Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm taking off to Canada eh, you hosers

I'm taking a few days off folks and need to clear my desk before I go.

Next post: It's probably going to be a couple of weeks before I get the chance to post again OR visit any of your blogs. But don't panic! I'll be back.

What am I doing? Glad you asked!

Tomorrow, The Receders will be in the studio to start working on our first CD! After 8 years I'd say it's about time. And who knows... in another 8 years it might be done.

May the circle be unbroken - On Wednesday I'll be taking my kids on a little tour around the Great Lakes in conjunction with a visit to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) so Brandon can tour the campus.

We decided we may as well make a vacation out of it since it's been long time since our last family trip - and we are staying in Erie PA (the first night - whoa), Rochester NY, Niagara Falls Canada, Toronto Canada, and Sault Ste Marie, MI. As part of this 2300 mile tour we will end up touching the shores of all 5 Great Lakes in one trip. That's pretty cool. Cold actually - these lakes are freaking freezing!

Bonus! By sheer coincidence, one of my bloggy buds JD, from I Do Things and her family are going to be in Niagara Falls and Toronto the day after we are. Our schedules won't allow us to meet in person, but I'm going to leave these little cloud stickers in obvious touristy spots (I told her that I don't want to put my blog name on them because I don't want to get tracked down for littering and thrown in some Canadian prison while they "attempt" to find my paperwork for 3 years) and for every sticker JD can find and photograph as proof, she'll get 1 point. If she finds ALL the stickers then she'll win a giant gas guzzling motorhome that gets .8 miles to the gallon. Good luck JD!

And THEN, because Kathy needs to be the center of attention for everything, she and her sister (Ann) and Ann's daughter (Regan) are going to drive up from PA to Toronto for a little vacation of their own and meet up with me on Saturday, JD on Sunday and Jaffer on Monday. How cool is that! But the best part is, Kathy is sure to screw something up big time which will ultimately end up as major comedy for the rest of us to read about. Go Kathy! And thanks!

One major bummer though... due to her new job and her prior business commitments, my wife Charli won't be coming with us. :-( But I would like to take this time to publicly thank her for all the hard work she has put into planning this entire trip, booking the hotels and buying all the food we're taking with us. Thanks hon... you are the best of the best!

Unfinished Business: Remember a few weeks ago when I was begging for money for Dan's charity walk in exchange for the chance to win an awesome new razor? Well, I finally did the drawing today and I'm happy to say my dad Bill is the grand prize winner! Congratulations Bill. And thank you EVERYONE for your generous donations! I wish I could give razors to all of you.

Major Milestone: Finally.. my 500th post is coming up in only 5 more posts! (go ahead and read the previous ones real quick, I'll wait...)

So in honor of this most historic event I'd like to steal a cool idea from April and give you the opportunity to ask me a question. Not a Mr. Know-It-All kind of question, but something you want to know about me. Then on that day I will attempt to answer them - provided they are family-friendlyish and legible.

There, I think that's enough mash-up for one day. But this post does have to carry me for nearly 2 weeks, so hopefully I'll come back to 5 or 6 hundred comments. Yeah, that should do it.

So until then. See you later hosers!!!

* * * * *

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Sarah said...

yay i'm first

Ok so there's a LOt to respond to so here we go:

- We took that same trip last spring vaction but went north first. When you're in PA i think there are a lot of vinards (spelling?) (places that make wine) and we made a game to see who's side had the most. They're really cool so try to make time to stop in at one ans ask some questions about wine making, very cool.

-Make sure you try to put a toe in every lake, they aren't freezing now, like when we went so you're npot risking frost bite like we were.

-Sault Ste Marie, if I remember right, is absolutly beautiful so enjoy the town if you can.

- Good Luck JD!!

- God's blessings Kathy!!

- Oh a little tip while in Canada, don't say "eh" at the end of the sentance, They'll look at you funny. and I've been going to Canada one a year since I was 3 and never heard anyone use the term "hosers".

- Charlie, you're so nice doing that for Jeff. He's lucky you picked him.

