Sunday, July 27, 2008

Learning to Relax

Right now it's 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, and I'm sitting outside in a lawn chair at a cabin that overlooks a gorgeous lake.

I think I'm relaxing. I don't know for sure.

I come up here to Battle Lake, MN this same weekend every summer to play our annual bash at a place called Stubs Saloon. It's a huge event and hundreds of people show up to party and dance and celebrate my birthday with me (which is today btw... yay me!). It's always a great time.

One of the side benefits is the fact that our drummer owns a cabin on the lake, and so every year I come up early on Saturday with my kids, the band plays Saturday night, and we spend all our free time relaxing on the lake. But this doesn't necessarily come easy for me.

Case in point. Here's how yesterday played out:

12:00 noon - Arrive at the lake. Immediately sit down in a reclining lawn chair and have a beer.
12:45 - Head down to the lake and bob around in a floating reclining chair. With a beer.
1:30 - Take a nap.
2:00 - Wake up. Ask myself... Ok, am I done? Did I relax?

Immediately following that I became antsy for something to do or someplace to go. Meanwhile, all the other people who do this whole "cabin thing" on a regular basis were telling me to chill out and relax. But I'm not entirely sure I know how. I've never owned a cabin. I've never been taught this skill. Hell, I don't even fish!

But today I tried again and I think I had a little more success.

Here I am kneeboarding for the very first time.

Ok, this wasn't necessarily "relaxing" since I wiped out 2 times before I actually got up and going, but I think this is a good start.

Now, I'm going to grab another beer and try this again. I think with just a little more practice I could get the hang of it.

* * * * *

Everyone at this humor blog knows how to relax!


Alice said...

You live in MN and don't fish?!? What the...? That's the first thing my friends in MN did with me when I arrived.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little bro. We were going to give you a call, but you're on "cabin time", so sit back, relax, and chill. Later.

MYM said...

Not blogging might help, LOL ... altho I do appreciate the update. I'm jealous because if there's one thing I know how to do really well and for a really long time ... it's relax :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,Hon. Sounds like you are having a very nice time. wish we could be there to share it with you. We would like to call you, and sing "Happy Birthday" to you----hope we can get thru to you!!! Love you!!!

Michelle said...

Really, your first time kneeboarding? What kind of a Minnesotan doesn't spend time up North perfecting such skills? I'm with you on the not relaxing part though!

Michelle said...

OOPS! And I almost forgot -- a big Happy Birthday to you!

Roger Miller said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Now get off the computer and try to have some fun!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff: Enjoy the lake and music. Our family has sort of accepted that you may never make millions as a musician. We still are proud of you and your real accomplishments. I have not seen any musicians that have kept their lives and health, when they made it to the big time, so happy birthday!--Dad P.S. Your mother and I can only buy so many of your records.

Heather said...

I don't understand not being able to relax. I love to sit and do nothing. In fact, I'm quite good at it.

Happy Birthday Jeff. You don't look half as bad as everyone says you do.

bon bon said...

i'm a bit confused why the post is dated thursday and you say it's sunday. so i'll wish you a happy birthday week to cover all the bases!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

alice - Never have. The rest of my family loves to fish, but I've never been interested.

rick - Thanks. I'll talk at you tomorrow.

drowsey - I'm planning on relaxing full time after my kids move on. Isn't that sad?

mom - Thanks mom. Let's chat tomorrow. I'll call you when I call Rick.

michelle - I'm more of a skier. I used to water ski a lot when I was a kid.

roger - Don't worry. There's plenty of fun to go around here. And besides... blogging IS fun!

bill - Well then, you'd better get the checkbook out, because The Receders are going in the studio next week!

heather - I could probably learn a thing or two from you about relaxing. And thanks for the compliment. I think ;-)

bon bon - Good catch. I think I overwrote a draft post that I started last Wednesday and forgot to change the date when I published this. I changed it now. Thanks for the heads up. And thanks for the b-day wishes too!

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!

Looks like a great way to celebrate.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I've heard of this relaxing thing. I'd love to know more about it.

Happy Birthday!

Gen said...

Are you serious? You live in Minnesota and you do not know how to fish?! That's almost as bad as the time my mom brought Mrs. Paul's fishsticks on a fish fry weekend at Mille Lacs Lake for a family reunion. She still hears about that 30 years later.

Happy Birthday! DO learn to relax. It is a good thing. :-)

Idaho Dad said...

Happy Birthday!

The only time I ever relax these days is when we go to the lake. I get about fifteen minutes of relaxation before the kids want to have splashing wars.

JD at I Do Things said...

Happy birthday!

