Friday, November 28, 2008

It is Good

I'm finally coming back to life after yesterday and this morning.

We ended up doing something new for Thanksgiving this year. This was the first time we had 2 teenagers who had to work both Thursday and Friday so we couldn't take our annual pilgrimage up to Duluth to spend turkey day with mom and dad and the rest of my family. So we had it here alone.

And it was good.

Everyone in the family pitched in and helped out with the preparations. Roseanna made an award-winning peach pie, the boys helped with the other things and I made the gravy and carved the turkey. Mmmwwwaaa! Everything was délicieux.

I think we may have received an over-hormoned turkey though. Before I even left the table I began to feel drowsy. I kid you not I was asleep on the couch 15 minutes after I wobbled away from the table.

And it was good.

Then last night I protested at the Black Friday ads in the newspaper... "I'm not getting up at 4 a.m. to go stand in line in the freezing cold... so don't bother waking me up! Besides, we already have a Wii."

So at 4:00 this morning Charli and I headed out to scoop up the good deals on Christmas presents for all. It wasn't until 10:30 that we finally rolled back into the house. Oy.

I kid you not I was asleep on the couch 15 minutes after I wobbled through the door.

And it was good.

The whole time I was shopping this morning I couldn't get this song out of my head, so I thought I'd share this little ear bug with you.

Because it is good.

And here I am now... still sitting on the couch, eating a turkey sandwich and writing this post.

Only 10 1/2 days left of vacation but who's counting. The Receders are going into the studio on Monday morning for our 2nd session. We'll lay down 5 more tracks and tweak a few things on the songs we did last time. And my brother Rick is coming down from Duluth on Tuesday to help me put up my Christmas lights for no other reason than to do nothing and "play."

And it will be good.


Elizabeth said...

4:00am, wow that is early! I've never gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving, are the sales really that good?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking you'd miss out on the 4:00am shopping trip, since you weren't going to be here. St. Cloud has it too, and I didn't think it would. Were the sales as good as in Duluth? Was it fun, fun, fun?

Anonymous said...

No the sales aren't that good (and certainly not good enough to trample to death a Walmart employee like they did in Long Island - not that ANYTHING would be worth that) but it wouldn't feel like the beginning of the holiday season without this ritual and then coffee and breakfast out afterward, hmmmm it is good.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

elizabeth - It can be worth the effort if the specific thing you're looking for is on sale. A lot of the time you have to deal with rebates too so you really have to want it for it to pay off.

mom - All the chain stores nationwide do the same thing and basically have the same discounts. Unfortunately, as Charli pointed out, some people think the deals are worth killing over.

charli - I agree it's not as bad as I usually think it's going to be. It just never sounds that romantic the night before when I'm facing a 4 a.m. alarm clock.

Anonymous said...

You're right. That is a good song. But I've got a couple of questions for you.

1). Do you know where Steely Dan got their name?

2). Was Donald Fagen channeling Ray Charles in that video?

Have a great weekend.

Maureen said...

Gah! Hubby has wasted some beautiful days procrastinating and our Christmas lights still sit on his bench. I swear I am going to get up on the roof myself this weekend if he doesn't.

I think I should start a bet on who gets theirs up first; but I am sure you'll win.

April said...

In the "I've never" game, I have NEVER gotten up in the middle of a night to spend money at a mall. And I never will.
Glad you had a good thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

I am SO impressed that you got up at 4 and lasted until 10:15. I so have no interest in doing Black Friday. But if I had 12 days in a row off, maybe I could ;)

Heather said...

If they started the sales at 10 p.m. I might go out for them since I'm a night person. But it is quite torture for me to get up early in the morning if I don't have a baby to feed.

Windyridge said...

Steely Dan are so darn good. I would love to see them in concert except I don't think they are together anymore. A few of Fagan's albums are pretty good.
Yeah we were all trippin' out on tryptophan too.

Sandy said...

That's funny, because I was the one to look at those ads, then sent my husband out to stand in line at 4 a.m. with my list.

That's how we roll I guess.

I'm glad you had a good holiday. If you think of it, email me your address. We have a Christmas letter for you and your family.

Babs (Beetle) said...

I will show my ignorance now. What is 'Black Friday'?

It sounds like you had, and are having, a great holiday :O)

Babs (Beetle) said...

Forgot to say. Great bunch of musicians in the clip!

Anonymous said...

Our car didn't leave the driveway yesterday. I don't think I even poked my head outside. And it was good.

Anonymous said...

PS, LOVES me some Steely Dan.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jeff ! Good ! Good is a good word !

