Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Just Got Lucky!

Seriously. I actually remembered to pay my license tabs this year before I got pulled over and issued a ticket. This is a big deal for me.

For some reason, I'm not very good at this particular task.

Ok, that's an understatement... I suck at it. And as proof of that, here's the online payment history of when I've paid my tabs over the last few years... the tabs that are due on June 1st mind you.

This year: Only 51 days late.
Last year: Only 25 days late, which is ridiculous considering that the year before I was 89 days late and busted for it - resulting in a $100 fine. Although I did get this story out of it so it wasn't a total waste of money.

I don't know why this is such a problem for me. But I do have a list of excuses for why this isn't totally my fault.

1. They send the reminder notice 6 weeks in advance.
Like you're not going to file this away in your kitchen junk drawer to be dealt with later when it's really time to pay them. The same drawer that contains a rebate check from Colgate from 2005.

2. I have 4 different vehicles that need registration - all at different times.
I can't remember that many things. Who do they think I am... Rain Man?

3. The little tab sticker thingy is only 1" high and is way down on the lower corner of my license plate.
The last time I looked down there was after I thought I had hit a cat and was worried that there might be guts splattered on my bumper. Fortunately I didn't hit it, because I hate having to clean up that kind of mess.

Anyway, no worries now. I've paid my tabs and I'm in the clear. For this vehicle. For this month. I'm sure I've got plenty of time before anything is due on the other ones.

Now, about those insurance premiums...

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I Am Woody said...

Good Lord - you can do that online?? Here in backwater Tennessee, we have to make the pilgrimage to the county courthouse!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. I thought everyone looked forward for an opportunity to vist the local D.M.V.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they send them way too early! I have had to pay them the minute I get them..GASP..because then I forget which really annoys my hubby! Luckily my cars are all due the same month.

Anonymous said...

I just paid the road tax on my wife's little baby car today - a Peugeot 107.

Its so small that HM Government are embarrassed to take the full £185 that a "normal" sized car would be so they only charge £35.

You even get to do it online and while you're doing that they sneak away and check that you're insured too, you only realise when the software pops up a message box to tell you how nice a person you are for complying with the law.

Heather said...

Oh, see that's one of the things that I have a husband for. I would be in the same situation as you if it weren't for him. Who looks at their license plate anyway? Craig just renewed my tabs last month and they gave him new plates for my car. I have yet to look and see what my new number is. Gah!

Roger Miller said...

I think that they send them early, just for that reason - we forget about it and then have to either pay double, or like in your case a fine. Although I guess doubling a fee would be like a fine, of sorts.

I actually got a ticket more than TWO YEARS, after my old tag expired. When the police officer asked me why? I honestly said that I forgot and that since it took two years to get pulled over, I figured it wasn't a big deal to the state either.

$256 and a threat of license suspension later, I've learned my lesson and go no more tha 60 days late. :)

Gen said...

Oh dear, and my husband makes a living busting people with overdue tabs. lol

But not in St. Cloud!

cathouse teri said...

First of all... clearly you own too many vehicles! Secondly, can't you give this job to your more responsible partner? Or is she worse than you are? Or does she just not want the damn job? Or maybe you can hire someone to remind you. Or maybe you can put a reminder in Outlook to let you know.

You are so silly.

As for me. I have a rule. Never pay anything unless you absolutely have to. And only then. It's a good thing we don't have debtor's prison because I'd be in it!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

lori - Well the first requirement is that your town have electricity.


rick - I go there sometimes when I'm not stressed enough.

noble pig - What is this concept of "pay them the minute I get them" you speak of?

jerrychicken - Sorry Gary, I don't have my £35 to $ conversion chart handy. Is that inexpensive?

heather - I need to get me a husband.

mylhibug - Ouch! But you can't say you didn't have it coming ;-)

groovy mom - I'm sure he's a nice guy. When he's not pulling me over.

teri - I only have 2 cars and a motorcycle. Plus we're "helping" manage my son's car since this is his first one. And I don't know how I got stuck with this job. It just happened.

Anonymous said...

Hey you're not the only one...I send mine in late all the time :-( Even after I get the several notices!

Anyway, you're right, "lucky you!" A ticket for expired tags would've been quite the bill!

April said...

Wow. That's something I actually always manage to do early. I'm slacking on my procrastination.

Michelle said...

Not to depress you or anything, but do you realize that 6 weeks by four vehicles is just about 6 months out of the year when you have one of those mailings hanging out at your house waiting to be paid. And if we add in your late time.... you may have the whole year covered!

Geeky, yes. But not enough to help you on the problem that I admittedly skimmed.

Anonymous said...

"Who do they think I am... Rain Man?"

This might actually be my fault. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

£ to $ conversion ?
Its about, almost exactly in fact, $69.16 per year for the baby car and $365.56 for the growed-up car.

We pay more road tax depending on the vehicle emissions, the top rate for the worst offenders (4x4, SUV's etc) is currently $790.40 per annum.

And then there's the 80% of petrol and diesel costs which go to the treasury too...

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ricardo - I've pushed my luck too far too many times with that deal... that's for sure!

april - Is it possible to slack on procrastination?

michelle - No kidding. I should just send out random checks to people on a weekly basis and hope everything just stays paid. Wait, I kinda do that already.

sinister dan - Definitely. Definitely you're fault. Definitely 10 minutes to Wapner.

jerrychicken - Yikes! Those growed-up cars are expensive!

Corrina said...

Where was this post when I needed it???? LOL

I have learned my lesson for future years...

Stephanie M said...

Hi from Mn - I can totally relate. We try to make it a habit to send our registration in late as well. Luckily we've never been pulled over and ticketed. knock on wood. I shouldn't have just written that.

Maureen said...

Tabs? Is that your auto insurance or your licence fees?

We have them combined up here now, and they are due three months after your birthday. Which means I get to try to apply those little stickers when it is -40 C in February. Joy.

Ever try to clean and dry a little corner of a grimy frozen licence plate? Not fun when your fingers are frozen numb.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

corrina - I hope you didn't get busted recently. I feel for anyone who has to go through that crap.

stephanie - Oh, you are SO screwed. And not in the good way! ;b

maureen - Tabs are for the license fees. And I actually DO know what it's like to put my tabs on in the winter, because that's when I usually apply my summer ones.

Ed said...

I thought you were rain man...well, a little taller though.