Monday, June 08, 2009

My most successful post of all time... the one you probably haven't read

Every blogger has them...

... certain posts that get tagged by Google as the number one listing for a specific search. Most of us don't plan for this happen, it just does out of pure luck. In fact the ones we try to promote usually fall flat on their faces and go nowhere.

But I get a kick out of the success of my signature post, Secret Motorcycle Hand Greetings: Revealed! In just the last 10 months alone this post has been visited 11,979 times internationally. I don't have statistics that go back any further than that, but I'm guessing that over the last three years it's been seen by about 75,000 people.

And even though I wrote it way back in 2006, it's still receiving comments on a regular basis - which to me is the best part about it. You see, I wrote it as a total tongue-in-cheek spoof on why bikers flash that "secret" left hand wave when they pass by each other on the road, but some people have taken it much more seriously than I intended.

With the onset of historically high gas prices, more people are riding motorcycles and scooters than ever before, and consequently, this story keeps getting referenced over and over again on various web sites, club forums and email chains. And as a result, hundreds of people have stopped by to share their personal motorcycle stories, debate the accuracy of my "findings," post jokes and offer opinions on the the matter.

So if you haven't seen it before, you should check it out. Not because it's such a great piece, but because the comments are an interesting perspective into the motorcycle community and the passion they share for how we should greet each other on the road.

Because if you thought waving to an oncoming motorcyclist was something you just "do" automatically... I think you'll be surprised.

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What is your signature post?


Maureen said...

Wow, cool... I shall have to check it out.

What is more amazing, is that your post "Poop With Class" has nearly 700 hits. I would have thought more people would want THAT information rather than motorcycle hand signals...

Michelle said...

Love it... All the things you know about that I would never have thought of. I had once been so comfortable in my little bubble of a world :)

Dave2 said...

Ah, but I did read it... and remember it well. :-)

Debra said...

Ha! Never saw it before.

What I remember about riding (having sold my bikes when I got preggers) was that as a BMW rider, I was regularly dissed by Harley riders. Nearly every other type of rider would do the wave, or the nod, or something, but only about five percent of Harley riders would acknowledge me.

Unless I was wearing the full set of Langlitz leathers and my curly red hair was hanging out of my helmet. Then I got a response at least some of the time.

But I digress.

rick said...

At the opening of "Happy Days", the Fonz does a full on Geek. I read where he said he grew up in Manhatten, and that scene was the first time he rode a moterycle. He said he had to try and look cool, when he was actually terrified when they told him to take his hand off the handlebars and wave.

JD at I Do Things said...

That's awesome! 114 comments and they're still rolling in?

I'm glad you posted this, 'cuz I missed it the first time around. And I probably would've fallen for the hand signals. What do I know about motorcycles? It sounds right.

My top post of all time has to do with a little procedure I like to call a colonoscopy. Yes, people apparently want to read about my butt and its workings.

Ed said...

Where do you get those stats? I know nothing about stats but I regularly see people on my Wizard of Oz from Different perspectives post. There's always somebody on that every day. Funny though...nobody ever comments. You, however, have a lot!

Maybe you should do another trendy one. Gang member tats?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

maureen - When the poop post first came out it was hugely popular. These 700 visits are only since last August so you can imagine how many people read it then!

michelle - I guess you just need to get off your block a little more. Maybe buy a motorcycle and some leathers and hit the highway. ;-)

dave - I remember your "low wave" comment from that post as well. Good stuff. :-)

debra - Hmmm, I'm guessing the reaction when you wore your leathers had nothing to do with your BMW?

rick - That not surprising considering Henry Winkler is the complete opposite of Fonzie in real life. Did you know he is Richard Belzer's cousin?

jd - I loved your butt post. Some of my poop posts are my most successful and favorite as well. And then Kathy's butt/shelf post was a huge success. You really can't go wrong with butts.

ve - That is just Google Analytics. You can download it here. It seems to work pretty well actually.

Oh and I'll leave the tats post up to you. I don't think people would be interested in what I have to say about press-on tattoos.

Sornie said...

I've always wondered about the motorcycle not-quite-a-wave-thing too. At least your most popular post is something of actual substance, mine was a one-off about how you can alwyas see nipples and camel toe at certain olympic eventr - it was just before the 08 summer games.

Elizabeth said...

I remember that post. I can't believe you are still getting comments on it. That's kinda cool!

Heather said...

That was one of my favorite posts too.

Anne said...

I'm here via VE's blog today.

I don't have a signature post, that I've noticed. I need to check my stats more often.

Funny thing is, I just posted about the motorcycle thing the other day. Thanks for the explanation.

yellojkt said...

I remember that one and think of it as I wave at other bikers. Bicyclists that is.

Ed said...

I use #3 all the time. ALL THE TIME! And I've never gotten a wave in return.

Of course, I'm driving a grand caravan. Think that has anything to do with it?