Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank you for your suggestions - Part I

Wow, thanks to you I now have lots of nonsense to write about. Sometimes it's a good idea to ask for help.

Since I know how long your attention spans are (not) and I'm kind of a long-winded answerer, I'm going to bust up your suggestions into a few different posts. Kathy replied first so here are my answers to her questions.

What's it like being very tall?

Well, I wouldn't say that I'm really tall. I'm only 6'4" which is taller than average but not freakishly so. Still, there are two situations where I am acutely aware of my height:

1. When I go down a stairwell and I have to duck underneath that part of the ceiling that drops down from above. Too many times I've gone lumbering down a set of stairs and clocked my noggin on that piece. Now I instinctively bend my neck to the right whether I need to or not.

2. When I have to talk to someone face-to-face who is taller than me. Because it's rare for me to be shorter than someone else, it actually makes me feel uncomfortable to have to look up at another person when I talk.

Your bucket list

Note: I'm ok with this idea, as long as I can remove the "before I die" stipulation. It's obvious I have to do these things before I die because it's pretty difficult to do things after you die - and saying "before I die" just makes it feel like I need to cram some stuff in before it's too late. Therefore, I prefer my bucket list to be considered stuff I will do "as soon as I can."

1. Take a motorcycle trip around the US with my wife and take (at least) 3 months to do it

2. Visit Norway, Japan and Australia

3. Perform on Letterman's Late Night with The Receders

4. Go SCUBA diving in exotic and safe locations ("safe" referring to no sharks, stingrays or other deadly creatures).

5. Orbit the earth from space

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Wow, cool question. You're like the Barbara Walters of the blogsphere! What kind of tree you say? That's a tough one.

Let's see:
- I'm afraid of heights so I wouldn't want to be something tall like a redwood
- I'm not gay so forget about any kind of fruit tree
- I'm way too tall to be any kind of bonsai
- I can't stand those car air freshners so pine trees are definitely out


- I'm mostly nuts so... let's go with an oak tree!

Blogging peeves (besides having nothing to write about)

I'm going to pass on this one, because I like totally am not like into the negative vibe?

However, if I was to turn this around and point out positive attributes you should try to achieve instead, I might say things such as:
- Keep your font clear and easy to read. Old people like me don't do well with pink on blue.
- Make your posts as short and digestible as possible (uh, unlike this one?). Like I said earlier, bloggers have very short attention spans.
- Enjoy your template as is and focus on your writing. Fancy templates are not what keeps the people coming back (said the guy who doesn't use a template).
- Write when you're inspired and know when to take a break. Either that or ask your readers for input. You'll be surprised at how helpful they will be!
- Have fun. Be silly. Let your hair down! Rants are ok every now and then but EVERYBODY likes to laugh.
Ok, who am I kidding... these are really just peeves in (not so clever) disguise. Oh well, I gave it a shot.

The times in your life you've cried

You mean besides when Spock died and they had to shoot him down to the planet Genesis?

Well, other than the millions of times I screamed in protest over my brother's tortuous teasing as a child, the only other time I can remember crying was the first time I held Brandon immediately after he was born. There's really no other moment quite like that in a parent's life.

So thank you Kathy, these questions have been very helpful. And for the rest of you...

Watch for your answers soon!


Unknown said...

Aw. I hate waiting...

Anonymous said...

What a darling picture of you 3. I've not seen that one before. How come I never got a copy?!!!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I instinctively bend my neck to the right whether I need to or not...

Funny...I always bend to the left. But I'm only 5'9" so I rarely need to.

Heather said...

It WAS pretty sad when Spock died.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jeff! I didn't think you'd answer them all, but thank you! So cool.

I know what you mean about that uncomfortable feeling talking to a taller person. The student who works part-time on our team is your height. It feels strange tilting my head all the way back when we speak while standing. I prefer we both sit down for convos.

I agree 100% with the short post thing. We all have ADD, I think. For me, my shorter posts (500 words or less) "perform" better than longer ones. Geez, if I keep talking, this comment will be 500 words, so one last thing...

Can you blog on your motorcycle trip? Because I can't do without the View for three months at a shot. I'd never survive. Just sayin'.

Meg said...

Spock died?

You do know I've got a Spock doll, don't you?

Nice post. Although I was hoping for a gig with my suggestion.

JD at I Do Things said...

I cried when Spock died, and I wasn't even a Trekkie. I hadn't even seen the MOVIE. It was just sad.

I love your "bucket" list and the picture of your little beginning family. Very sweet.

Good questions, Kathy! If you ever need a change of career, you could be a blog journalist!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

gette - Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

mom - I didn't even know we had it until I looked in Brandon's baby book last night. Anyway, you have it now ;-)

ed - Are you left-handed by chance?

heather - Yes. I can't believe it's not a holiday. Probably because he came back to life later.

kathy - If I still have a blog by the time I get the chance to do that trip, I guarantee I'll be updating regularly. You can't buy material like that.

prefers - Apparently you didn't check back on my reply to your comment on my last post. Like I said... have at it. Anytime.

jd - What do you think the odds are I'll be able to orbit the earth anytime soon? Probably better than being on Letterman.

Mom Thumb said...

Kids are good for the crying. I'm trying to pick out a mother-son dance song for Curt's wedding reception. I looked at videos of "Turn the Page" and "Sunrise, Sunset" and had to stop. So psych yourself up for some tears when one of them gets married!

Meg said...

Hey, I checked back now. Thanks.

Babs-beetle said...

Well, if I ever met you (which I somehow doubt) I would hope you would sit down to talk to me, while I stand. We would be about face to face then ;O) I once had to look down at someone to talk to them and it was very strange!

Anonymous said...

The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. Live long and prosper.

Michelle said...

You do realize that you only think you're not "that tall" because you're in the land of the Nordic peoples... go elsewhere, and you're really tall. I was always normal height in high school, etc. and now I'm relatively tall.

And I looooove those glasses!

Windyridge said...

I've been to Norway and it's incredibly clean. We actually tried to find litter in the streets of Oslo but couldn't, But be careful of the drivers. You step off the curb and put your life into your hands.
Re exotic diving, it's awesome and you can't dive anywhere that I know of where there are no bad critters, however they won't bother you so don't worry about it. Take it from someone who tickled a shark out of a rock crevice when looking for lobster. I am still alive, and bite free.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mom thumb - One question though... don't your boys have to actually have a girlfriend before they get married? Not that I'm complaining (as I enjoy drama-free highschool) but neither of my boys have even had a date so far.

prefers - Well?

beetle - Why don't you think we'll ever meet? I plan on staying at your place when we visit England. It's going to be awkward if we don't meet while I'm there.

rick - That was a logical choice for a quote.

michelle - I plastered that picture on Facebook and no one said anything, and then it took 13 comments before someone said something about my glasses here. Geez people... you need to step up your game. But congrats to you Michelle. ;-)

windyridge - Hey! Quit living my bucket list!