Saturday, February 28, 2009

Won't Get Fooled Again

Ok... sue me. I like those stupid CSI shows on CBS.

Not because I think they're so real or informative. And certainly not for the acting (yes, that means you Caruso) but because they provide an hour of mindless entertainment that you can make fun of while working your way through dozens of neatly packaged implausibilities.

In order to be a fan of these shows, you have to have the ability to suspend reality and just let them do their thing. When it comes to the plot I'm ok with that. But when they start messing with the production, I have a little less patience.

Now for some reason, their new thing is to get all clever with their dialog scenes by breaking up the shots into multiple little window panels, or running blurred horizontal pans or some other graphical nonsense. Look... I'm not 3 and I don't have to be visually stimulated every 5 minutes in order to stay tuned.

But the other night they went too far. Right in the middle of a lab scene they started playing this ridiculous song in the background. It totally didn't fit the shot and just kind of grated on my nerves. Then 30 seconds later they did it again. THEN AGAIN 30 SECONDS AFTER THAT! I couldn't believe how irritating it was and how completely out of context it was to the show. But eventually they moved on and so did I.

The next morning as I got ready for work I grabbed my cell phone off the night stand and noticed I had 3 unread text messages from my daughter from the night before. Here's what they said:

From: Rosie
i need a towel
9:24 P

From: Rosie
upstairs bathroom
9:25 P

From: Rosie
9:25 P

Apparently CSI wasn't to blame for that irritating music after all.

So sorry honey. I hope that tee shirt you had to use from the clothes hamper wasn't too dirty. And I especially hope it wasn't one of your brothers'!


Maureen said...

Ahahahahaha!!! See, now that's why my phone is on vibrate; it just scoots all over the table....

Elizabeth said...

LOL too funny! I'm always confused when I hear music all of a sudden not realizing it's someone's cell phone until a second later.

Heather said...

SNORT! I never thought to bring my phone in the bathroom for such emergencies. I usually just yell for Craig or one of the kids.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

maureen - I would have probably thought CSI had an annoying vibration sound.

elizabeth - I don't get a lot of text messages so I wasn't tuned into the melody.

heather - Yeah, but you can see how well it worked out for her. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I knew kids texted everything nowadays (yes, I just used a classic old fogey term, and what about it?), but I had no idea the shower wasn't off-limits. Crazy kids!

Anonymous said...

I got the same messages from her! Poor kid! What kind of parents are we.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Thank God she wasn't calling for toilet paper!

Babs-beetle said...

Oooh! Hahahahahaha! That was hilarious! Only a person over a certain age would not be finely tuned to their mobile text sound!

Mom Thumb said...

I think if you had left your ring tone on "Spider Pig" you may have had a clue that it wasn't CSI.

JD at I Do Things said...

I love the original CSI.

I almost never use my cell. A few weeks ago, tho, I was expecting a call on it, so I placed it right next to my laptop so I'd be sure to hear it. When it rang ("Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin), I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out which Web site was playing that annoying music.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

kathy - Heck, if they made waterproof cellphones she'd probably use it IN the shower.

charli - Yeah, what's the matter with you?

ed - No kidding. Using the dirty tee shirt would have been a much bigger issue in that case.

beetle - It was weird how perfectly it blended into the show.

mom thumb - Yes, that one might have worked. ;-)

jd - Ah-ah-aaaaaahhhhh-AH! (that's my Immigrant Song)

Meg said...

Same thing over here: daughter who texts me downstairs from upstairs and son who is forever stuck without a towel because they are all on his bedroom floor.

Michelle said...

I'd call you a dork, but I'm too busy laughing.

Oh and let her know that I've recently heard that high humidity (read: bathrooms while showering) causes damage to cell phones and can cause them to crap out.

Anonymous said...

I was talking with my sister on her new cell phone while I was in the bath tub. I was also drinking a martini and I accidentally knocked the glass into the tub. So my sister rang off, called my husband and had him bring me a fresh one. I know there's a lesson here somewhere.

deborah said...

first, laughing at Carlae's response because, too rich.

what ARE we doing to our kids?? I'm the worst - I turned my 16yr old's texting OFF for over-use. Someone please call Child Abuse!!!

Jeff, when are the Receders coming to Syracuse??? I could use to hear a harp right about now. google Dinosaur Barbecue

Ed said...

Ha! Talk about suspending reality!

My only irritation is that they put all that crap at the bottom of the screen...plastered over the shows because the bottom scene shot doesn't matter, right?

Anonymous said...

Ed beat me to it----I was going to say the same thing!!!

April said...

See? I knew there was a reason that our white trash yelling at each other was worthwhile!

United Studies said...

Hmm...I will have to think of this next time I am taking a bath and want a drink. I'll text Peter. She's smart!

Anonymous said...

I totally burst out laughing getting to the punchline :) I keep my phone on silent/vibrate, so if I'd been you, it would have been maybe a week before I noticed the s.o.s. messages!