- Congrats/Good Job Bill!!

- I have to think about what to ask you, so expect another comment from me later on.

April said...

What made you start blogging?

It seems your family all supports the blogging; are there some people IRL who don't know about it?

We all know you're a great dad, and love being a dad, but what has been the hardest part of parenting for you? How do you overcome it?

MYM said...

If you need help with translation, let me know, eh.

Kathy ... on a road trip. This makes me uneasy.

Idaho Dad said...

OR visit any of your blogs

Aw, you're just going on vacation to cover up the fact that you've decided to stop reading my blog. Very sneaky.

We took a 2300-mile road trip last April. Glad to see you're also doing your part to keep the oil companies in business!

Are you sure you don't want to spend the night in Ashtabula? It's always been a dream of mine to spend a night in Ashtabula.

Have fun! By the way, my 1000th post came and went last week and I totally forgot to enjoy it, so can I live vicariously through your 500th celebration?

Dave2 said...

That sounds like fun and all... but you will be missed at Dave Louis! :-)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

sarah - Thanks for all the good advice. The northern Canadian loop seems pretty desolate up there. Do I need to worry about being kidnapped by moose or anything? And FYI, the term "hoser" was introduced by Bob and Doug McKenzie in 1980, about 15 years before you were born, so I'll make sure I only say it to older hosers.

april - Thanks, great questions!

drowsey - Thanks but no thanks. I'm bilingual.

phil - Yes, I'll do whatever it takes to stay away from your blog ;-) How about if I spend 10 minutes at a rest stop in Ashtabula? And a BIG CONGRATS on your 1000th post! Holy cow, that's impressive!

dave2 - Thanks. I so would have been there if I could. Is there ever going to be a Dave-apolis in our future?

Anonymous said...

I won, I won!! Is it possible for you to send my grand prize to Dan, so he can extend the fundraiser over in England? If so, please send it with my good wishes. The dollar store went out of business here, and I bought enough razors to take me to my bake-off.--Bill P.S. Do you plan to say hello to a faithful blogger in Thunder Bay?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see, you are not taking the upper lake tour, which we enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, a little correction : I'm meeting Kathy on Sunday.
And JD will be seeing her on Monday.

Will you be back on the road on Sunday ? I wish I could've met you too !

Looks like an awesome plan. Have a great trip !

Believe it or not, as excited as Kathy is, I'm a nervous wreck -hoping I do everything right !

Maureen said...

Wow, that's quite a trip, eh! Makes our little soujourn down to Minni a short jaunt.

Have a wonderful time Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Canada! I can't wait to meet you, JD and Jaffer. And then buy some keychains.

Anonymous said...

Eight years, eh? Is the title of your new album going to have anything to do with hairlines? *rimshot*

Mom Thumb said...

Two weeks - I will go through withdrawal. I'm not even kidding. And you're going to miss my post about the Boundary Waters trip, eh.

I hope you have a great trip, sounds like fun!

Sarah said...

Only ten years jeff. I'm 18 not 13

oh and I have no clue who those people are.. off to google!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

bill - Sorry dad, it would cost 3x as much as the razor is worth to send it to England. But thanks for offering to give it up for a good cause. I don't care what they say about you, you're a good egg.

jaffer - I don't think you have to worry about messing up around Kathy. I have a feeling she's pretty easy going.

maureen - Thanks. I think this really will be fun!

regan - Keychains? Are you getting a car soon? I'm looking forward to meeting you too!

marie - You never know. After all, our tagline is "A bit less hair, a LOT more soul!"

mom thumb - I'll make sure I check in on your Boundary Waters stories. That's a beautiful place.

sarah - I knew that. I was just trying to help keep your math skills sharp now that you're going to college and all. I'm happy to say you passed the test. Oh, and you're welcome!

JD at I Do Things said...

Woo! What an exciting post! Usually clearing off your desk involves all kinds of boring stuff, but this was quite the opposite.

Congrats on getting to take a great vacation (and sorry Charli can't go), on 500 (almost) posts, AND recording a CD!!! COOL!

