

WHAT'S SO GOOD ABOUT today?!! My van slider door can only close half way, even though I already brought it to the dealership last week to be fixed. So my hubbie had to come home from work at 9:30 AM and drove with the hazard lights on AND the sliding door half opened. And when we dropped off the van, I thought the service guy was going to cry b/c he had such a rough morning already.

So, I ask you "what's so good about today?!"

Roger Miller said...

So what do the Chinese make that DOESN'T have lead in it?

Too bad the kids didn't know that you needed gloves as well. :)

Glad you had a great day!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

groovy mom - Really. On the stuff that ACTUALLY needs the warning you don't see a word about it.

jerry - No kidding. What does the British gov't have against FM transmitters?

wayabetty - See? I told you I heard a big ol' "shut up" after I wrote that ;-)

mylhibug - That's so ironic that you wrote that. One of the other gifts I received on Sunday was a new pair of work gloves from my son. I didn't even make the connection. They must have figured that out before they gave me the stuff!

Idaho Dad said...

My FM transmitter never leaves our car. I just tote the iPod in and out, plugging it in without having to touch the actual transmitter part.

I'm sure that if I handle it, or eat it, or use it as a suppository, the thing will probably give me a disease. But as it is, I'm not so worried.

Jessica said...

Monday is the perfect day to be happy bc it sets you up for the rest of the week! :)
Scary about the transmitter. Yikes.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I think the warning should probably read--Warning! Attempting to find a clear channel on you FM Transmitter while operating your vehicle in heavy traffic may be hazardous to your health.

Michelle said...

See, this is why I just don't read boxes or instructions. It's much better for my sanity and blood pressure. Well, until said items don't work anyway!

Anonymous said...

How freaky is that? I guess you could always wear rubber gloves. Or oven mitts. lol

Unknown said...

iPastor has an iTrip and I have a Belkin 4-channel and we love Love LOVE them. Karaoke in the car, anyone?

Alice said...

Fierce girl! I love that she takes karate.

Julie Pippert said...

Look at her---she's fantastic. I hope she really enjoyed being in the parade!

Mom Thumb said...

Oh please, that's nothing. Did you know the coffee you buy at McDonald's is HOT?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

phil - I didn't see any warnings against using it as a suppository, so I'm sure you'll be ok with that. Let me know how that works out for you.

jessica - Monday has gotten a bad rap over time. I tend to feel sorry for Mondays and like to give them a hug every now and then.

ed - I'm lucky I live in a relatively remote area that doesn't have a lot of FM frequencies. This thing probably wouldn't work so hot in a large metropolitan area.

michelle - There are so many warning labels on everything these days they've become the boy who cried wolf of product liability. Someday you'll see a law suit because there were too many labels on the product and the victim couldn't find the proper warning.

corrina - I'm surprised it didn't come with a box of latex gloves.

gette - Do you also have a monitor on your dash that displays the words? ;b

alice - She really likes it... and is doing an awesome job too!

julie - Oh yeah, she had a blast. In fact, she's (we're) doing another parade again tomorrow. Here we go!!!

mom thumb - Quite frankly it's a miracle no one has died from that yet.

JD at I Do Things said...

Hey, I like Mondays, too! And I didn't even get showered with toxic gifts!

Happy Belated Father's Day.

JD at I Do Things

Windyridge said...

Unbelievable! When do we take back our country?