Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wanted: Your Happy Places

Wow. It's getting to the point where I don't even want to turn on the radio, TV or even my computer anymore because all I see is gloom and doom.

I heard this weekend that during February, the U.S. lost 900 jobs per hour. That's insane. Then you listen to how hopeless the financial system is, how worthless your house is and how expensive your health is and you wonder how you can even crack a smile anymore.

That's why I thought I'd try something a little different.

Remember this old icon from the Peanuts gang?

That's right... happiness! Remember that?

Here's my idea. Everyone leave me one or more things that make you happy and I'll republish those in a "Happy List" next week. It couldn't hurt.

Here are a few of mine:

Happiness is -

- snuggling on the couch with my wife and watching a good movie
- riding through the country on my motorcycle on a warm summer day
- hiking through the woods in the fall
- a clean and organized garage
- 5 p.m. Friday
What makes you happy?


Mom Thumb said...

I still think happiness is a warm puppy. Jess was here this weekend with hers and that little thing jumping up on the bed and snuggling next to me was pretty sweet. The little squirrel that takes nuts from my hand makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why this gives me so much joy, but I'll put out a shallow dish of water on my porch, and all the little chickadees take turns splashing around for a bath. I can watch that all day.

Babs-beetle said...

Happiness is...
Babs said
Walking in the woods on a sunny Autumn (Fall) day.
Happiness is...
Looking at all that I have in my life.

Mo said
Happiness is...
Sitting in the garden sipping bear on a summers day
Happiness is...
Climbing into bed when I'm really tired

Count Sneaky said...

Henry James said it all: "Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind,and the third is to be kind!" Great blog. Count Sneaky

Maureen said...

Happiness Is:

Finding at least one comment on my latest blog post.

April said...

a warm bed.
your favorite song.
a problem solved.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Happiness is coming home from girls' night out and seeing my family cleaned the whole house while I was out. :-)

That cartoon is outstanding, by the way. VERY cool!

Ed said...

Happiness is...

- Diving into a huge pile of raked up $100 bills in the back yard

- Tipping over that display of rubber balls thus slowing down that disabled veteran so I could buy the last Wii software game they had in stock


absepa said...

Happiness for me is...
-choir practice
-the smell of coffee on Saturday morning
-my warm puppies--they're great snugglers

What a great idea for a post! I've enjoyed reading the other comments.

JD at I Do Things said...

What a great idea! It's especially important these days to remember how much pleasure we can get from simple things. Like:

Snuggling with my cats
Reading a great book in bed
Working in my garden
Discovering a new band

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Waking up Saturday morning and realizing you don't have to get up until you have to.

The smell of gunpowder and a tight group on your target.

Walking into a house that smells like delicious dinner.

A cup of good coffee.

Sleepy cat paws around your neck.

Idaho Dad said...

A few of mine:

Happiness is...

chips and salsa and an episode of Lost.

a purring cat.

a good day of homeschooling.

ignoring friend requests from junior high bullies who now, all these years later, want to be my Facebook friend.

Elizabeth said...

Happiness is...
clean crisp sheets
snuggling with my dogs
having my husband surprise me by cleaning the house
and most important,
being this close to meeting our daughter in China!!

Anonymous said...

Happiness is:
having my perfect mate
puppy breath
baggy pants
leaving tomorrow for Hawaii, when it's 32 degrees out

Mooselet said...

What timing! I'm having a crappy day right now and need reminding of what makes me happy.

Happiness is...

hugs from my children.

having good mates.

a good book and time to read it.

sunshine on my back.


Ed said...

Happiness is....
*listening to your child read his/her first book.
*zyedeco music.
*15 uninterrupted minutes in the library

Unknown said...

a night out with the hubs
a pile of kids in my bed or recliner
a cat purring just 'cause I'm near

Michelle said...

Oooo, good one. Ok, except for the 900 jobs an hour. I so could have done without knowing that figure.

1) a quiet house with children napping
2) a nice bubble bath with a glass of wine
3) the feeling of a job well done.
4) baking fresh cookies
5) picking a tomato off the bush
6) finding something you've been looking for
7) a good snuggle
8) getting mail you didn't expect from someone you love
9) chocolate

Heather said...

I've been posting about the little things that make me happy on my blog every Sunday for the last several weeks...anyone is welcome to stop by and share their posts.

What makes me happy?
My family
comments on my blog
sales in my etsy shop
polite people
unexpected gifts (especially the little things)
warm weather
thunderstorms when I don't have to go anywhere
good music
a pen that writes smoothly
aromatic flowers

I could go on and on...

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

These are awesome. Thanks everyone! I'm happier just reading them :-)

cathouse teri said...

Happiness is....
sex on the beach!

(You mean the drink or actually sex ON the beach? I mean both!)

Okay fine. My own real happiness (all kidding aside) and my own true thing that makes me smile every time is a child. Things can be at their very worst but it's always the children who bring light into my life ~ no matter how dark it gets. So like I say at the end of "My Interview," which you may or may not have read:

I’d rather kiss the face of a baby than do anything else in the world. It is the children that matter.

United Studies said...

Snuggling with Peter, getting unexpected hugs from Emma, and baking in my kitchen!

Meg said...

Happiness is a warm gun.

Sorry, couldn't resist that one. For you youngsters, it's a Beatles' lyric. I'm not psycho like Sheilmaiden96.

Happiness is, and it's very hard not to be cliche here, OK, I'll go with this one: a Beatles' lyric (or two). They warm you like an old best friend.

God, I'm getting soft in my old age.

Anonymous said...

the freshness after a summer rain, a slight breeze on a warm summer day, admiring how our one sun is keeping life on earth, and is equally shared by all people, and of course being with the one you love for 59 years.

PatKG said...

I think happiness is a guinea pig!


Discovering a brand new book by a favorite author.

Coffee (or whatever!) with your best friends.

Johnnies football. Eagles wrestling. River Bats baseball.

A perfectly grilled steak and a great glass of wine.

Stephen says a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

The sound of your husband coming home for the night.

Lady R (Di) said...

Happiness is... riding your motorcycle after a really bad day at work, and feeling all the stress blow off you!

Happiness... is Lobster with warm butter!

Happiness... is a long hot shower after a weekend of camping!

Windyridge said...

The NBC news has a new good news feature at the end now probably because no one was watching the news anymore. It's depressing so they added the happy touch.
Now for hings that make me happy: well there are a lot but here's a few:
My kids
My pets and farm animals
The Woods
The Lake
The Ocean
Birdsong esp. the call of the loon and thrush
A job well done

Howz that for starters?

This post was a good idea...I feel better already!

Roger Miller said...

Happiness is...

Seeing seven smiling faces after a hard day at work - soon to be eight, but that might still be gas. :)


Hiking in the Mountains

Riding the TTA(Tomorrowland Transit Authority)at the Magic Kingdom.

Reading a good book, in front of a fire on a snowy day.

Reading a good book, curled up on the couch, on a rainy day.

Snuggling with my wife.

Finally, having a job.

Anonymous said...

1. Downloading songs onto my ipod.
2. Catching up with my favorite bloggers (Jeff, JD, and Jaffer).
3. that first cup of coffee in the morning.
4. Happy Hour with my husband.
5. My daughter baking a cake.
6. Looking out my window at the trees.