I'm so excited to get to Niagara Falls and start looking for your Cloud stickers. Everyone else will be ooh-ing and ah-ing over the natural beauty of the falls, and I'll be elbowing tourists out of the way to find my dang stickers!

So sorry I'm going to just miss you. Have a great vacation.

JD at I Do Things

JD at I Do Things said...

Ooops! I forgot my question:

How long did it take you to learn how to play the harmonica? (Please include any pertinent details: did you teach yourself? Do you think I could learn? and so on)

Oh! and congratulations, Bill!

JD at I Do Things

Elizabeth said...

I went to RIT once and visited the National Technical Institute for the Deaf that is part of the campus. It was an amazing place, I hope your son enjoys the tour. And have a great safe and fun trip!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and my question is:
Do you speak any foriegn language? Is there any language that you don't speak now that you really would like to learn?

Kathy said...

Ah, Jeff. You know me too well. I hope I don't disappoint you by doing everything right.

And Jaffer, you can't be serious. We're going to have a blast. Set your mind at ease, buddy!

OK, Jeff. Back to you. Here are my questions:

1. What sports, clubs or activities were you involved with in high school?

2. Did you ever break a bone?

3. Besides Canada, have you ever traveled out of the U.S.? If so, where?

4. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

5. What's the best Christmas gift you ever got as a child?

6. And here's a dare: What was your SAT score?

Unknown said...

Not one hotel with internet access in the lobby? Dude.

Anonymous said...

@When we were in Sault St. Marie we took a bus tour of the city, and that was really interesting. Also, we took a boat tour of the harbour, and went thru the locks---the kids would really think that a lot of fun----lowering and raising a big ship, like that. WOW---what a wonderful trip!!! You all have a wonderful time!! I just wish Charlie could go!!

Heather said...

Oh no! I'm an older hoser because I know Strange Brew? Take off!

Heather said...

Oh I forgot to leave a question...

How much furniture did Charli have when you met her? Did that seal the deal?

Michelle said...

Wow. You're seriously driving from MN to Erie in ONE day? With you as the sole driver? Really? I think I can stop whining about just doing the SEVEN hours from Chicago to MSP in a couple weeks. Do you have any idea how much time you're going to be in the car for (spoken like a true road trip hater)?

It sounds like your trip may(?) mean that you won't be there when we make it to MN for the Fair (21st). I'll eat some cheese curds for you. And I SWEAR to try some sort of candy bar on a stick. Just for you.

So my question for you: it seems like most of the people I know who are in MN now (including those who have moved there in the past few years) come FROM Minnesota or have a connection to it like that. The people I went to high school with (go Royals!) are mostly still there. There's nothing *wrong* with that at all, and it says a lot about MN that people love it enough to want to stay there. I just find it interesting... so I believe I remember you saying that you grew up in MN. Did you ever think about leaving? Did you ever leave for awhile (other than touring, obviusly)? What keeps you there? Would you leave if given the opportunity?

Have a great trip!

Michelle said...

Oh yeah -- and congrats on recording the CD! Way cool!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

jd - Maybe you're going to be the one who ends up in a Canadian prison... "American woman arrested for elbowing tourists. More at 11:00!"

elizabeth - He's really looking forward to seeing RIT. It seems like a good fit for him so I hope it works out.

kathy - I don't actually know what my SAT score is. Is it possible to find that out after 30 years?

gette - I don't think I'll have time at the hotels. Do you have any idea how slow of a blog reader I am? I can only get through like 4 people an hour.

mom - Yeah, I wish she could go too. It's not going to be the same without her.

heather - Yeah but do you remember them from their SCTV days? God that was a great show.

michelle - No, Brandon is going to share the driving, but yeah... that is a crankin long ass way to go, that's fur sure. We'll be back on the 18th so we still might be at the fair on the 21st. Who knows?!

yellojkt said...

Sounds like a great road trip. I know several good engineers that went to RIT.

Bee said...

So basically you are getting a clean desk and going to Canada to record Niagara Falls after guzzling frozen gas 500 times for Dan's Charity.