That sounds like a fun weekend (except for the kneeboarding, which would terrify me).

Any time you need some relaxing done, please call me. I have it down to a science. A relaxing science.

JD at I Do Things

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!

You know how i relax?

I read, which by the way, I'm almost done with the book, and it's really good! One of my new favorites. I can't wait to finish it.

Sornie said...

The secret to relaxing is a tad more beer. Shut your laptop and report back with your findings when you start seeing coffee shops onevery other corner.

Doozie said...

relaxing is an art indeed. perhaps they offer classes on it at the local college?

happy burpday

Anonymous said...

Jeff- What's with your family and boards? Austin skate boards and serves on a board, Brandon works with mother boards, Roseanna breaks boards in karate, Char uses self-healing boards with scrapbooking and you knee board and play keyboard??

I see a blog title change in your future...

Happy birthday, friend!

Anonymous said...

Everytime i try skiing I get water up the nose and a ski up my butt...poop.

April said...

Happy Bday Jeff! Your weekend sounds awesome.

Ed said...

Happy Birthday (belated)! You know, as your elder peer I have the advantage of more wisdom than you (an entire week) and can therefore tell you to not worry about what other people define relaxation. I'm like you; I have to be doing things along with my sitting around. By most people's standards I book a LOT more activities than most and I still call it relaxing. Oh, and when you build up to that extra week that I have over you (which you know I'll always have that held over you...ha ha ha) then you'll be able to move up from knee boarding to actual water skis or wakeboards. Only then will you be able to confront your destiny (and injur major body items)...

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!! I know what you mean about the fishing. When people find out I lived in Kenai and now in Juneau and have never fished, they look at me like like some sort of criminal.

cathouse teri said...

You didn't tell us what baby girl bought you for your birthday!

Now, hand me a beer. I'm GREAT at relaxing! I relaxed so much this weekend, that my body began to think we were sick! No one should rest that much!

Okay, it wasn't ALLLLLL rest. But it was all enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin, Happy Birthday! Now you are as old as I am. Trust me; it’s all down hill from here. I seem to recall that you were very good at relaxing for a week at a time at our cabin when we were kids.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

maureen - Oh yeah.

ed - When you find out how it works, please let me know!

groovy mom - What's wrong with fish sticks? I love those things.

phil - And you're saying splashing wars don't relax you? What's your problem? ;b

jd - No kidding. You're the only person I know who goes to a nudist camp to relax. I'd say you've got it down all right.

sarah - Reading Jess Riley's book Driving Sideways IS a great way to relax! Oops, sorry Sarah... I just couldn't pass up your excellent lead-in to pimp her work. Us bloggers need to stick together :-)

sornie - I can't drink too many beers, hence the reason my second activity was taking a nap.

doozie - The only problem is, college makes me tense, so I don't think that would work.

jennine - Very clever... as always. I'll never get board with your comments.

noble pig - I believe you might be wearing it wrong.

april - It was, and thank you!

ve - Funny thing is, I know how to water ski fairly well. I just couldn't seem to get scootched up far enough on the board to get good balance. I think this board was too small for me. Do they sell mutant-sized models?

elizabeth - I thought I saw your picture at the post office up there.

teri - Rosie bought me a sweet cell phone charger because I lost my old one. I'm not even going to ask what else you did this weekend ;-)

funkster - The funny thing is, we were kneeboarding at your cabin when we were like 10 years old. As a matter of fact, I had visions of doing "smoothies in the bay" this weekend, but this experience didn't turn out anything like that.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Happy birthday!

Hope you had/have a great time, relaxing or not.

Whit said...

Happy birthday! I don't fish either, but I can beer with the best of them.

Anonymous said...


Now that' awesome! Trying somethin' new and stickin' with it... When I tried snowboarding for the first time I kept falling and it hurt...a lot! But 10 years later I'm still going at it. So keep it up and enjoy!

Simon Jester said...

Your problem is stopping at two beers.

Happy Birthday.

cathouse teri said...

That little bastard VE is trying to sneak past me on the commentage list!

but Momma said...

Happy Birthday! Video of the wipeout would be good!

Stephanie M said...

Does your band play? Do you have a schedule somewhere?

SHW said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! You have the same birthday as my hubby! Glad you got to do some relaxing lakeside. I always wonder if people in other states can really relax without lakefront cabins.

wayabetty said...

Happy belated b-day Jeff!! We were away camping "trying to relax" too, but I'm the same with you, I can't relax. How can you relax with 9 kids on a camping ground? And then coming home to a 7 loads of laundry from the camping trip, and a house w/pile high mess?