Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to my 5 year old?

Every year, on our kids' birthdays, we give them a free pass to eat whatever they want for the entire day.

Usually this is an open invitation for them to indulge in foods they would never normally eat at our house... or more accurately, foods we would never buy for them.

And so Austin turned 17 today, and this year is no exception. When we asked him yesterday what he wanted to eat he made this list:

breakfast - chocolate covered crepes
lunch - Space Aliens restaurant
dinner - corn dogs and macaroni and cheese

I imagine the only reason he didn't request a Happy Meal is because they won't sell him one at his age.

yes, he's wearing a knit cap... yes, it's June

winning hundreds of tickets - so he can buy a pencil eraser

So happy birthday, my big giant 17 year old. Maybe after we eat lunch we can go to the petting zoo and feed the little duckies. But we'll need to head home after that because you always get cranky if you don't get your nap.


Maureen said...

Ahahahaha! Happy birthday Austin! I always wanted to stop into the Space Aliens place across the highway from Albertville... but I can never convince daughter to leave the shops. You have one in St. Cloud too? (BTW, we'll be passing thru again in two weeks....) ;)

JD at I Do Things said...

Aw! Happy B-day, Austin!

Hey, can I come over to your house on my birthday? Here's my menu:

Breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes (and I prefer my syrup warmed)

Lunch: McDonald's

Dinner: pizza

Yes, I could make all of that myself (except for the pancakes), but then what's the point?

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Austin! That Space Alien Restaurant looks fun! And I'm going to have to try some chocolate covered crepes. Yum!

Ed said...

Is there anything more satisfying than a $14.75 eraser? I think not!!

Mooselet said...

Happy birthday Austin!!! I love the hat on top of the (fluro)beanie look. Very cool.

I can see why that Space Aliens place would be appealing to kids - methinks Sparky would be wanting to go there all the time.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

maureen - This Space Aliens is just another 3 blocks down the road from the 5 Guys burger joint we ate at. It doesn't have *great* food but the ribs aren't too bad.

jd - Sounds like you'd fit in just fine around here. Maybe next year you can join us.

elizabeth - That place is fun... if you're a kid. But then Austin is about the biggest kid I know.

ed - Exactly. For that price you HAVE to love it.

mooselet - You're right. It's one of the first places kids choose around here for their b-days. They kinda have a monopoly on the whole "kiddie gaming" thing here.

The Office Scribe said...

You are never too old for a restaurant with a gimmick. I would be all over a Chuck E. Cheeze when I turn 28 next year if I wasn't terrified of getting swine flu from the ball pit.

Chris said...

Corn dogs and mac and cheese? That sounds awesome, actually.

United Studies said...

Hey, I am 32 and I still like going to Chuck E Cheese.

Happy Birthday to Austin!

Heather said...

That is awesome. Happy birthday to Austin!

Michelle said...

Space Aliens, huh? I love it! And I know for a fact that they will sell Happy Meals to 17 year olds... ummm from experience.

Anonymous said...

At 5yrs, is he still on the park planning committee? Your kids ARE talented.

April said...

Special greetings await you at my blog today.

bon bon said...

the second photo reminds me of a phrase we have at our house...

"you're so unhip, i don't know how you keep your pants up."

normally, no visual is required, and in this case probably not appreciated, so feel free to use it as you see fit.

Babs-beetle said...

Ha ha! Happy birthday to Austin!

Omega said...

At least he doesn't wet the bed.

Ed said...

Sweet...I'd totally eat sugar cereal all day...until I exploded. Thanks for the idea; I'm going to adopt that for my birthday this year.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

office scribe - No way... I heard they take each one of the balls out individually and hand wash them with disinfectant every night. You're being way too paranoid.

chris - Actually, it wasn't bad at all. Well, the first three corn dogs weren't anyway. *burp*

jacki - Sure you do. Talk to me in about 5 years.

heather - I'll tell him you said so, thanks.

michelle - I never understood why they would care how old you were. Money is money is money, right?

carlae - Yes he is... but this is his last summer with it. They'll need to find a new teen now.

april - Thank you for those nice wishes today. I like those kind of surprises!

bon bon - Thanks for that. You can bet I'll use it. ;b

babs - Thanks, I'll let him know!

omega - Uh... I guess I haven't checked for awhile. I sure hope not!

ve - Eww... that sounds messy. Good luck with that.

Mrs. R said...

You know? We've driven past that Space Aliens restaurant I don't know how many times since I moved up here and I've always wondered what it's like. So...what's it like?