Babs (Beetle): I don't know the tradition behind Black Friday but it's the day after Thanks Giving where retailers decide to slash prices.

Exactly like the "Boxing Day" that we have in the UK and Canada.

Roger Miller said...

Jenni woke me up and... I convinced her that we don't need no stinkin' Black Friday sales - so she went back to bed, and I couldn't get back to sleep. So I went to work to earn me some extra holiday cash, for when we get back from Disney (oops, sorry I menioned it again.)

Only 19 days left of my "work stoppage."

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

doug - 1. Yes, I do know how they got their name, but this is a family show so we'll let it be our secret. 2. I hope so. Every musician should channel Ray Charles if he can. ;-)

maureen - I almost had my lights up once, but 2/3 of the string malfunctioned so I said "screw it" and threw them in the garbage. Then yesterday (on Black Friday of course) I found a killer deal on new ones so now I can try again.

april - I would be there right alongside you if... well, you know.

michelle - It was a long morning, that's for sure. The couch was my reward.

heather - Easy then. Just take your baby with you at 4 a.m. and do both!

windyridge - Me too. I'd go to them in a heartbeat if they came to Mpls. It looks like they are still touring too.

sandy - That makes sense when you have little kids at home. Unfortunately, I don't get to use that excuse.

babs - We did have a great holiday, thanks! And thanks Jaffer for answering her question.

carlae - I've loved Steely Dan since the first time I heard them. They are truly musician's musicians.

jaffer - You mean Boxing Day has nothing to do with fighting? Well I'll be...

roger - I can't call it "work stoppage" because I usually do more work while I'm on vacation than when I'm at work. ;b

Mom Thumb said...

We didn't go to the 30+ person Thanksgiving in Minnesota for the first time in ten years, and guess what? KARE 11 news showed up AND later on, they passed around a hookah that someone brought back from Iraq. WTH?

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Semi-unrelated to the post at hand but...will this CD you speak of be available on this your blog for ordering once it is finished? :o)

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I'm glad you had such a good holiday! My mom and dad went out early on Friday. She said they would never do that again. I'm glad I stayed home, I'm not so brave as the rest of you deal hunters.

Anonymous said...

The only time I went with you on Black Friday, I had a heart attack. That's a tough act to follow. Best Buy even charged me for the coke.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a terrible song.

Unknown said...

Steely Dan is good.
We prefer Buy Nothing Day to Black Friday at our house. The Wiis are never on the big sales, anyway.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mom thumb - Isn't a hookah like some kind of bong? I had no idea your holiday get-togethers were such a party. No wonder 30+ people show up!

shieldmaiden96 - Absotively! In fact, I'm counting on this blog to completely finance the entire cost of production. Uh... do you think I'm being unrealistic?

jen - That's funny, I said the same thing.

bill - Yeah, you'll try anything for a free coke.

sarah♥ - You're right... the lyrics are very sad. You are talking about the lyrics, right? ;-)

gette - I would prefer buy nothing day too, but my kids get a little upset if they get nothing at Christmas.

Mom Thumb said...

Yeah, supposedly a hookah is for smoking herbal fruits and tobacco. I'd be surprised if (most of) that crowd was smoking anything illegal but still, WTH?

JD at I Do Things said...

I'm glad "it was good." Our T-giving was good, too. We must've gotten the turkey with NO hormones, because immediately after dinner we all played a frenzied game of charades.

As for Black Friday? Love the song, hate the shopping day.

JD at I Do Things

Ed said...

I did that early morning thing only once. I got a DVD player for $78 and a VCR player for $25 and was back home and in bed by 5am. I had already gotten a TV from American Express miles earned at work and my cousin gave me his old satellite box so ended up with a full set up in our bedroom for only $103 and an hour or two of sleep. But I don't do that early crazy stuff anymore. I sleep in and pay full price online...

cathouse teri said...

I'll go along with what Mae West said:

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful!"

Anonymous said...

I was sure the U-Tube was going to be Neil Diamond singing "Morningside". Ahh, and it was good.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mom thumb - "Herbal fruits"... So that's what they're calling it now eh?

jd - I was playing charades too. I was doing... Movie: "While you were sleeping."

ve - You don't need to pay full price today. It's Cyber Monday!

teri - That ol' Mae West was a pretty smart cooking.

rick - Huh? You'll have to explain this one to me tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight.

United Studies said...

I have never, ever been compelled to go out at 4am to shop any day of the year, let alone Black Friday. I have a sneaky suspicion that the sales are actually better the closer you get to Christmas.

This year a lot of my shopping is going to be done online, anyways.