Friday, February 20, 2009

My View: $8 wasn't the answer

Someone please help me understand something...

Why did the government decide to give us an extra $8 in our paychecks every week? How on earth is that going to help anybody. Seriously.

I work for a very small company with less than 30 employees. Our company has been struggling for years to keep its head above water and is now being tested more than ever.

Wouldn't it have made much more sense to give this money to the hundreds of thousands of small businesses who actually employ people like me?

The way I calculate it... if 137 million people receive an extra $8 per check - that's over $1 billion every week! Can you imagine how many small businesses they could keep afloat with that kind of money?!

The bottom line is, if my company survives, 30 people will be just fine and will continue to contribute positively to the economy for years to come. However if it doesn't, not only won't the $8 do us any good... we won't even have a paycheck to receive it in.

Am I missing something here? Because I'd sure like to know why this seems so obvious to me but not to the "experts" who crafted this package. Didn't they learn anything from the last round of stimulus checks?

Listen up Washington... WE DON'T NEED $8! WE NEED OUR JOBS!

There, I feel better now.


Babs-beetle said...

It certainly sounds ludicrous to me!
Perhaps it's just a ploy to get the general public on side. Who knows? not I that's for sure.

Steve Novoselac said...

The last stimulus , nobody spent it like the govt wanted them to. Think of the 8-10 a paycheck as a raise. People will be more likely to spend it unlike a lump sum. Spend it on movies and food and all over aka stimulate things. Keep many businesses afloat, keep the food chain working. What good is working if no one (or many less than normal) buys your product?

crk112 said...

This is why I don't follow politics... Cause idiots piss me off and idiots trying to run a country piss me off even more.

Heather said...

I'd leave a comment, but my head exploded.

Maureen said...

Wow. I don't think I'd even NOTICE $8 more on my paystub... every payday the total amount is slightly different depending on what the deductions are. As long as it's approximately what I think is right, I don't even notice.

What a waste!

Roger Miller said...

Don't mind us, we're the government and we'll make everything all better. Uh huh, and I have a bridge that I'd like to sell you as well.

Have I ever mentioned my distaste for the government before? :)

Windyridge said...

Jeff, I couldn't agree with you more and was wondering what twisted logic this is??? $8 a month doesn't even cover the toilet paper we use in our house. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

How do you stimulate factories that have moved overseas? Perhaps we should take the cash and build new factories here, then close the door, but first put the bank and political crooks on one of those empty boats heading back to China. Oh yes, congratulations, now let your bloggers guess what for.

Mom Thumb said...

Is that my young son being pissed off up there? I thought all my crusading would rub off on my kids, but apparently it had the opposite effect on him. As for anything having to do with the economy, let's just say I'm not sleeping much these days.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

beetle - I think they lost the general public long ago. Nobody but the government thinks this was a good idea.

steve - What you're saying is that they're hoping to leak the $8-10 into the economy by adding it to our salaries. But people are struggling just to pay their credit debt and not lose their homes. Just like the last round of stimulus, they'll most likely use it to stop the bleeding, and not go to a movie or McDonalds. At least that's how I see it.

curtis - I agree. We need less idiots in government. Now... how do we do that again?

heather - Maybe you can hire someone to clean that up.

maureen - So, what's Canada's answer? Are you getting a non-noticeable raise too?

roger - That's true... they never did buy that bridge in Alaska did they.

windyridge - It may be as much as $8/wk, but we drink more milk than that per week.

bill - Last I heard China had all our money too. Now they have even more.

mom thumb - I like hearing what Curtis has to say. You've done a good job of raising an outspoken young lad!

Ed said...

I don't need my job...I just need my paycheck

Corrina said...

Ahhh our tax dollars hard at work.

Michelle said...

Oh I don't know... that's almost two whole coffees at Starbucks a week. With that kind of firepower on hand, I might be able to singlehandedly solve the economic crisis myself. SEE? There was a logic to it.

Maureen said...

Um nope, no raises; but our employee health plan was improved; now our company (well, the government, since I work at the hospital) is paying a lot more into our dental and vision benefits and improving those benefits too. Which adds up to a lot more than $8 per cheque.

Anonymous said...

Because if you're going to steal literally trillions of dollars from future taxpayers in full public view, a little symbolic hush money well propagandized by an uncritical and fear-mongering main stream media provides a symbolic fig leaf.

And I do mean little. One billion is a fraction of 1/1000th they are giving to primarily Wall Street donors, RE pyramid speculators, and reckless individuals who need to find housing they can realistically afford.

You didn't think big political donors (led by the finance industry) gave the president 3/4 of a billion dollars without expecting a return on their investment? To be fair, nearly every candidate last year probably would've done something similiarly corrupt.

It's not stupidity, God no. It's evil genius - well thought out, planned and executed theft in broad daylight of amounts unheard of before. A million here and there - stupidity maybe. Billions and trillions - that stuff doesn't just fall between the seat cushions. That stuff draws the attentions of some very smart and well-connected individuals.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ve - Maybe you could start your own Ponzi scheme thingy... something where everyone gets paid but nobody does anything. Wait... that's exactly what he did. Nevermind.

corrina - At least our tax dollars are working.

michelle - Maybe they should pass out stimulus gift cards for them. "Starbucks Stimulation!"

maureen - Nice. I think I would like having governMINTy fresh teeth!

anon - Thank you for your insight. I was hoping someone would take a stab at my question. Hmmm, let's see... if I read real carefully between the lines and stretch my imagination, I could almost come to the conclusion that you think the government is crooked. Naw... I have to be reading that wrong. ;-)

cathouse teri said...

I think that's what they are hoping. The $8 in each paycheck will be a feeble attempt at caring about people, and then those businesses will close down and they will no longer have to add $8 per paycheck cause there won't be any!

It's brilliant, I say!