United Studies said...

What a trip that will be! Have a great time! Don't forget to take pictures so you can share them with us.

cathouse teri said...

Hey! Come on! Delay your trip one day to visit with JD!

I hope you all have a great time. You deserve it, every one of you!

Doozie said...

I hope all your kids have nintendo DS and laptop computers. Otherwise there could be dead bodies strewn about for thousands of miles.

Ed said...

Jeff, have a great time on your whirlwind vacation. I've already left some fun information at all the border patrols. They'll be waiting for you. It's the least I could do! ha ha

Babs (Beetle) said...

Have a great holiday. Shame your wife can't make it.

I'll probably hear the laughter, when JD & Kathy meet up, from here :O)

My question (and forgive me if I should know, I'm new here) Do you play any other instruments, besides the harmonica?

Fancy Schmancy said...

What kind of magnet is Canada plugging in to get all the
American blogger tourists? Hope you all have fun!

Windyridge said...

You're gonna be 3 hours away from us!! You should come visit the farm. Heck you feel like you live here right?

Is your son considoering RIT? Mine is too. If he goes to RIT you better come visit us!!!

eyes_only4him said...

Have fun...I grew up on lake Huron..I have swam in all but Lake Sup..

Thats allota driven safe.

JD at I Do Things said...

What Cathouse Teri said!

Also, Babs? There will also be screaming.

JD at I Do Things

Unknown said...

I meant to write at the hotels, silly!

Alice said...

I'm looking forward to your trip report as I've always wanted to drive through Canada over the lakes like that. Have a safe trip and a good time!

Kathy said...

@ jacki -- Oh, there will be NO pictures. I prefer everyone still think I look like the picture on my blog.

@ Jeff -- If you want pictures, you're going to have to pixelate my head. K?

@ JD -- Screaming and acting like fools!

damon said...

A little scavenger hunt for the JD. That's pretty cool. I'd have joined her had I known about the sweet ass motorhome giveaway extravaganza.

Mrs. R said...

Have a great vacation.

SHW said...

Erie in one day! WOW! We could only go a bit past Cleveland. I can't wait to hear the CD! Hope you have a great trip, sounds like a lot of driving but a lot of fun too.

Roger Miller said...'s a beauty way to go!

When you drive on I-90 and cross the Fox River, look south and wave, as we are only about 10 miles from there.

Have a safe trip!!

cathouse teri said...

Hey guys, we'd better hurry if we're gonna get this comment thing up over a hundred!

Marvin said...

Yah, you'll have a good time up there, you betcha. Sounds like a fun trip! Show us pics.

*lynne* said...

congrats on the CD-making!

and wow that looks like quite a trip - have fun!!

cathouse teri said...

Hurry back! We miss you!
No seriously... hurry!


(But be safe.)

Anonymous said...

I am totally laughing at the "eh" part. I had a Canadian roommate once and that's all that came out of her mouth

Elizabeth said...

Speaking about the "eh" thing brought up a memory. My father is Canadian and when I would go up and visit him my step sister would always make fun that I would say "huh" the same way they said "eh". She would say "nice day, eh?" And I would say "Nice day, huh?" It would drive me crazy; I never realized how much I used it. "So, we're having burgers for dinner tonight huh?"
"You liked that movie huh?"
It was even worse when I went to Toronto one summer to work at Canada's Wonderland. My co-workers teased me mercilessly.
Oh well, just thought I’d share.
Hope you're having a good time!

cathouse teri said...

I had a good friend who lived in Vancouver, and he said "eh" a lot. I got into the habit of it. But then, it was also natural for me because I come from Minnesota stock and they tend to be very eh-ish!

Elizabeth said...

My friend lives in Fargo, North Dakota which is right on the border of Minnesota if I remember right. Anyway, she says they have a really interesting accent down there.

Anonymous said...

Question: What was in the river? The Army Corps of Engineers from Mpls is checking it out, if it is still there.

cathouse teri said...

*waiting... waiting*