Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The hole in the wall guy

Exactly one month ago I wrote here that my time was going to be scarce over the following weeks due to a small remodeling project I was working on.

Well, I'm happy to announce that I'm finally done! Mostly.

As you may or may not know, my wife owns a small scrapbooking day retreat which is actually a converted apartment that is attached to our house. One of the things that has been missing from her business is a good place for her customers to take a break or eat their meals. It's kind of an unwritten rule that you shouldn't have food and drinks on the same table as your valuable scrapbooking materials. Pictures are funny that way.

Fortunately, we had an unfinished storage space on the other side of the wall of her business. All I had to do was gut the room, sheetrock the walls and ceiling, bust open a hole for a new door and finish the whole thing off. Piece of cake, right?

Ya, like I said... one month ago...

There used to be large shelves on both sides of the room. Think holiday decorations and other seasonal junk. Anyway, the project is done and here are the results. I didn't think to capture the "before" pictures until I was already in mid-demolition so that's why it looks like a tornado went through the room.




Now it's time to spend the rest of the week preparing for our big CD release party on Saturday. After that, I can hopefully get back on a regular blogging schedule. There's quite a bit of nonsense to write about you know and it's time to get back online!


Mom Thumb said...

OMG! You should quit your day job and get your own show on HGTV.

Ed said...

The orange couch is to die for! (holding one hand on my hip and gesturing wildly with the other.)

Nice job!

Lady R (Di) said...

Ty Pennington... eat your heart out!
Great job! Being a scrapbooker myself, I know the golden rule of NO food or drink near the work table! Fortunately, my hubby have enough extra bedrooms, that one is designated as my "Harley, Auburn Tigers, Photography, and scrapbook room. I can close the door without having to put things away, another big plus when you scrapbook.

Your wife is so lucky to have such a handy man for a husband. Mine just likes to ride! LOL!

Jon D (Graco) said...

Hole in the wall guy? Guess you'd like us to call you "Sundance" or "Kid" now? Seriously Jeff - nice work! (You make house calls?)

Best of luck with your CD release!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

mom thumb - Uh... thanks, but I think they have a policy of completing projects within hours, not weeks.

ed - Thanks! I'll give you one guess where we got the couch (think Swedish).

lady ridesalot - I like to ride too... but in MN we have a severely short riding season so there's plenty of time for DIY projects.

jon d - Oh great, now you got me singing "Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head." And thanks... I'm really looking forward to Saturday night!

Babs-beetle said...

You did a fantastic job there! Great sofa too!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

For crying out loud, I can't even hang a picture. This is amazing and impressive. I think I'm leaving my husband for you. He'll understand when I show him these pictures.

Bill said...

It's over, but did you have a plan should you had smashed or cut a finger, so close to the release party?

Heather said...

Looks great!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

babs - Thanks! We fell in love with the sofa the first time we saw it and knew right then we would end up adopting it.

kathy - Uh... thanks, but you'd better stay put. I only have so many hours in a day.

bill - Absolutely. My plan was to not smash or cut my fingers.

heather - Thanks. We're really happy with how it turned out. And it only took a month!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that's really amazing! It looks so Zen. I'm going to show my husband these before and after pictures that got done in one month! Maybe that will shame him into finishing the captin's bed he's been working on for the last three years!!!

Anonymous said...

From the land of the original home improvement people, YOU ROCK! Seriously it looks great.

deborah said...

wow, you ARE awesome! can I invite you over to MY scrapbook/office/mess/painting/ for a stab at????? It's messy, aren't all those brilliant rooms though. sorry you had to suffer with a migraine. bummer for you!

Unknown said...


I can't even fathom doing something like this.

Well done. I'm sorry I called you a robot earlier.

Lori E said...

First time on your site. As much as I liked reading your posts I have really enjoyed the comments by the "fans" of your carpentry work. Apparently they know you well.
I found my way here through the comment section of DrowseyMonkey.

bon bon said...

those are some mad skillz, dude! (as the kids would say.)

and break a leg on saturday!! (old people say that.)

Windyridge said...

Nice job!
That's a very orange couch.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

elizabeth - Wow, three years without a bed. You must be exhausted.

carlae - Thanks! Isn't Colorado where Tim Taylor lived?

deborah - " room"... I like that. That would make a good sign to hang in the main space.

poparttoaster -

lori e - Really, I should take offense to their surprise that I could do something like this! ;-)

bon bon - Break a leg... no! And why do they say that anyway?

windyridge - If you poke around the web site of my wife's business you'll notice it fits the rest of her theme. Plus... it's a REALLY happy couch! :-)

Moderator said...

Looking good.

yellojkt said...

Nice sheet metal work. Professional interest.

Maureen said...

Holy crap... why the heck didn't we get on the subject of scrapbooking last year??? Heather and I used to go out every week to crop; and now our favorite scrapbook store is being sold.

I LOVE your new digs! Bravo Jeff!

Roger Miller said...

Great work... you're hired! Oh wait, I'm done too. Dang it! Always a dollar short and a day late, I guess.

Michelle said...

Very cool -- and I love that poster/picture that really opens up that side of the room and makes it feel bigger.

Nicely done. I watched some DIY last week and got somewhat inspired but not enough to feel confident to ever do anything like that. Kudos! (Although I'm back to wanting to live within 50 miles of MSP so I can get my bathroom redone!)

annof thejunkdrawerblogfamily said...

Wow. You're like a real Renaissance man. Musician, carpenter..are you a candlestick maker, too?

but Momma said...

Love It! Good job! Wish I was close enough to go to a scrapbook retreat!